“When it’s Ajar” (Saga’tember prelude)

As some of you may already know myself and a couple of other “Bloggers” (Simon and Keith) have decided that September will be “Dungeon Saga” month, in as much as we will be seeing how many of the figures from the “Mantic Games” board game of the same name we can get painted in the thirty days before October (or “Zomtober” but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here). Now I have heaped slightly more pressure on myself, as these are not actually my figures as such, but are the property of my eldest son, Myles, and I have promised him that they will all be finished by Christmas (sounds easy but I have other projects to do before then as well). To this end I have formulated a plan of action, and divided the figures up into bite-sized groups, that I hope to paint up one each week. However on reviewing my prospective timetable I noticed that there was no way I was going to be able to fit in all the pieces of furniture and set-dressing items that are included in the box, these consist of…

2x Bookcases

2x Tables

1x Lectern

4x Barrels

4x Chests

1x Dwarven throne

1x Weapons rack

1x Tomb/ alter

1x Well

10x Doors of various size/ design

So as these are not technically figures I thought I would bend the rules a little and see if I could get these done before the official start of the challenge. Now though there is not an awful lot of awkward detail work on these pieces there are quite a lot of them, so I had to put in a “bit of a shift” to get then finished. Anyway here comes the boring bit where I detail the colours I used, so in no particular order (well a bit of order) I started by spraying everything black, then dry-brushed anything that looked like it would be made of stone with successive, ever less heavy coats of dark grey, mid grey and a final light dry-brush “dusting” of white. Then everything that looked like it was made of wood was given a coat of chocolate brown, before being dry-brushed with leather brown (I know I usually use butternut here, but thought the leather looked better on such large areas). I then added the detail “scroll work”, locks and hinges on the doors with some chainmail, this was also used on the tables, chests and barrels though only as a highlight after I had re-painted in the banding in black. The Dwarven throne, I added some details to, with some bronze, highlighted with shinning god. This was also used to add some details to the weapons rack, along with some heraldic splashed of colour to the faces of the shields.

The well had the rope attached to its bucket done in coffee with cream highlights, and then the water was added by applying a really thick layer of deep turquoise to the area in question, and then while this was still wet, getting a blob of aquamarine on the tip of a small brush and “dragging” it in a spiral through this. I also added some moss green and stone green highlights up the inner stonework and inner top edge of the well.

The lectern proved a bit of a pain as the soft plastic it is made of kept “curling” at the bottom so it wouldn’t sit flat properly, so in the end I glued it to a mantic 20mm square base (upside down, so the circular indentation was underneath), and then painted it to match how I plan to do the stone work on the figures bases. Turning to the bookcases I added the books in either dark red, pink burgundy, deep bronze green, navy blue or royal blue, and painted the pages at the edges that could be seen with some cream. There are some small bottles on the one bookcase so these were added in deep turquoise with “Tamiya” green (sorry not a particularly descriptive name I’m afraid, it’s a bottle green if that helps) highlights. Some bronze tops finished these off. There is also an open (spell?)book, so the pages in this were painted coffee then highlighted with cream and the cover was done in dark red with pink burgundy highlights, and the little details in the corners of the cover were added in more bronze. I then added some “squiggly” lines and a pentacle to the pages to represent text, and that was that. Everything was then given a coat of Quickshade (this worked particularly well on the stonework), and then a spray over with some matt varnish sealed the deal as it were. So that’s the easy bit done (ha ha), now onto the figures themselves….

Now just before I go, a few people have asked if I could post up a group shot of all my “Wasteland” figures, and never one to disappoint (except on the Batrep front of course), here you are….

 So till next week, cheers Roger.

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24 Responses to “When it’s Ajar” (Saga’tember prelude)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on all the furniture Roger, must be a great feeling to get all those bits out of the way.
    The group shot of the Wasteland enterprise looks great, now what about that BatRep ? Just kidding ! Happy to look at cool models mate LOL

  2. Marvellous posting Roger, and what a great unofficial start to Saga-tember you’ve achieved. I guess I had better unseal my Kickstarter and see what’s inside then, and sort out a few of the minis – especially as furniture doesn’t count 🙂

    Great group shot too – what an awesome collection of post-apocalyptic fun 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, getting paint on the furniture doesn’t count! what’s what I keep telling my wife when we decorate anyway!

      Glad you like the group shot, I actually thought “there doesn’t look that much there, now it’s all together”.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Loads if cool furniture complete Roger, looking forward to Saga tember now. The wasteland minis look amazing mate!

  4. Bryan Scott says:

    What’s better than furniture and scenery items? Painted furniture and scenery items, obviously! I’m a big fan of furniture items and when they’re done well, as yours all are, they really help to bring a game to life. Thanks, also, for the group shot of your PA figures. That’s a really cool collection you have there.

    • Thanks Bryan, we had played a couple of games with the unpainted scenic (and figures), but it always just seem wrong to me (must be my OCD), I just don’t like playing games with unpainted (or poorly painted) stuff. Sadly it stops me playing as many games as I should!

      Cheers Roger.

  5. borderguy190 says:

    Very cool. That’s a pile of work you finished!

  6. Well no pressure then! Fabulous start on the furniture, that must really have felt good to get that lot done and dusted. Not that I advocate dusting too much furniture. 🙂

  7. Nice work Roger. It’s the details that make a great game and these certainly will add depth and detail. Certainly takes more time, but well worth it. Congrats on doing these so well.

  8. angrypiper says:

    Am I the only one calling bullsh*t on your head start? Had I known we could do that, I would have started my furniture too! Turns out I had to do another project when I could drag myself away from my Mad Max game!
    Just kidding, of course. Not about my project. I did that. About being angry with you. You know I can’t stay mad at you, Roger…
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting Dungeon Saga at least partway done, and this post has provided me with the confirmation that we’re all still on board. I think I’ll blast through the monsters first, and I’m going to try to do one hero a week. We’ll see how well I do.
    Also, awesome group Wastelander pic! Do you have any plans to use them in a game? If so, what rules will you use? I’ve heard good things about Wreck Age…

    • Thanks Keith (I think!), I agree that it was a bit naughty to start ahead of time, but we did say “figures done in September”, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Added to which as I said in the post, this is not actually my game so I HAVE to get all the stuff done. I have also had a couple of other little “projects” dumped in my lap that I need to get done in the near future so, it’s going to a busy month here. I’m starting with the heroes myself as they look the most labour intensive bunch so I thought I’d get them out of the way first, hope to have them ready for posting next weekend. I even have a plan if I overrun a bit (well I think I will tbh) but more on that as and when.

      As for the wasteland stuff, I downloaded a free set of rules called “No Future” from the free wargames rules site, that I’ve had a couple of quick try-out games and they seem OK, I have ordered the “Terminator” box game from warlord in their sale (£10.00, was a no brainer), so might see if these will run wasteland games too, if they are any good.

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Azazel says:

    Great work getting all of those DS scatter stuff done. I tend to work on getting the easy ones done while pieces that need more work (bookshelves, with all those bloody books, etc – and stuff that needs to be heat-reset) gets shoved to the side to be worked on later …or never. So yeah – well done!

    • Thanks Azazel, yep the bookcases were a pain in the bum to do, I’m glad these are out of the way as they weren’t the most exciting things to paint, I know what you mean about pushing awkward stuff to the side, the number of figures I haven’t done because I don’t feel I can do them justice….

      Cheers Roger.

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