“Forgotten Heroes 2018”

Well, as I don’t have any new painted figures to post up at the moment (I could post a picture of the walls in the hall (as that is what I have been painting this week), but they are really not that interesting. So instead I’m going to use this week’s post to give a first shout out and fair warning, to anyone out there in the “blogging sphere” that we will be running the annual event that is “Forgotten Heroes” for the third year running (this has now lasted longer than most of “Katie Prices” relationships! (And I for one would much rather watch a television program about this as well!). There are just under three weeks to go to the start of June, so it’s time to get your thinking caps on and come up with that hero you’ve always wanted, but the manufacturers just seem to ignore.

Anyway I thought it would be a good idea to run through the rules again in case anyone who hasn’t entered before and who is thinking of joining us on our voyage of “unrecognised heroism” can see what it’s all about as well as jogging the memories of those recurring recruits. (There has also been a slight update to the rules so they are well worth a perusal).

Luckily for me being the lazy “so and so” that I am, Jez has already posted these updated rules over on his own excellent blog (see link at the end of this post), so I shall hand you over to “mon Capitan”…

For those of you not familiar with this ‘community art project’, this now annual event is where a group of like, minded gamers create one or more gaming miniatures of characters who have yet to have an official or unofficial figure made of them. In essence, they have been “forgotten.”

Or at least that’s what it started out as…

However, as with most of these types of challenges, these things do have a tendency to evolve over time. As one of the questions we regularly get asked is “I know it’s a little outside the rules, but can I do this character?” I think it’s time to redefine the rules somewhat…

Don’t worry though, whilst the rules have now evolved, they’re actually broadening the scope, so should make deciding which character(s) you’re going to create a bit easier.

  1. The character or characters you create must have a definitive look or image. In other words, we should be able to recognise the character from the original source material.
  2. The base figure used for your creation must not be an official or unofficial sculpt of the character. Repainting a DC Heroclix Blue Beetle as the obscure Marvel villain Goldbug is acceptable, painting the Copplestone Castings ‘Kentucky Davis’ as Indiana Jones is not.
  3. The figure must be in the 28mms to 32mm range. This takes into account those manufacturers whose scale is slightly larger, so if you want to create a hero or villain to fit in with your existing Knight Models or Warlord Doctor Who collection, you can.
  4. The figure must be completed during the month of June 2018.
  5. In your first post, you should provide a bit of background detail in the character you’ve chosen, ideally with an illustration, so we know what you’re aiming for and this should be posted as close too but not before the fist of June.

Other than that, the choice of character is entirely up to you. In previous years we’ve had Masters of the Universe, Transformers, costumed heroes and villains from comic books, and characters from both the small and big screens.

For details of previous year’s entries, please take a look at the official Forgotten Heroes site, which can be found here.

(Right back to me “Roger” now) I shall be trawling the net checking all the participants blogs and re-posting any posts pertaining to “Forgotten Heroes” entries each day (hopefully!). You can also enter if you do not currently have a blog on which to post your figures, in this case you can E-mail me your posts and they can be posted up on the Forgotten Heroes site by me (so you have no excuse not to enter).

I have tried to E-mail all of last year participants already, but if I have missed you (and there are a couple who’s E-mail addresses I don’t appear to have, please let me know if you intend to join us again this year in the comment section below, and of course the same applies to anyone hoping to join us for the first time (We’re a pretty friendly bunch, and most of us don’t bite!). So why not give it a go it’s good fun and everyone is really supportive, and if you still don’t think it’s for you please lend your support to those who do (a “like” or better still a comment is always appreciated). Let’s make this year even better than the last!

Cheers Roger and Jez (By the way I am cross posting this on both the Forgotten Heroes site, and my own blog, two for one as they say).



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8 Responses to “Forgotten Heroes 2018”

  1. borderguy190 says:

    *jumps up and down waving hand in the air* oh oh oh! Count me in! Ill be doing Jake Cutter and his buddy Jack.

  2. vampifan says:

    I’m in. However, I’m only planning on submitting one figure this year.

    • Great to hear Bryan, one is a bit of a surprise from you considering your submissions from the last two years, but I’m sure that one will be well worth the wait though.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Dave Stone says:

    Hoping to enter this year Roger, depending on work of course. Have got it narrowed down to 5 possibilities

    • Glad to have you on board (well hopefully), I too am now a little doubtful for this year now. as the announced that there will be compulsory overtime each night and at least two Saturdays in June at my real life job on Friday. This along with all the re-blogging of other peoples posts, means I might have to drop out of entering and just concentrate of the admin side this year.

      I have two figures in mind, so what I think I might do is start along with everyone else and see how I get on, then drop out if I need too.

      Oh well we’ll see.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Luke says:

    I`m a little bit curious. I may be one of the newest to the blogs and only here a few years but something is not sitting well. i maynot be the best at writing but i have a brain and a do see things and notice a lot more than i say, and i am loyal to those who deserve it and i notice fair and unfair play when i see it. but this is very noticeable. one person entering this year (and last) has made a direct point in ignoring one of the two owners of this competition and worse, and went a long way to make a silly issue (as he did to others too). i find it strange he has the shame to enter this, a bit like ignoring a neighbour but still going to his garden party and eating the free Barbecue. the lack of shame here is quite staggering. sorry to say it but it offended me enough to have to have to say something.

    • Hi Luke, thanks for your comment, first off I have to say that I was not aware of any situation, however having discussed this, I don’t see it causing a problem, this event is just a bit of fun, and as long as all the participants have fun we see no reason to exclude anyone who want’s to take part. Having said that I would like this event to take place in the spirt of mutual support that it has had over last couple of years. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but I would rather any negative comments, to or about anyone taking part were kept either posted on people own blogs or better still kept to the people themselves.

      Please note that any negative comments posted on the FH site will be removed by me, I have never had to do this as everyone has always been positive about all the entries (rightly so I say!). Please can we keep it that way.

      Cheers Roger.

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