“Of Swords and Snakes” (week 46)

With this being my last post before “Forgotten Heroes” starts in earnest I thought I do something fairly quick and easy (this was also because I had another little side project that I needed to finish as well, but more of that later). So it was out with the old “Random painting generator sheets”. Now it’s been a while since I did one of these, so for those not “in the know” I basically toss a coin to determine which sheet of unpainted miniatures I pick from and then roll a D30 to determine which miniatures I paint from that list, so this is what I did, and the result was…

Lancelot’s list (they have silly names, sorry forgot to mention that), and the roll gave me a two, so that equated too…

Box 2 – (4x Lancashire Games Snakemen)

Lord alone knows when I bought these figures (or indeed if, they might have been samples), but I have three of one type and one (the leader?) of another, so after being based up on two pence pieces, it was out for a coat of matt black before the guns were dry-brushed with some chainmail. Next I painted all of the bodies with deep bronze green and the back of their “cobra” like “ruffs” in dark earth. Next I mixed some more deep bronze green with some stone green and used the resultant lighter green to highlight the bodies, then taking my leather brown I stippled “dots” over the earth brown at the back of their ruffs. Looking at them again I decided that they were a bit on the dull side, so taking some light green I re-painted the lower “inside” parts of their “ruffs” along with the prominent scales that ran from the front of their necks down their bellies to the tips of their tails, this was then highlighted with some mustard paint, I honestly don’t know why I did this as it was a right “pain in the bum” to do and I was supposed to be keeping this week’s painting simple! Anyway after this I added their eyes in sand with a black “line” pupil and the mouths on the ones where they were open I painted with dark red highlighted with bright red, and fangs in coffee and cream. The leader figure has a satchel slung across his body and as usual I added this in chocolate brown with leather highlights. Finally I added a couple of copper highlights to the guns to add a little interest there, and after a final touch-up, they were ready for their coat of Quickshade “strongtone”. Basing was of course done in my own inimitable style (ha ha!) and a coat of matt varnish sealed the deal as it were.

The other thing I have been up to this week, was doing a little work on another part of Dennis’s “Game of Thrones” costume, now you may remember from a few weeks back that we had all attended “Liverpool Comic Con” (see link at the bottom of the page), well at that show Dennis had bought a foam “LARP” version of the sword “Long fang?” from the TV series, on the proviso that I could take it’s rather basic and frankly “ropey” finish, and make it look more like the “steel” replica they had hanging beside it, “Oh yes! No problem” I replied, and there I was with more work to do! Anyway, long story short it had been languishing atop our bedroom wardrobe the last few weeks (apart that is when I sneakily got it down to swing about when no one was looking), so I thought I’d better get it done, this was a pretty simple job to be honest, we had decided beforehand that the cross guard would be painted to match the dire wolf on his armour so, after the blade was masked up (this wasn’t getting painted) the hilt was sprayed matt black, then a coat of bronze was painted over the guard, and a dry-brush of copper went over this. the wolfs head was to stay white, but not as bright as the foam original, so starting again from the black spray coat a heavy dry-brush of coffee was applied and then another slightly lighter one of cream went over this, his eyes were then added in pink burgundy before being painted metallic red. I decided these looked a little large so, I lined them in black to reduce their size, both areas were then given a coat of light tone Quickshade, and then were sprayed with satin varnish. I actually think it looks better than the metal replica now, Dennis is going to wrap the grip in leather strapping to finish it off (but that’s his job not mine!).

So that’s it, time to strap myself in for what is the mad month we call “Forgotten heroes”, so till then, Cheers Roger.


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27 Responses to “Of Swords and Snakes” (week 46)

  1. Dave Stone says:

    Like the colours and applications on the snake men Roger, they have the right feel for a serpentine creature.
    The work you’ve done on the sword hilt and pommel is fantastic, takes it from looking like a toy to actual work very well.

    • thanks Dave, they are quite nice little figures, don’t know why I haven’t painted them before. As for the sword, I’m just glad to see the back of it back to Dennis. 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  2. More glorious paint-jobs, Roger. Sadly “Lancashire Games” don’t seem to sell those wonderful Snake Men of yours, which I immediately thought would be good for some sort of evil minion for “Flash Gordon” or “Masters Of The Universe”. What a pity, but glorious paint-jobs nonetheless 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, I promise you they did come from Alan at “Lancashire Games” but it was many, many years ago. so it wouldn’t surprise me if they no longer stocked them or maybe sold on the rights to someone else. I wonder if they still do the Goatman and Boarman fantasy figures they used to do now…I’ve got a couple of them painted up in the loft somewhere.

      I did think of minions for “Cobra Khan” while I was painting them, but that might just be because I’ve got “MOTU” on my mind at the moment, cant think why 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  3. vampifan says:

    I’ve never seen or heard of those Snake-men figures before but I rather like them. Nice colour scheme that you chose for them.

    As for the sword, it is true – you have turned it into a work of art. I’m mightily impressed, Roger.

    • Thanks Bryan, they are pretty old fig’s and apparently now out of stock, shame as the “captain” figure would make a great character figure in a Sci/Fi rpg (as if anyone would do one of them though 😉 ).

      Sorry didn’t want to sound big headed when I said I thought it looked better than the £100 metal replica, its just the painting on the head of that one was nothing to write home about either, I mean for a hundred quid you would think they could at least get the eyes in the sockets!!

      Anyway rant over, thanks again Bryan, cheers Roger.

  4. Tremendous post Roger, those snake men look wonderful, really well done. The sword came up a treat too. I went and had a look online to see what it should have looked like (never got past season 3 of GoT) and you have nailed it! Apparently called Longclaw though.

    • Thanks Michael, the snakemen came out OK, nothing special really, just something quick to fill the gap before Forgotten Heroes.

      I think the guard on “Long Claw” (knew it was long something), should be a pewter grey colour to match the original, but we both agreed that the bronze looked better, and would match his pieces of armour more.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. borderguy190 says:

    Those are pretty cool minis. I have a batch of jungle swarms to paint, and your post inspired me to get at it. The sword was very well done. Before and after are light years apart. Nice job Roger!

  6. The work on the sword is inspiring Roger! Those snakes look the business too

  7. Love the snake men and LOVE the GOT sword! You’ve got more talent than a talent competition held at a festival for the gifted and talented.

  8. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice work, Roger. The snake men wouldn’t look out of place in your post-apocalyptic wasteland, maybe as mutants.

    And you’ve improved that sword no end. Much better than the white plastic (?) pommel of the original, which makes it look like a toy.

    • Thanks Jez, the snakemen would actually fit into quite a few different genre’s, MOTU, and Flash Gordon have also been mentioned above.

      The sword is made of foam rubber, so I was a little worried that the paint wouldn’t stick or would flake off, but so far it seems to have worked pretty well, that is however why I couldn’t fill any of the bubble holes in the wolfs head (there is an annoying one at the end of it’s nose, but there was no way I could get greenstuff to fill it).

      Cheers Roger.

  9. Carrion Crow says:

    Slightly annoying regarding the holes. Would wood glue have worked for filling? It still remains somewhat flexible after drying, so should work okay on the foam without eating into it.

    • It is a bit annoying about the hole, likewise the slightly rough edges, but I was a bit worried that if I tried cleaning them up with a knife that the material might drag and tear, so decided the best idea was to leave them well alone (especially as it isn’t mine), wood glue might have worked but to be honest I don’t think it looks too bad, and I can’t see it coming under to much close scrutiny at the comic-cons so it should be fine.

      Cheers Roger.

  10. angrypiper says:

    Great work as always, Roger, both on the sword and the snake-men. Those are cool figures, definitely an old-school look!
    Random painting generator sheets…man, that made me laugh. You know you have a lot of miniatures if you’re rolling d30’s to determine what you’re going to paint next. A great and fun idea!

    • Thank Keith, I actually stole the random idea from Simon “Fantorical” Moore a few years back, and I only use D30’s because they don’t make D60’s 🙂

      Oh and it does work! but I’m still glad I made you laugh.

      Cheers Roger.

  11. Great work and fun post Roger. The Snake men remind me of RAFM reptiliads (of which I have way too many and not a one painted). The GOT sword pommel is outstanding.

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