“Coz’ he’s worth it” (part 1)

It’s been a while since I last posted, in fact it’s been a while since I last touched anything wargames related to be honest, and indeed this post isn’t actually wargames related as such, but I thought I’d share with you what I’m currently up to if only to try and get me back into the habit of posting (and hopefully a few of you might find it of interest).

Now back before Christmas my brother-in-law “Dennis” decided to buy himself a sewing machine with a view to making himself a “Game of Thrones” style cloak. This he did with great success, but as anyone with any experience of Dennis with tell you, he never does anything by half so as you can see in the photo to the right he is now the proud (very proud!) owner of the full “Stark” ensemble all made by his own fair hands (not bad as these are the first things he’s ever sewed, I said he didn’t do things by half didn’t I!). But I hear you ask what has this got to do with me? Well I’m coming to that (impatient!!). A couple of weeks ago we went to a small local “Comi’con” event and Dennis entered the “Cosplay” competition (well he had the outfit after all, this however didn’t have any pockets, so I had to accompany him as baggage handler), to say he loved it is a bit of an understatement, we did however discover a couple of problems, first of which was that he needed the accouterments, sword, pieces of armor etc.. to finnish it off, and good as the costume is, it’s a little too non-specific (a few people thought it was from the Vikings, or Lord of the Rings). So I (see I said I was getting to my bit!) mentioned that he could do with something that was specific to a) Game of Thrones and b) the Stark’s. Now I feel I should point out at the juncture that I have never watched G’of’T, but after Dennis showed me a picture of the “Dire wolf” that they use as their insignia I stated that I should be able to knock one up in greenstuff that he could add to the fur collar of his cloak to aid recognition. Now there are four main reasons I volunteered to do this….

  1. It was a good excuse to get out the old sculpting tools and see if I could
  2. It would give me something to blog about
  3. It would hopefully kick-start me back into painting again, and
  4. I’m just a really, really nice chap*

So for the last week (and probably the next) that is exactly what I have been doing, I began by printing out few pictures of said “wolfie” (it is worth noting here that it appears no two versions are exactly the same, which plays right into my wheelhouse. Hooray!!), We then discussed what size Dennis would be looking for, deciding that it needed to quite big so as to be easily seen and would probably be mounted on either a round or oval backing plate. So the final size decided on was six inches from rear fur point to nose tip. Anyway I decided the best way to do this was to print out an image at full size then tape a piece of acetate over this and build the piece up on this, so as it could easily be broken away once complete. Once this was in place, I then laid down a base of greenstuff over this (that’s just a posh way of saying I rolled out putty all over the wolf-head shape).

Next day I added some rough details for his maw, his chin whiskers, teeth and a test scale/ fur piece at the back (I’m not sure what you would call these but the look more like scales to me so I’ll refer to them as that from now on).

The row of scales down the back came next day, each one added individually and shaped with a ridge running down the centre (not sure you can see this on the photo’s very well).

Same again next day, but this time along the bottom.

Now when it came time to added the scales that would cover the neck, I pondered how I would avoid getting them too far out of position, my solution was to print out another full sized picture and partially cut it out, so I could accurately place it over the top of the greenstuff version, then taking a spike I pushed through at the tip of each scale leaving a grid of holes in the greenstuff below, I was then able to take a felt tip marker and roughly draw in the scales as a guide. Lastly today I added a couple more of the bottom row of scales.

Last of the bottom row of scales and the next row up were added the next day. And I bet you can see where this is going..yes the next row and the first of the row above was added the day after this, and that is where I’m up to as I write, now luckily I have plenty of greenstuff (as I bought a job-lot from Salute a couple of years back, but even so I do appear to be chewing through it at a rate of knots! There is about another weeks work left in this (at the rate I work anyway!), then it will need mounting on its backing plate and painting, and I’ll post again once I’m up to this point along with (I hope) a couple of pic’s of it in situ on Dennis’s’ cloak.

So sort of back, even if it’s not strictly about figures (trust me Dennis is defiantly not 28mm scale).

Till next time, Cheers Roger.

  • *This last reason is of course open to debate!
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22 Responses to “Coz’ he’s worth it” (part 1)

  1. Great to see you back posting, and showing off your extraordinary skills with green stuff, Roger. That dire wolf looks awesome imho, welcome back 🙂

  2. I echo the above from Simon, it’s lovely to see you posting again Roger and with such an excellent piece.

    • Thanks Andy, it’s quite a bit bigger than I’m used to working with, but the principles are basically the same.

      I have been keeping up with all the wonderful posts about your Zombie game and excellent townscape scenery over last few months, sorry I haven’t been able to post comment, something I promise to put right.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. vampifan says:

    +1 on having you back, Roger. I bow down to your sculpting skills. That piece looks superb!

  4. Carrion Crow says:

    Good to see you back where you should be, Roger, and the hobby is broad enough to encapsulate whatever creative projects you come up with. Hmm…you may have given.me an idea.

  5. Excellent idea and looks already great. I think the scale technique can surely be used at 28mm scale, too.

    • Thanks D&B, I can imagine that the scales would work in 28mm (and would use a lot less putty 😉 ), I have used a very similar technique myself when I made the Cyclopian Alien for WSD and the wings on “The Sorceress” for my He-man figures.

      Cheers Roger.

  6. That is a cracking costume! It really is rather impressive. And the greenstuff work looks to be coming on a treat, so should look great once finished and in place.

    • It is rather good, I have to say, we spent last Saturday evening messing about with foam floor tiles and a heat gun trying to make pieces if armour and a sword, it’s rather a steep learning curve of new skills. I’m a lot happier tinkering with the “greenstuff” myself. Thanks Roger.

  7. Welcome back Roger, glad to see this! Lovely work, and the best part is the patience you took to get it done correctly. That’s the hardest part, because I know I have faced those situations when you just want to be done with a project, but you know you have to wait for something to dry, cure, etc before you get to move forward. Dennis is a lucky guy to have you to help!

    • Thanks Mark, you are so right about the patience thing, people outside of the hobby often don’t get that, I know a couple of people at work I’ve shown the pictures of the Direwolf to cant seen to understand why this is going to take two weeks to complete. ” Dennis is a lucky guy to have you to help!”…Yep’ he has this way of sucking me into his plans,

      Cheers Roger.

  8. I must say, that piece would mold very well in brittannia

  9. Great to hear from you Roger! Lovely piece of sculpting and what a wonderful costume!

    • Many thanks Michael, good to hear from you too, glad you like the piece (could still cock it up!), and yes it is a rather impressive cozzie! I did text Dennis this morning… “Winter is Coming”, seemed apt.

      Cheers Roger.

  10. borderguy190 says:

    Great post. Peoples’ mad skillz with green stuff amaze me. I have to be content with the occasional repair or 28mm fur cloak, and a few bits and bobs. Nothing fancy, or well done. Cracking good job!

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