“Rats & Reporters”

“So are the giant mutant rats reported to be running around just outside the city real? Or like the ‘human mutants’ and ‘killer robots’, just another figment of some peoples over active imaginations? Well, all I know, I haven’t seen any while I’ve been out here…perhaps I need a bigger piece of cheese (wink). I’m Moira Tiffin for Salvation City News, now back to the studio”.

“And cut”

“Do we do another take Jeff? I think we need another take, I can do better”.

“It’s fine”.

“Fine!!!! I didn’t get voted Salvation City News’ favorite personality three years running by being fine!”.

“It was also…live”.

“Oh… well, in that case I guess it was fine then”.

Ok I realise that last week I said I was going to add a few “stars” to my “Into the Wasteland” cast list but they will now have to wait till next week, as I was a bit short on time this week so I thought I’d cheat a bit and paint up my “mutant rats” and “on the spot news team” instead, they might not be my star turns but “Moira” definitely thinks she is! Again these are taken from my prize winning order from “Moonraker Miniatures”. As always they were based up on “tuppences” using “Tetrion” filler before they were given a spray coat of matt black.

Moira was begun by painting her skirt in dark red, this was then highlighted in pink burgundy, and lines of deep bronze and lemon yellow were added to form the “Tartan”. Her jacket was then also undercoated in pink burgundy, and then highlighted in polish crimson, shoes and jumper next, sand and more lemon yellow taking care of these. Her stocking were then done firstly in flesh tone 7 (I think I’m going to start referring to this as tan flesh) and leather brown, this was then highlighted in the same but with much more of the flesh tone added. Her flesh (and Jeff’s below) was then undercoated in European flesh and highlighted (after eyes were added), with this mixed with pale flesh. Her hair is chocolate brown with chestnut highlights, her jewelry is copper with bright gold highlights and her microphone is dark grey with light grey highlights, oh and a touch of chainmail on the handle.

Jeff, Moira’s long suffering cameraman had his trousers undercoated first butternut was used for this, and then this mixed with coffee, formed the highlights on his “chino’s”, coffee was then used on his T-shirt with cream highlights added to this, his waistcoat is orange with orange mixed with cream forming the highlights here. His “all important” camera was done in dark grey with a heavy highlight of light grey over this (except the strap which was left black with a dark grey highlight). A dot of day-glow green for a light finished this off. His shoes and belt were added next, chocolate brown with leather highlights being used here. Then after his flesh was added (see above), his hair was undercoated in citrus orange and highlights of sand were applied over this. Lastly I dry-brushed the computer on his belt along with his belt buckle in chainmail and added the circle on his back in cream before painting the letters “SCN” in it.

My “James Herbert” movie extras were really rather simple to paint (which is why I chose them to be honest), two of the “veritable vermin” were left black and then dry-brushed with a mix of black and chocolate brown, this was also used as the undercoat on three more of them, and these were then dry-brushed in just chocolate brown. The final one was undercoated in coffee and dry-brushed in cream (he might become the leader or just another “rat in the crowd” I haven’t decided yet), next all the eyes were dotted in with some black except for “whitey” whose I did in dark red (albino style!), this was also run along the mouths of all of them before I added their teeth in cream. Their tails, ears, noses and feet were then undercoated in “tan flesh” (see much easier), before these areas were highlighted in continental flesh, see simple.

Guess what… everything was then given a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone before the bases were painted chocolate brown, that was then dry-brushed with khaki and then again with coffee. A few small areas were then picked out with a little scenic green, and then those areas were flocked with some “Javis” summer mix hairy grass. They were finally finished off with a “blow over” of matt varnish spray. I’m over half way through my “Wasteland” figures now, I hope you are enjoying these chaps as much as I’m enjoying painting them. So till next week.

Cheers Roger.

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22 Responses to “Rats & Reporters”

  1. More corking “Wasteland” paint-jobs, Roger. I’m especially impressed with Moira’s dress cross-work – you;re so very much braver with your brush-tip than I!! Please keep this series coming; its awesome imho 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, I was rather pleased with how these two came out to be honest, I nearly went with an all pink suit on Miora but thought that might be a bit boring to look at, so was gong to do her all in tartan, but then after doing her skirt decided that might be too “busy” (and I chickened out a bit too) so compromised and did a bit of both. I am also really pleased with the colour of Jeffs trousers as they came out exactly as I wanted them.

      There should be a few more weeks postings on this yet. 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  2. So when it comes to the AAR game reports will they be narrated by Moira?
    They’re all looking good, even if she doesn’t become this blog’s star news reporter 🙂

  3. Dammit!! I might have known you’d see this, I do hope to get a couple of games of this in the next month or so, if (AND I DO MEAN IF!) they play out OK, then I might try a simple Batrep then. But NO promises.

    Roger (who should have kept his gob shut)

    • Ha Ha Hah! Seriously, I’m very interested in how your free rule-set is going to play, so even a quick review would be greatly appreciated, Roger. In addition, just how do the “Moonraker Miniatures” compare in scale to Copplestone’s own future wars range? I understand they’re a tad smaller?

      • I’ve only had a quick read through them so far, and they are pretty basic (seven pages long, but that’s how I like them TBH), but they should fulfil what I’ve got in mind, and I can always add to them as I go along. As for the figures yes they are a bit smaller than the current Copplestone figs though not enough to make them incompatible, except strangely enough for Moira, who is a touch bigger and so a really good match size wise with the new Copplestone female figs.

        Cheers Roger.

      • “..Moira, who is a touch bigger…”

        That’s because Moira’s wearing heels! 😛

      • True, but female fig’s are usually slightly shorter to begin with, not always true in real life (remember “Yaz”), so as I say it doesn’t make them incompatible in my books.

  4. Love Moira mate. She reminds me of my Grade 4 teacher. Ms Webb, a mad woman with a good heart and legs… well they were good too haha.

  5. gisby says:

    Roger, Love the figures and especially the giant rats. You’ve taken a bunch that could have just been a boring masse, and given them individuality. The table will look more interesting as a result, and that’s the whole point. Bravo!

    • Thanks Tim, I am rather pleased with how the rats came out, I nearly did “wimp” out and paint them all the same, but I’m glad I took that little bit more time with them (and it really wasn’t that much more TBH).

      Cheers Roger.

  6. Very nice Roger, the camera man’s trousers are a terrific colour, you’re right to be pleased. He’s a great mini (one that I own too and will soon be in a batrep)

    I really want to see a “Roger Report” so get writing! 😉

    • Thanks Andy, I remember this figure from “Zomtober” last year? (god my memory is bad these days), wasn’t he the one “fumbling” with himself as he filmed you “bondage vixen”?

      A Roger Report? well I’m currently sitting in front of my computer, after making a cup of tea, and waiting to find out what we as a family are going to have for tea (eating variety that is), instead of painting figures like I should be doing….oh sorry is that not what you meant? 😉

      Cheers Roger.

  7. Those rats are wonderful Roger, I just love their tails! Cracking work on Moira Tiffin’s skirt too.

    • Thanks Michael, the rats are actually really nice sculpts, I don’t know if they were by Mark Copplestone or not but they are good little figures and at two for £1.50 you can’t argue with the price either. I do like a bit of Tartan now and again, I got her name from one of the “anchor” presenters from our local news program, “Annabel Tiffin”, isn’t that a great name! who wouldn’t want a girlfriend called that!!

      Cheers Roger.

  8. Carrion Crow says:

    Sorry Roger, missed this one when it came out. I too have those figures, but went for a simpler paint job. They featured in my first ever AAR with my Scooby gang and it turned out the Karl the cameraman was responsible for the “Wendigo”.

    And I love those rats! I didn’t realise that you got two for £1.50, so I’ll be definitely getting some, both for my Gothic London and to use as Nezumi in Oriental Fantasy.

    • No problem Jez, I remember that Batrep, Karl must be Jeff’s evil twin brother!
      Yes the rats are pretty good value at 75p each, I did think of you Victorian project while I was painting them, but wasn’t sure if you were after something bigger after you mentioned the Doctor Who one from ” Weng-Chiag”.

      Cheers Roger.

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