“Frankie & Johnny”

“Barman, a drink and some information”.

“Sure, but neither is free”.

After pushing some coin across the bar, “I’m heading into the badlands and need a guide, I was told this was the place to find one”.

“Frankie’s the best guide there is around here, and the only one crazy enough to go into the badlands!”

“And where do I find him?”

“Over in the corner, and it ain’t a him!”

Well while everyone else seems to be heading to Salute this weekend, little Cinderella here has been left at home toiling away at the figures I already own, and this week I thought I’d finally get some paint on a couple of the major heroes from my “Wasteland” project, “John Slater”, ex-special forces leader and disgraced hero of Salvation City, now tasked with recovering a very important “item” lost deep in the badlands and in the possession of some very bad people. And smart talking “scavenger” and guide extraordinaire “Frankie”. (It is worth noting that these two are the characters behind the most of the quotes from the previous posts). So after pulling two more figures from my “Moonraker Miniatures” collection, (strangely they are both armed with the same rifle, maybe Slater gave it to her as part payment for her services?) they were based up in my usual fashion before being given a coat of matt black and their trek across my painting table could begin (a trek a lot less hazardous than one into the badlands I hope!).

Slater, was begun in my usual way with a dry-brushing of chainmail over any metallic bits (shoulder pad and weapons), then I gave his trousers a coat of butternut and highlighted them with some khaki. His shirt was then painted coffee with cream forming the highlights here, I couldn’t decide if he had another shirt/jacket just visible under his coat or if it was just a ripple in his shirt, I decided on the former, so this and the pieces visible through holes in his coat were then added in chocolate brown with leather highlights. Turning to his flesh next, I mixed some European flesh with my flesh tone seven (dark flesh) and painted all the exposed areas with this, then after his eyes were added use more European flesh this time with a touch of pale flesh to highlight here. Scarf next, dark red with a pink burgundy highlight taking care of this, and light grey and a mix of the same with a little white for the highlight doing the same for the ones around his waist and knee. His hair was then added in more chocolate brown with chocolate brown mixed with some earth brown taking care of the highlights here. Finally I added highlights of dark grey to his coat, boots and knee pad, done.

Frankie, was also begun with a dry-brushing of chainmail, then I set to work on her dress (or what remains of it) with a coat of blue grey forming the base and highlights of porcelain blue over this, chocolate brown was then applied to some of her various leather pieces and the grip on her rifle with leather (funnily enough) used to highlight the leather and butternut the rifle grip. Her backpack and gas mask were then undercoated in deep bronze green with the same mixed with scenic green to form the highlights on the backpack, and mixed with stone green on the gas mask. Though you can’t see it in the picture scenic green was also used as the base on her water bottle case, with earth brown and light grey “splodges” completing the camouflage pattern here. Flesh next and as with Slater above European flesh mixed with flesh tone seven was used as the base here, and European flesh on its own formed the highlights, though she of course also got a little pink burgundy added to her lips. Her “yasser scarf” came next, coffee and cream covering this with dark red stripes painted over this. Hair next and as these two figures reminded me of two main characters from the movie “Spacehunter, Adventures in the forbidden zone!” I had to go with chestnut highlighted with orange for the hair, ala’ Molly Ringwald. That just left the jewel hanging around her neck to be touched in with some metallic blue, and some dark grey highlights on her glove and she too was finished.

Both figures were then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone and once this was dry their bases were painted as usualwith chocolate brown, that was then given successive dry-brushes of khaki and coffee on top of this. Then areas were picked out with some scenic green and then these same areas were flocked using “Javis” Summer Mix static hairy grass. A final spray coat of matt varnish sealed everything.

Strangely (and completely by accident I assure you) if you look at the picture of the painted figure “0039 Female Scavenger”, or “Frankie” as I call her, on Moonraker’s site I have painted mine in remarkably similar colours, subconsciously I must have had that image in my head, weird though.

Anyway as promised (admittedly it was back in August of last year!) I have now got some of my “star” characters finished. So till next time, cheers Roger.

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20 Responses to “Frankie & Johnny”

  1. borderguy190 says:

    Nicely done! The tutorial is great. A definite help for anyone trying to match your colors, or copy your scheme. Do you take notes or just remember the steps? I took lots of notes with my fantasy models, but haven’t since. I really need to start again!
    Looking forward to the further adventures of these two!

    • Many thanks BG, I did keep records of the colours I’d use to paint figures years ago, I had a box of indexed file cards. this was mainly as I have always flitted from one thing to another so that when I went back to finish a project I could never remember the colours i’d used . These days though I use this blog to do much the same job. What I should do is write up my posts as I paint the figures, but the truth is I usually scribble the colours I use on scrap pieces of paper (that are dotted about my painting table) and then write up my posts last minute (not the best example to my kids regarding homework, but it’s do as I say not as I do 😉 ).

      I have now played a couple of games with my “Wasteland” fig’s, (don’t tell Simon), but just can’t get a even half decent Batrep written, I guess it’s just not my thing.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Cracking job. I think I dated Frankie once

  3. They look awesome, Roger, and are easily as well-painted as you were much missed at “Salute” my friend 🙂 Looking forward to the BatRep you mention in the above comment, or failing that just some simply descriptions as to how the games went would suffice.

    • Thanks Simon, I hadn’t expected you to be on-line today, how did salute go? I was there in spirit (my wife has been going mad at me today as since this morning I’ve been saying…”I’d be on the train to salute now, Salute’s just opened, it’s the bloggers meet up now etc…”). I’ve started writing up a batrep several times now, but they are all rubbish, and I can’t get the wider field photo’s to come out properly, so have got a bit disillusioned with the whole thing to be honest, have played a couple of fun games though, which for me is something at least!
      Cheers Roger.

  4. Dave Stone says:

    Very nice figures Roger, I can fully understand on writing batreps I really struggled writing my first one, but since I followed Andy’s suggestions and started writing them in the first perwson I’ve started to enjoy it. Great pity you weren’t at Salute, hopefully next year and I can say hi in person

    • thanks Dave, hope you had a good show yesterday, Andy’s batreps are a work of art though if I’m honest, they read like Hollywood blockbusters and look fantastic too.

      I would have loved to be there yesterday, I’ve started saving my pennies already in the hope that I’ll be there next year, so I can say “hi” back 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  5. vampifan says:

    Two wonderful figures, so full of detail and just crying out to be player characters. Whilst I would like to see some batreps of yours, I do realise how hard it is and if you think it’s not for you then fair enough.

  6. What a fabulous pair Roger, I love them both!

    • Many thanks Michael, but may I suggest when someone paints a figure with her dress quite as open at the front as that, that you word your praise a little differently! 😉

      Sorry, thanks again, cheers Roger.

  7. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice work, Roger. Whilst I have the “Johnny” figure somewhere, I’d not registered the “Frankie” one. A nice figure, full of character, but not one I’ve a use for..yet.

    Salute was a different experience for me this year, as detailed in my usual Post-Salute Thoughts post, but still fun, although I missed out on the bloggers meet as I was busy.

    • Thanks Jez, they are both rather nice figures, I also have them painted up in the loft from when I bought them first time round, back when they were produced by Grenadier.

      yes I imagine it was a little different thus year, as someone who has done salute from both sides of a stall, I can appreciate that, both are tiring, but one much more so!

      Shame you never got to the bloggers meet up, that is always one of the highlights for me.

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Top stuff.

    Is this of use, if you haven’t already seen it?

    (WANTED) Dick Garrison miniatures

    I’ve got to be honest and admit that I wasn’t aware of your company when it was trading, so the whole Dick Garrison ‘handle’ has always gone over my head. Now its beginning to dawn on me. I won’t ask what you used to sell, as it’ll probably be something that I wished I owned and only upset me 🙂

    I’ve got to tackle the AAR battle report problem at some point in the future. I’m going to have to have a good look at how other’s do there’s before trying my hand – I’ve also got to build the terrain, paint the figures, learn the rules, too, mind. Doh! By the time I’ve done all that it’ll be second nature for you 😉

  9. angrypiper says:

    Really nice work, Roger. Great painting, as always. Not to sound like a noob, but what rules are you using for your Wasteland battles?

    • Thanks Keith, you don’t sound like a “noob” at all, I am currently using a free set called “No Future” from the “Free wargames rules site”, they are OK, but I might keep an eye out for another set, I’m tempted by the “Combat Zone” set for sale through EM-4 miniatures.

      Cheers Roger.

  10. Roger, nice on these two. And I look forward to more of these from you as your wife is allowing you more free time? Appreciate so much your work, it’s so well done. Best, Mark

    • Thanks Mark, funny you should say that, as my eldest son is coming home in a couple of weeks with his girlfriend, so it’s all hands to the pump’s decorating like crazy things before they come! I do however have figures to post this weekend at least.

      Cheers Roger.

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