“New Kids From The Block” (week 41)

Late again I’m afraid, just don’t seem to be able to find the time to paint and write up my postings at the moment (lord knows how I’ll cope with forgotten heroes, when I have to re-post other people’s posts too, but we’ll cross that bridge, as they say). But for the moment I decided to roll again on the old painting generator table, and the coins of fate gave me a tails result so out came Galahads list and the toss of the D30 came up one, so this week we have…

Box 1 – (2x 28mm Sci-Fi Troopers by “Bend Sinister”)

Now I’ve mentioned “Bend Sinister” before on my blog as they made the rather nice Knight that I painted way back in 2014 (the link to that page is at the bottom of this post if you want a look). I think I received these as a samples back in my “Valkyrie” days. While I was retrieving them I decided to add a “Scorpio Bug” by Irregular Miniatures that was in the same draw. I think he was chucked in as a sample too, this time with an order at some point, not the most detailed model in the world, but never one to “look a gift horse in the mouth”, I thought I’d throw some paint at this as well. So let’s get on with that then shall we.

I began the troopers by touching up any parts that had escaped the aerosol undercoat of black, and then dry-brushed them in chainmail. Then turning to their overalls these were undercoated in khaki, with “splodges” of coffee and then olive green painted over this to form a camouflage pattern. Their helmets were then undercoated in German field blue, and then highlighted in deep bronze green. Next the butts and barrels of their guns along with the pouches on their belts and their boots were all undercoated in chocolate brown and then highlighted, butternut on the guns and leather brown on the rest. I decided to add their flesh next (not really a lot of it on show just their hands and necks). European flesh with the same mixed with pale flesh saw to this, and then I added the lights on their helmets and backpacks, an old pot of “Tamiya” light green was used for this. As they seemed to be acquiring a bit of an “Eastern Block” vibe to them I decided to go with porcelain blue, bright red and white on their shoulder badges and insignia’s but rather than a specific countries flag I just wanted a flavour of that type of trooper, so a simple red, white and blue striped flag was used. That just left the pipes to their face masks to do and these were added in dark grey with a little light grey highlighting.

Turning to the “Bug” I wasn’t sure where to go with its painting to start with, but much as I like the vibrant metallic’s used on the ones on Irregulars site, I thought I’d go a bit more muted with my figure. So a base of chocolate brown was applied first, this was then dry-brushed with butternut across the legs and lower part of the body. Chestnut brown was then painted over the carapace, and highlights were applied to the cross body ridges of this with rust. The “stinger” at the tip of its tail was then added in khaki, dry-brushed with successive coats of coffee and cream, and its eyes and teeth were finally added in white and black. Not very complicated but I think effective in its way.

Once they were all good and dry, all three were given the obligatory coat of “Quickshade”, and after the bases were painted up in my usual fashion, they had a final coat of matt varnish.

Now while I’ve got you here I thought I’d remind you that “Forgotten heroes” will be returning for its second year in June. This is a bit of fun that Jez over at “Carrion Crows Buffet” came up with, where participants make or remodel/repaint existing figures into superhero characters that have either no existing “official” miniature (or that the official figure is “pants” in the their opinion). Anyway the official rules can be read here…


There is still time to join in if you are so inclined, just let myself or Jez know and we’ll sign you up.

So till next time, cheers Roger.


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11 Responses to “New Kids From The Block” (week 41)

  1. Very nice Roger, despite the lack of detail on the bug, he’s got to be my fave!

  2. I’m liking the bug too man.

  3. Now those are a very tidy pair of troopers, and a corking monster accompanying them. Great posting, Roger, and your eye is seemingly spot on at present – terrific camo and a lovely colour contrast on the bug. Those troopers seem to be especially clean sculpts too. It really is very good to have you back posting, my friend 🙂

    • Thanks Simon, I do rather like the trooper figures, I think there were only the two sculpts though which is a same, I could see a squad of these trying to contain a zombie (or some such) breakout at a shadowy Russian experimental complex.

      The “Bug” is a nice simple figure you could paint up a bunch of them in no time, if I had a use for them that is. Could work well in a “first Doctor” scenario, not Zarbi anyone?

      Cheers Roger.

  4. vampifan says:

    I do like all three figures a lot and I could certainly find a use for all of them in my upcoming N.E.W. sci-fi campaign. Your colour schemes are just spot on, mate!
    Re: the Zarbi, my first memory of watching Doctor Who on TV was the old black and white episode featuring the Zarbi, the Menoptra and William Hartnell, of course. Seeing as it aired in 1965 I must have been 7 or 8 years old. Good grief!

    • Many thanks Bryan, the Bend Sinister fig’s would make great near future troopers, glad you like the colour schemes.

      If you ever get the chance to watch the Zarbi episodes again keep a close eye out for the television camera’s moving about in the background on several scene’s as back in those days it was “one take and that’s your lot!”.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. Cracking work Roger, I really like the camouflage pattern that you have achieved, never an easy job.

    • Thanks Michael, I quite enjoy doing a bit of “camo” now and again, but as you say it can be a pain to get right. Especially when you have a lot of figures to do wearing it (luckily I only had the two).

      Cheers Roger.

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