Mo’venber “Coughing up…”

OK well it’s the last week of Mo’vember and I thought I’d go out with something a little bit different, so turning to Lancelot’s list I pulled out some figures that have been languishing in there draw for nigh on thirty years now (though as you can see in the photograph at some point I have undercoated them in grey car primer, but seems that’s as far as it went)…

Box 4 – (9x 28mm Hairballs)mov16-b

Now I bought these funny little fellows from “Games of Liverpool” way back when I first started wargaming, who they were produced by I’m afraid I have not the foggiest idea but I thought they might be a fun way to end this years “face fungus challenge” as even though they don’t have moustaches the hair/fur does run from their chins so they should count. They are only quite small even though they are twenty eight (probably 25 given their age) millimetre scale the tallest of them is only eighteen millimetres tall, so rather than have them swamped on a tuppence I instead mounted them on pennies before they were based up with some “Tetrion” filler mov16-b3and given a coat of matt black.

Painting was pretty simple really, (then why did they take so long!). I began as usual; by dry-brushing the weapons with chainmail, and then the hairy bodies were undercoated with either chocolate brown, dark sand, dark grey or chestnut, these were then highlighted with (in the same order), chestnut, light sand, light grey or orange. Their faces came next, these were undercoated with continental flesh and after their eyes and mouthsmov16-b2 were added in black and white, were highlighted with more continental flesh mixed with a little pale flesh. The shafts of the spear, hammer and axe, were painted chocolate brown again and butternut was used to highlight these, and the hilts of the swords were painted in copper. Then turning to the kilt wearing chap, I undercoated said item of attire with royal blue, and highlighted in bright blue, then added the “plaid” in coffee and orange (it’s OK but I now think I mov16-b1should have started with a base of deep bronze green, oh well). His bonnet feather is coffee and cream, and this also formed the colour on half of the shields, with dark red and pink burgundy forming the other halves. Any leather belts were added in chocolate brown yet again and highlighted with leather. The priests collar was painted black and dark grey highlights finnished it off. They were then all treated to a coat of “Quickshade” and “Bob’s your uncle” as they say, they were done.mov16-b4

They then had their bases painted in my usual fashion before they were taken out and sprayed with matt varnish, and after so many years in the wilderness a little colour was brought into their grey little lives. Those of you who have been around for a while now will probably know that this will be my last official posting of the year, as I usually take December off to prepare for the Christmas holidays, though there will be a couple of “special” posts before the end of the year, but till then, if beards are good enough for Santa…keep hiding the razor and, cheers Roger.

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20 Responses to Mo’venber “Coughing up…”

  1. They are truly bizarre little minis, Roger, and remind me somewhat of “The Flumps” or perhaps something from Michale Bentine’s Potty Time; either way they are wonderful old sculpts and a great paint-job to boot. Terrific finish to Mo’Vember 🙂

  2. Very quirky miniatures. I really like how you painted them. They remind me of the old dude in that animated series about the body (where antibodies, body fumctions etc. had personifications) and another of the series about history with the same cast, each time sporting the old man that was all beard.

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    What wonderful miniatures, Roger. I too initially was thinking ‘Potty Time’, but they’re more like Captain Caveman. Which will of course have you shouting his battle cry in your head for the rest of the night. I’m now wondering how easy it would be to create a 7TV cast of Cavey and the Teen Angels. Now I’m going to have to look for figures too…

    • A Hanna-Barbera Productions “7TV” cast would be awesome Jez!! Great idea… perhaps it could even go as far as “Laff-A-Lympics” – my fave series 🙂

      • Roger Webb says:

        Thanks Jez, a Captain Caveman figure should be well within your abilities to create sir, and the teen angels should be reasonable easy to find, I’d start at Copplestone Castings or Hasslefree in a search for them, Everybody liked “Taffy” best but I had a soft spot for “Brenda” too.

        Laff-a-Lympics was good but I was always a Wacky Races man myself.

        Cheers Roger (don’t tempt me you two!!)

  4. These are wonderful little pieces of history Roger, fabulous stuff Sir.

  5. Bryan Scott says:

    Quirky seems to be the best adjective for these weird and wonderful little fellows. I never even knew they existed. A great way to end Mo’vember.

    PS. I have many fond memories of Games of Liverpool. I do hope it is still going.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Bryan, yes tjey are quirky aren’t they, I not seen them again since to be honest.
      I just thought they would be perfect for mo’vember.

      I think games is still going though it moved out of the city centre , out into the “sticks” a few years ago and i haven’t been to the shop since (doubt i could even find it now TBH).

      Cheers Roger.

  6. What strange looking fellows, what will you use them for?

    Enjoy your month off

    • Roger Webb says:

      They are rather odd figures, I guess that’s what attracted me too them in the first place. As to what I’ll do with them I have absolutely no idea, use them as a Mo’vember entry was as far as I’ve got.

      I’ll still be about, (when I’m not out shopping, with the wife!)

      Cheers Roger.

  7. “This will be my last official posting of the year” – I forgot you annually do this. I best start updating my Top Ten list for 2016 then; unless of course you fancy the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge? 😉

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