Liverpool Comic-com 2018

Now I don’t usually write up show reports on my Blog, so I’ll keep this brief. Last Sunday we (Myself, Dennis and our respective wives) went to Liverpool Comic-con, now I have always wanted to go to a large one of these, having only been to a few little shows, so I had been considering this for a few years, but as Dennis wanted to show off in the full regalia of his recently completed costume and had been banging on about it for the last month or so it had become apparent that we were going (no matter what). Now Dennis had wanted to enter the Cosplay competition but this was run on the Saturday and he was unable to attend that day, so the “Cosplay Masquerade” would have to suffice (this was basically an excuse to get all the cosplayers up on the stage one at a time to fill a break in the “celebrity” interviews).

Anyway we arrived at the Exhibition Centre at about eleven in the morning (Den and his wife are always late!), and after entering the hall it was clear that Den was going to be stopped every six feet or so for a photo, he of course loved this (it was the reason he wanted to go after all) much to his wife’s annoyance, so she wandered off with my good lady and I took the opportunity to nip off on own as well. One good look around the traders later and I was in possession of some “Micronauts” comics to fill some of the gaps in my collection, these were bought from the one and only “Comic book” trader (it seems comics are dying out in “comic” conventions) and my wife had covertly bought me a “Nostromo” Aliens themed T-shirt. I then spent fifteen minutes gushing to the owner of the Replica “A Team” van about how wonderful it was (well it was!), and had taken photos (well got my wife to) of all the props and cars on display as well as some of the cosplayers. I was not however going to spend the £20.00 they wanted to get photos or autographs from the “Celebs”, so if you are expecting any pictures of them I’m afraid you will be disappointed (there are also no pictures of me as I don’t “do” pictures (I look like Jasper Carrot apparently if you must know!).

So a good day was had by all, Dennis now wants to go to another one in October, but I must admit though I enjoyed it I’d rather wait a few years before I go again, this has already blown my chances of getting to “Salute” this year, so I need to start saving again if I’m to have any chance of getting there next year.

Till next time. Cheers Roger.

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13 Responses to Liverpool Comic-com 2018

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    Nice report, Roger. Having not attened an actual ‘comic-con’ I was surprised that there was only one trader actually selling comics. I thought that was kind of the point?

    • Yep you would, wouldn’t you but it seems not. First time I went to the Ellesmere port one there were two Comic book traders, the last two times none, Simon might be able to throw more light on this as a regular “con” attendee, but to me it seems T-shirts/Memorabilia and Cosplaying seem to be the big grow movments at the moment.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun and “Den” is a man after my own heart hehe. I would have loved the A team replica van too.

  3. Dennis looked brilliant Roger! I would have loved the A Team van, I would love to have one in 28mm to go with my “not” A Team minis

    • Thanks Andy, the van was really, really nice (nicer than the original I suspect, which looked a bit ropey here and there in the series), you’ll have to talk nicely to Dave Stone, and perhaps he’ll knock one up for you 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  4. I’m still amazed at the Stark work you did. Nice pics too. Love the Cylon!

    • Thanks Mark, the Cylon was really excellent, even if the sister in-law said “well that’s rubbish and I don’t even know what it’s supposed to be!”. Sometimes you could just weep couldn’t you!!!

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Dave Stone says:

    Great work on the symbol for Dennis Roger, looks like you had a good time.
    I see your trying to give me more work on your thread ! ( comment to Andy ! ) LOL

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