“Coz’ he’s worth it” (part 3)

Right well as you may (or may not, as the case may be) I left you last week with my “Direwolf” badge finnished and en-route to its new owner “Dennis”. Well I’m pleased to announce that he was very pleased with the finnished article. Now he had cut me a six inch circle of aluminum, for me to mount this up on, but after trying this it turned out that the wolf was just over hanging the sides a touch, so another would have to be cut slightly larger. Well to cut a long story short just before I had arrived at his house last Sunday he had been spraying up the pieces of armour (a gorget and a pair of pauldrons) he’d made out of some foam tread-plate style floor mats (he’d seen a video on youtube explaining how to do this you see), and one of us (can’t remember who) suggested that the wolfs head would look good mounted in the middle of the front part of his gorget. So in due course it was indeed “hot glued” into place, but as the gorget is curved I said I would have to fill around the edges of the head to remove the gaps, as the “cross belts” that hold his cloak in place could catch under it and either damage it or pull it off, also I thought the aluminum spray paint he was using looked a bit “bling”. So before I knew it the gorget and pauldrons were in the back of my car and I had been assigned with painting them (how do I get myself into these things!).

Anyway back home I began by filling in around the head with the ever faithful “greenstuff” before spraying everything black. Now after much deliberation I decided that rather than painting the whole this silver again I’d have a look for a more muted grey palette, so a trip to the paint shop (well B&M discount store to be honest) was in order, originally I was looking to get some silver grey “Hammerite”, but came home instead with a couple of emulsion “match pots”, one a Johnstone’s “Steel Smoke” and the other a Dulux “Warm Pewter”, Basically dark and light grey.

So taking the “Steel Smoke” I dry-brushed this liberally all over the pieces and once dry did the same, but a little lighter with the “Warm Pewter” this was (to my eye anyway) a vast immediate improvement over what had been there before, but to add a bit more of a metallic edge I then very lightly did another dry-brush this time with my old “Miniature paints” silver, now we were really getting somewhere! Next we had already discussed that the “wolfs head” and the rivets around the edge of the mantle would look good in gold or bronze, so after retouching these areas in black out came my bronze and a good dry-brushing of this was applied, and once this was dry a lighter dry-brushing of copper went over this.

Now Dennis had insisted (against my better judgment) that he wanted two paper wolf heads (each facing forward) stuck on the sides of the pauldrons (now I didn’t really like these and to be honest I think they don’t sit well under his cloak, and it looks better without them. But obviously it’s not my decision). So two of the wolf-heads were printed (one reversed) and cut out, then after painting the area of the pauldron where they would sit with PVA wood glue, the were stuck in place then painted with more PVA (I’m still not that keen on them).

Finally I got out my tin of “soft tone” Quickshade and gave everything a coat of this (yes I even Quickshade human beings now!!), and once this was dry gave it all a blow over with the tin of satin varnish I bought a few years back that was supposed to be matt (remember that Simon?).

All of this had to be finnished ready for Sunday, as we are off to “Liverpool Comic-con”, I’ll try and get some pictures and maybe even write up a quick report about how we got on. Now just before I go I thought I’d mention something else (and this one is even wargames related!), back when we went to the Ellesmere Port comic-com a few weeks back I bought myself a smashing new leather “Dice Bag” complete with hand painted “Dragons eye” from a very nice lady by the name of Mandy Brace, now we had a good chat about this and that and it turned out she had never heard of “wargames shows” (talk about missing your target audience!), anyway I sent her the list of UK shows and she said she was going to try and get into a couple to see how she got on. If you would like a look at her lovely work here’s a link…


I promise to get back to painting miniatures soon.

So till next time. Cheers Roger.

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12 Responses to “Coz’ he’s worth it” (part 3)

  1. Outstanding work Roger! I can’t express just how impressed I am with that Dire Wolf.

  2. Wow Roger! That came out a treat.

    • Thanks Michael, I was a little nervous going for greys as a base instead of true metallic, but I actually think the look more natural, once it was finished. Plus there is plenty left to paint some corrugated roofs on the post-apoc buildings I plan on making fairly soon. So a win, win!

      Cheers Roger.

  3. vampifan says:

    Once it is painted and in place you’d think it was made of bronze and not Green Stuff. Truly outstanding work, Roger.

    • Thanks Bryan, to be honest the actual painting the dire-wolf was the bit I was least nervous about as I used paint from my figure painting “stash” so I was confident on how that would turn out.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Terrific work, Roger, and yes I remember that tin of satin varnish rather well 🙂 I also know a good comic review blog is you’re looking for anything at comic-con specific 😉 Are you planning on picking up the new “Marvel-Two-In-One” series?

    • Thanks Simon, sadly there is still plenty left in the tin of varnish (it is a big one), but it did at least take the gloss off of the pieces and I think matt would have been too…well matt if you know what I mean. Please send me the address of this good comic review blog, as the one I know is rubbish! ;-D (only kidding of course). I will be taking my little black book with me, as I hope I might be able to fill in some of the missing issues of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Micronauts” and “Micronauts the new Voyages”, but it will depend on prices as last time I saw some they were cheaper on Ebay, Will now keep an eye out for the new “Two-in-one” that you have reminded me.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Carrion Crow says:

    Very impressive, Roger. I was quite impressed with how good the armour looked anyway, but your skill has taken it up to the next level. I hope Dennis was suitably pleased with the finished result. Of course, we will need to see a picture of the full outfit.

    This has been a fascinating series of posts and I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next.

    • Thanks Jez, he was pleased with the finished pieces, sadly it doesn’t look like he has been chosen to take part in the cos-play competition (though he will still be wearing his costume anyway!) will definitely have to get a picture of him in full regalia along with some of the other interesting stuff there (will probably get my wife to do these as her phone camera is so much better than mine, and my actual camera is so old now the battery wont hold a charge so I have to plug it in all the while now).

      “I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next”. No pressure then!

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Tough to top this project (but you will). Anyways, it just snowed here again, so appropriate timing and well done

    • Many thank Mark, glad you have faith in me (more than I do anyway!). Its actually turned a bit warmer here the last few days, though we had snow at the start of the week, so hopefully “winter is leaving”.

      Cheers Roger.

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