“It’s for Stabbing Round Corners!” (Zom’tober & Unit’ed Challenge)

Well as the say “New month same sh…sorry figures”, as though Saga’tember has now come to an end by some happy coincidence (no I planned this, honest!), all the figures I have left to paint from the board game “Dungeon Saga” by Mantic games (bar the two skelly’s, in this week’s group) are now Zombie’s! So perfect Zom’tober fodder, and as “Brummie” has been kind enough to let me take part again this year, along with also entering Azazel’s Unit’ed challenge where you have to complete a previously started unit or box-game (no really this counts!), I should have all the motivation (if not the time) I need to get these blooming things finished before the end of the month.

Anyway this is the first posting for both challenges, and I’m late again, good start!! I can see I’ll be playing catch up all month (oh well), the figures were in fact finished yesterday (Sunday) but sadly not before it was too dark to take any decent photographs same thing happened today, by the time I got home it was to dark again, so ended up taking them in the garage under the strip light, that’s why we’re here today and the pictures are so blooming awful!! (Sorry). None of these figures are “characters” from the game, so I had free reign to paint them as I wished, so let’s get on and see how I did that (wow that sounded very “Blue Peter” didn’t it).

Armored Zombies: These are actually really nice figures if you ignore the slightly “wonky” swords they are holding (hence the title of this week’s post). All the figures were first given a spray coat of matt black, then had any “metal bits” swords, shield rims, armour etc.. dry-brushed with chainmail, and then (as they are the resurrected dead) again with rust. I then picked out the leather bits on the “Zom’s” with chocolate brown, and highlight these areas with leather brown. Then one figure had his tabard, shield and helmet plume painted, half in aquamarine, highlighted with the same mixed with some turquoise, and half with coffee highlighted with cream, the other one had the same areas painted in plum highlighted with the same mixed with some lilac, to this one I then added chevron’s in coffee and cream along with his helmets plume. The flesh on the first figure was added next in dark grey, pale flesh and stone green, that were all added at the same time and mixed in the figure itself to create the undead flesh. The same was repeated on the other figure this time using deep turquoise, pale flesh and stone green. The eyes and mouths were added next in black and white, and some bright red was painted around the mouths and down the front of their tabards, to add a little gore! I added some “bling” to their armour here and there with copper highlighted with shinning gold, and a jewel was added to each sword hilt in metallic blue or metallic red.

Skeleton’s: In many ways I was tempted to just cut and paste how I painted up the skeleton archers from a couple of weeks ago, but that would be cheating (wouldn’t it?), anyway these figures were started as the zombies above, but when I got up to the chocolate brown stage, I painted this over the back of the shields (highlighted with butternut) and also blobbed it on “willy’nilly” over the skeletal bodies before I dry-brushed them with coffee then cream. I then re-painted the boots, belts and gloves in black before highlighting them with dark grey. This was also used as the undercoat for the fur atop their boots, that was then dry-brushed with some mid grey and again with some white. Both shield fronts were painted with more coffee, highlighted with cream, then one had a “quarter” design added in dark red highlighted with pink burgundy, and the other with three “sweeping” segments in royal blue highlighted with light blue. Khaki, highlighted with more of the same mixed with some coffee was used on the cape of one chap and the trousers of the other, with scenic brown highlighted with earth brown and royal blue mixed with light blue, highlighted with just light blue being used on the other pair of trousers and cape respectively. A couple of bits of bronze highlighted with copper here and there and these too were completed ready for finishing off.

And that’s what came next, the flagstone bases on the figures were dry-brushed in successive ever lighter layers of dark grey, light grey and white as always and then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone. Once this was dry they were given a spray coat of matt varnish to matt them down.

Till next time, cheers Roger.


Unit-ed October: 2018 Community Painting Challenge. Also, Orctober/Orktober.

Till next time, cheers Roger.

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16 Responses to “It’s for Stabbing Round Corners!” (Zom’tober & Unit’ed Challenge)

  1. Nice group of undead Roger. I’m sure that all zombies are skeletons awaiting rot to finish off their flesh. So, as for the figs, I think you did a nice job especially on the capes, shields, and weapons. The zombie conversion as it were works well too. Well done my friend, get them in a game soon!

    • Thanks Mark, Myles (my son who’s game it is) is obsessed with Skeletons (and Dragons), so he’ll be pleased these are now done, the Zombies are not re-working though, they are supposed to be zombies, just well dressed recently deceesed versions. I do hope we will play a couple of games of DS over christmas when Myles comes home, before he takes it away with him in the new year.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Blax Kleric says:

    Great work Roger, I especially like the zombies. I’m finding those two Skeleton Warriors a bit underwhelming to paint myself, despite rebasing them, so your pics of them are very useful to help me understand some of the detail I was struggling with (e.g. fur-topped boots – which I thought was skin tbh). Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, for some reason your new avatar meant I had to approve your comment, so I’ve just found it. I too am struggling to keep motivated with the DS stuff now, as KJeith said in his last post “I just want this project finished now”.

      Glad to be of service with the boots conundrum though.

      Cheers Roger..

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Great looking undead Roger, good luck finishing the box set this month, and with two challenges to aid your motivation I’m sure you’ll get there

  4. Bryan Scott says:

    Outstanding painting, Roger.

  5. Carrion Crow says:

    Very efficient, Roger, combining two challenges into one. Lovely work on both sets of figures, especially the livery on your zombies. Not totally enamoured of the sculpts on the skellies though, they seem a bit over-dressed to be honest.

    • Hello stranger, and thanks Jez, we were getting a little woreried about you! I agree with the comments regards the skeletons, I’ve seen better to be honest, and how do they keeps their trousers up!

      Good to see you back, cheers Roger.

  6. angrypiper says:

    I love the aquamarine livery on that zombie captain, Roger. I would like to steal it for use on a unit of living Empire, whenever I get around to painting them…

    • Thanks Keith, you are of course most welcome to use the aquamarine livery, I have however copywrited it (right now in fact) so please put the cheque (or cash, sweets, cake, small animals… almost anything will do if I’m honest) in the post asap 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Brummie says:

    Lovely work sir! Nice sculpts as well.

  8. Azazel says:

    Great work, Roger. The zombies particularly stand out with the lovely work you’ve done on their livery.

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