Mo’venber “Apologies”

I have to begin this week’s post with an apology, as I haven’t completed any figures for my Mo’vember submission, and in addition I haven’t been around to comment on tiger-tableanyone else’s blogs either. This is because early on this last week we lost one of our beloved cats, Tiger to a sudden heart attack, this came with no warning as he was apparently fine twenty minutes earlier and getting a fuss from my youngest. Though he was rushed to the vets we already knew deep down that he had already left us. The total shock of this as he was only four and seemingly healthy has knocked us all off our feet a bit, so I’m afraid the urge to paint or surf the net has been lacking somewhat.

I had based and undercoated the figures I plannedmov16-a to paint this week, along with next week’s figures too (as they were basically the same), and these are from my collection of “Scrunts”, by Bob Olley.

mov16-dSo too make up for this week’s lack of figures I plan to paint the three figures for this week as well as the four next week, but we’ll see how we get on.

Cheers Roger.

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11 Responses to Mo’venber “Apologies”

  1. So sorry to hear of your loss Roger, undoubtedly made all the worse by its suddenness. Taking some time out from the hobby is completely understandable, so please don’t feel under any pressure to paint something when you’re not in the mood. All my best to you and your family.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many Thanks mate, it just came as such a shock, the worst is that I don’t think I actually gave him a fuss that day as I was out early for work, and I only found him when I went upstairs to get changed after work, as I said my youngest had fussed in just before I found him and my wife had been in all day. I fussed a few of them but I don’t think I saw tiger.

  2. Ahh mate that is so understandable, pets are part of the family – well they are in mine for sure. Sorry for your loss. Take care buddy

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Andy, we are really soft with the animals in our house too, we’d had him from the moment he was born, as I found his mum in a carpark and after we couldn’t find her owner ended up keeping her, though it turned out she was pregnant so ended up keeping all the kittens too (five), add to this the two old girls we already had and that made eight, and two dogs, all with their own little personalities. They are all part of the family.

  3. vampifan says:

    Having being in a similar situation where I lost the first of my two pet cats in similar circumstances I can fully understand how you must be feeling. His loss hit my family and me very hard so I send you my deepest sympathies, Roger. Take all the time out you feel necessary to recover. We’ll still be here when you feel well enough to blog again. My thoughts are with you at this sad time.


    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Bryan, you would think after all these years and so many cats (15 since we’ve been married) that you would become enamoured to the losses, but you don’t it hits you just as hard each time. I shall miss my little man.

      Cheers Roger.

  4. So sorry to hear of your loss Roger, never an easy thing to lose a family pet, especially so suddenly. My thoughts are with you all.

  5. Carrion Crow says:

    My thoughts are with you too, Roger. You don’t realise how integral your pets are to your life until they’re gone. Best wishes to you all.

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