“A Small Bone to Pick With You!” (Saga’tember)

Well as most of you are probably aware, Saga’tember has been and gone and I have failed miserably to complete anywhere near the amount of figures I’d hoped to, my co-conspirator Keith, of “Dead Dick Tavern fame (see link at the end of this post) rubbing salt into the wound by completing twenty three of the twenty six miniatures the game contains!! Anyway as I have stated before I have to finish all the miniatures for this game before Christmas, so as all the miniatures after these three are all Zombies (or have Zombies in there mix), I will be using them as my Zomtober entries, along with also taking part in Azazels “Unit-ed Challenge” (again see link at the end of this post), to complete a unit that is unfinished (these qualify I’ve checked). Now after my performance last month is it wise to take on not one but two challenges, probably not, but what the hell, I’m getting used to failure now!

Anyway, this last week (or so) I have been working on the three undead Dwarves that the game contains, so I give you “Grund” and a couple of “Skeletal Stunties”….

“Grund” is yet another of the “Characters” from the game and as such I once again tried to follow the “official” colour scheme as set out on the “character card” (the picture from which is shown next to the painted figure, as always). All three were sprayed matt black, and then dry-brushed with chainmail over any “metal” bits, then in the same way as last time I touched up all the “boney bits” where the chainmail etc, had encroached and then added some patches of chocolate brown here and there before dry-brushing them with successive coats of coffee and cream. I added his cloak next, dark red was used as the undercoat here with ruby red used for the highlights. Then the remnants of his robe were added with deep turquoise with green (a Tamiya colour) highlights. More chocolate brown was used on the shaft of his big hammer (oo’er misses!) and a dry brushing of butternut went over this, and on his boots, belt and gloves where it was also applied leather brown was used as the highlight. His crown and belt buckle came next bronze with copper highlights here, with the jewels added in metallic red and metallic green (I also added a couple of the green ones to the head of his hammer too, and the red to the glowing centres of his eyes). The wrapping in his hammer shaft was added in khaki and coffee, and lastly his beard was done in dark grey with mid-grey and cream dry-brushed over it.

The two Dwarf skeletons (his retainers?), were begun in exactly the same way as Grund (no shock there!). Then one had his cloak painted royal blue, with mid blue highlights and the other dark grey with mid grey. Chocolate brown was used on the wood and leather bits, butternut or leather brown forming the highlights on these, details on the axe blades and the wings on their helmets were picked out using bronze and copper, as I did with Grund. I then turned to the fronts of their shields, dark red with pink burgundy highlights on the one and mid blue with light blue in the others, a couple of basic symbols added in black and then filled in with cream and they would do. That just left their beards to add, chestnut with an orange highlight and dark sand with a light sand highlight on the other, and they were finished.

The figures then had their bases dry-brushed in successive ever lighter layers of dark grey, light grey and white over the flagstones and they were then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone. Once dry they were given a spray coat of matt varnish to dull then down (actually i8 think I went a bit heavy with the varnish as they are “very” matt and look almost dusty, luckily as they are supposedly the “dead arisen” I think I can get away with this, would have been rather pee’d off if they were more “animated and healthy figures though!!.

Till next time, cheers Roger.


Unit-ed October: 2018 Community Painting Challenge. Also, Orctober/Orktober.

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25 Responses to “A Small Bone to Pick With You!” (Saga’tember)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great looking undead dwarves Roger, they look suitably old and ancient. Test your varnish on a piece of scrap before using again, as the effect you mentioned can be a sign of the varnish going off, and could ruin future models.
    I am also going to try and use Azazel’s challenge to try and finish off my stormtroopers, as they always seem to fall to the bottom of the list ! LOL

    • Thanks Dave, I have had the problem you mention with varnish before, but I think I just went to thick with the stuff this time.

      Bets of luck with Azazels challenge, the boring stuff always drops to the bottom of the pile. 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Azazel says:

    Great stuff, Roger. I like the work you’re doing to match the heroes to their official schemes very effectively. Now that you’ve finished the stunties, it’s time for the next ones!

    • Thanks Azazel, not my best weeks painting by a long chalk to be honest, struggling for time and enthusiasm at the moment, today has been my first full day off for about three weeks, and I woke up full of cold this morning!

      “Now that you’ve finished the stunties, it’s time for the next ones!”….You old slave driver you! 🙂

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Nice one Roger, these look great as always

  4. Bryan Scott says:

    You don’t often see undead dwarves, so I’m delighted to see your work on these three. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the Zomtober challenge. Best of luck, Roger.

    • Thanks Bryan, as you say not that many Undead dwarves out there, strange really as you would think there would be Skeletal Dwarves, Orcs, Elves, Minotaurs whatever, as the dead of all races litter the fantasy battlefields.

      Much less ambitious than your October undertaking, but we’ll see what happens….Best of luck to your good self too, sir.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Corking post, Roger, with plenty to admire. I’ve just finished re-basing my “Dungeon Saga” stuff having decided I truly hated the paving stone bases and realising that they were bigger than my other “Mantic Games” undead bases… So I was planning on carrying on throughout October if you fancied doing that?

    • Thanks Simon, I did wonder how you were going to mix the DS bases with the KOW ones. What are you going to do with the Trolls bigger bases though?

      I will also be continuing with the DS stuff throughout October, as I need to get it finished for Myles, and I’ve planned ahead (well a bit) and left the Zombies till last so they would fit in with Zom’tober if I didn’t get them finished.

      Talking of which are you taking part this year, and if so can you give me a link to Brummies blog (or whoever is running it this year) so I can register?

      Cheers Roger.

  6. angrypiper says:

    Great work as always, Roger. I particularly like the corroded look you achieved on the dwarfs’ axes. And your varnish makes them look exactly as you describe…dusty and ancient. Well done.
    I certainly didn’t mean to rub salt, my friend. I just tackled this project head-on because it took me a ridiculous amount of time to paint Imperial Assault, and I wanted to avoid a repeat of that so that I can actually play this game at some point. 🙂
    I will likely press on and complete the remainder of the set in October. I don’t know who is hosting Zomtober, but if it’s not too late, do you think I could wrangle an invitation? I know I have at least one major zombie miniature I’d like to get done (and can easily find more), and my own planned project for October has sadly fallen through.
    I’m not sure I will be hosting Dwarvember this year, but if anyone else (like you) wants to pick up that torch I’ll be happy to participate.

    • Thanks Keith, as I said the varnish was a pure accident, that I was lucky to get away with TBH. No need to apologise over your much more impressive turn out than mine mate, the deficiencies were all down to me!

      Simon has just said above that he wants to continue with Saga’tember till it’s finished, and I plan to do the same, so great it looks like we’re all in till the bitter end 🙂

      I’ve been looking about a bit and cant seem to find who’s running Zomtober this year, hopefully Simon will point me in the right direction, you don’t need an invite just say you’re onboard and “Brummie” (if he’s running it this year) will add you to the list. I’ll let you know if I find out any more info on this.

      Not sure I’ll be up to running Dwarvember, as time will be tight with me till the end of the year I’m afraid, if you do find someone to run it though please let me know. as I’ll be painting Dwarves for Mo’vember anyway.

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Nice and rusty- dead dwarves rule!

  8. The Dwarf Skellies are cool man. Don’t be too hard on yourself mate you’ve still done a lot. Obviously Keith is just a much better person than you haha just jokes fella

  9. CG says:

    Im interested in books and figures. Didnt see a contact email

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