“Jonah and the Waste”

“Scavvies’ are generally a solitary bunch, living from day to day, surviving on the junk they can find lying about”

“So what’s changed?”

“A guy called Jonah, thinks he’s some kind of Messiah! He’s pulling them together, making them into a cohesive group”

“So is that going to be trouble?”

“That remains to be seen”

Last figures from my “Wastelands” project this week, before I start a new project (but more on that next week). These three “Scavvies” make up the final additions to my collection of twenty nine figures, six rats, a shed and a drinks machine (I’m not counting vehicles here). Anyway after the figures were cleaned up and repaired (Jonah, had his hand and gun snapped off, when he arrived), they were based up on two pence pieces (coz that’s what I do!) and were given a base coat with a “rattle can” of matt black car spray. Then the painting of them proceeded as follows.

Jonah, as usual I began the painting of all three of my “Scavvies”, by giving their weapons a dry-brushing with some chainmail. Then I decided that his coat needed to be a dark grey, and as the dark grey I had wasn’t dark enough for what I had in mind I mixed in some black, and the result was used as the undercoat on his long jacket, this was then highlighted with my dark grey. Then I took some chocolate brown and undercoated the ragged piece of material he has over his right shoulder, his boots and the stock of his rifle, then everything but the rifle stock (which was highlighted with butternut) was highlighted with leather brown. His shirt, bandage and the rope across his body came next, coffee and cream on duty here. Flesh next and all three figures had European flesh as the undercoat here with more of the same mixed with some pale flesh used to highlight. His various bags and pouches came after this, these were undercoated with some deep bronze green, and then olive green was used as the highlight here. For some reason he has a medal pinned to his chest (don’t ask me why, I assume he found it, that is what “Scavvies” do after all), so a touch of bright red and shinning gold were used to pick this out. Lastly his “flowing locks” were painted in using citrus orange and my paler sand colour (he reminds me of David Coverdale, front man of Whitesnake now).

Handsome Pete (Ironically named of course!), was also begun with a chainmail dry-brush and after this, I turned to his waistcoat, and orange seemed the ideal choice here, so that was what was used for the base coat, with the same with a touch of white for the highlights, the padding at the top of this was then added using butternut as the undercoat with coffee highlights. Chocolate brown was then applied to all the leather pieces about his person and these were of course then highlighted with leather brown. More coffee this time with cream were used on the strapping about his lower left leg. Now his trousers were going to be denim, but I messed up my colour order and instead of undercoating with blue grey, I started with the light blue (that should have been used for the highlight), so rather than start again I just highlighted this with pale blue instead, I think they look OK. The bedroll he has slung at the rear of his belt was undercoated with some deep bronze green, and then olive green was used to highlight this. Finally he has a piece of cloth hanging down at the back of his trousers, so I added this in dark red and pink burgundy.

Thirdly we come to Rogens and following his chainmail dry-brushing, I went with earth brown for the undercoat on his rather ragged poncho/hoodie, this was then highlighted with the same this time with a little coffee added to lighten it. His trousers came next dark grey and mid grey used here, and all his pouches and baggage along with the strapping about his lower legs was undercoated in chocolate brown with leather brown highlights. The small bag tucked into his belt was then added in coffee and cream, and his flesh was added in the same manner as the two figures above. The strapping about the barrel of his weapon was then added with deep bronze green as an undercoat, and then olive green was used as the highlight. That just left his goggles to be re-painted in black and the surround of them to be touched in with some more chainmail, and he too was finished. All three were then “Quickshaded”, before being finished in my usual way (and if you want to know what way that is then just read… basically any other post on my blog).

So that’s it all my current “Wasteland” figures painted (though I do still have a couple of vehicles to paint), I do plan on returning to this project in the future, but in an almost unprecedented occurrence, I have actually got all the figures I will be painting for the next THREE months already set out before me! So just to finish I’d like to thank Bryan Scott once again for “stumping up the cash” to buy these and all the other wastland chaps (and chap’esses), thank you for keeping me amused and off the streets Bryan.

So till next week, cheers Roger.

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28 Responses to “Jonah and the Waste”

  1. David Coverdale wishes he looks like Jonah! Nice work on these guys

    • “David Coverdale wishes he looks like Jonah!”, David Coverdale’s wife “Tawny Kitten” probably does too! Mind you if I was married to her I wouldn’t mind looking like him (if you see what I mean).

      Thanks Andy, cheers Roger.

  2. borderguy190 says:

    Those are three nice figs. Characterful and neat. Well painted! I kept going back to Johan/David. After you said it, I saw the resemblance! Beautiful figs Roger!

    • Thanks Harry, glad it’s not just me who see’s it. it wasn’t till I added the blonde hair that it struck me. having seen Whitesnake three times live (always in support of someone else) I should really have seen it sooner.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. More post-apocalyptic goodness, Roger. That must be quite the collection you’ve now brewed. Any chance of a group pic or two in a follow-up posting? BatRep even? 😉

    • Thanks Simon, a group shot I might be able to manage if I get time (though it will probably have to wait till the end of the week), a Batrep (or even a game at the moment) we’ll both be lucky!

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Dave Stone says:

    Fantastic painting Roger, you’ve given the models a real sense of life. I too would like to see a group shot if possible

  5. Azazel says:

    Nice to see these old classics painted up! 🙂

  6. Bryan Scott says:

    Excellent work on these, Roger. It is always a great experience when a project gets completed, or at least comes to a satisfactory stop. I’ve really enjoyed watching how this project has progressed, not only because I helped to fund it, but also because I own all the figures you chose for this project and it’s nice to compare your paint jobs with mine.

    • Thanks Bryan, the project is more on hiatus than complete but yes it is nice to have paint on this lot at least. It wouldn’t of happened at all but for your involvement so credit where it’s due, I not sure I want you comparing them to yours (cant see me coming out of that well!).

      Cheers Roger.

  7. I hope GW release Scavvies for Necro. Lovely work as usual man. Jonah is great and my favourite.

  8. Carrion Crow says:

    Another nice collection of Copplestone sculpts, excellently painted by yourself. I too would like to see a group shot of your collection so far – but no need for a batrep.

  9. Great work on these Roger, especially enjoyed the discussion on your processes. I see from the comments that this is part of a project? I certainly have enjoyed the post apocalyptic flavor of your recent work 🙂, is there a bigger picture that I have missed (if so I blame too much anesthesia).

    • Thanks Mark, glad you have enjoyed this little excursion into the wastelands, there is always a bigger picture, sadly though most of them remain in my head only!

      Something completely different next week.

      Cheers Roger.

  10. angrypiper says:

    Great work Roger. As you know, I’ve been hip-deep in Mad Max video gaming over at my place, so seeing these Wasteland guys is making me want to start a similar project…but I can’t. That being said, Miniature Wargames magazine did some pretty cool articles about making post-apocalyptic scenery a few months back (mostly weathering MDF kits, if I recall correctly). Might be worth a look if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

  11. These look amazing Roger! A mean and moody bunch.

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