“Zom’tober…Coming to a grizzly end!”

My final three submission for “Zomtober 2016” are (I think) an interesting bunch. First off we have another of the employees of the “Glory Hole” gentlemen’s club, Cherlene. Chelsea’s main rival for the club’s top billing, the pair are not what one would call “bosom buddies”, and would probably be just as happy putting a bullet in each other as in the undead hordes around them. Anyway putting professional rivalries aside, I zom-16-5-unpaintbegan by taking yet another of my Copplestone “bikini babes” and this was a pretty simple conversion as all I had to do was sand the back of her head flat before adding her “Stetson” in green stuff. While I had this out I also added a tasseled fringe to the front of her bra, and the front and back of her panties, and the transformation into western themed showgirl was complete. As for the zombies I’ve got for you this week, well I think they sum up the best and worst of “Studio Miniatures” zombies. The first being a smashing little miniature of a disturbingly creepy little girl and the second a rather poorly sculpted and confused figure of.. what? Is he supposed to be a pirate or a holiday maker (but then why the hook?).

zom-16-5a-paintPainting on “Cherlene” was begun as always with a dry-brush of chainmail over her gun. Then her hat, boots, and the sides of her bra and pants, were undercoated in royal blue, the tassels were undercoated in coffee, and then dry-brushed in cream. Her flesh was them undercoated in European flesh and after her eyes were added I highlighted this in the same, mixed with a little pale flesh. Her lips were then painted in dark red and her hair was undercoated in citrus orange and highlighted in lemon yellow.

My two zombies were both begun with a mix of chocolate brown, light blue and stone green that was mixed in-situ on the figures themselves, then they had their eyes addedzom-16-5b-paint in black and white, and their socks in coffee and cream (weird that they both have on socks). Then turning to my female “zom”, her dress was given and undercoat of lavender mixed with lupin, and highlights of just lavender were then painted over this. I decided to “jazz” her dress up a little so added some rough flowers all over it in cream. Her hair was next on the agenda, so this was painted chocolate brown and then while it was still wet I dragged some white through it. Her bracelet was undercoated in bronze and then a small highlight of shinning gold was dotted onto it.

With the last “zom” I decided to go with the “beach bum” theme so his shorts were undercoated in a porcelain blue and then highlighted in pale blue. I decided to turn these into Bermuda holiday shorts, so I added some “dots” in cream then some more zom-16-5c-paintdots around these in turquoise turning them into flowers (now they both have flowery clothes what’s going on, here!). I then undercoated his head scarf in royal blue before it was highlighted in a mix of royal blue and porcelain blue, lastly I added some dots to this in cream. I then painted in his hair and the cuff on his hook (why he has a hook I still don’t know), in chocolate brown and highlighted these with leather brown. Finally I undercoated his hook and shoes in black and highlighted these in chainmail and dark grey respectively. Both “zoms” were then “gored up” with some dark red and bright red (the chap also having a touch of lupin on his intestines and a few cream “boney” highlights).

Once they were all good and dry, they were treated to the obligatory coat of “Quickshade”, and after the bases were painted up in my usual fashion, they had a final coat of matt varnish and “hey presto” three more figures were ready for the apocalypse.

So that’s it, thirteen (apt that) figures later and we’ve come to the end of another zom-16-5group-paint“Zomtober”, I’ll leave you all with a group shot of all my damsels in distress, and by sending thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by and comment on my clumsy attempts to populate the apocalypse, and of course Brummie for organizing the whole thing in the first place, roll on next year.

Mo’vember looms large now, so it’s out with the “beardy weirdies” for the next month. But till then dear reader, happy Halloween and sweet dreams…Cheers Roger.

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19 Responses to “Zom’tober…Coming to a grizzly end!”

  1. vampifan says:

    A great end to Zomtober, Roger. All three figures have turned out really well. Thanks for finishing with a group shot of all of your Zomtober 2016 figures. That is always appreciated. I’d love to see a scenario that featured all five female survivors fighting off hordes of zombies. No, that is not a hint, as I know how you feel about doing batreps. It just seems a shame not to see them in action.

    The reason I am not keen on these themed painting months is that once the month is over you are almost obliged to move on to something different. I could happily paint zombies all year round, and not restrict myself to just one month a year. That said, it is always a treat to see so many people painting zombies.

  2. Awesome stuff Roger, and some cracking minis for me to seriously consider as your best for 2016! I’ll wager that wonderful mini of the woman in the hat will struggle to reach such star billing now, and we still have MoVember to go too!! there’s definitely a hint of “Sin City” about your survivor and she’s another cracking example of your talented work with green-stuff. Sensational group shoot too, and as Bryan suggests a BatRep featuring those beauties would be awesome!!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, I hope Chelsea and Cherlene (I pinched that name from the cartoon “Archer” by the way), aren’t fighting for the top spot, I don’t want a cat fight on my hands!

      Funnily enough I did think of Jessica Alba’s character while doing this weeks conversion, but the hair was all wrong and quite frankly I thought the second film was awful (liked the original one though).

      As I said above there will be a batrep, but who or what will be in it even I don’t know yet.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Leon says:

    An excellent conclusion to your 2016 Zomtobering! 🙂

    The exotic dancer Survivor and zombies all look superb. Well done. 🙂

  4. Carrion Crow says:

    Another lovely Copplestone conversion, Roger. Very impressive bunch of ‘gals’. The zombies, however, I don’t like – as in the sculpts, not your painting.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Yeah!! your back, and many thanks Jez, I really love the Copplestone gals myself (the sculpts not my painting).

      I wasn’t over keen on the Studio sculpts myself to begin with (I’m still not enamoured with the “not pirate” above), but they have grown on me over the last five weeks, sorry but there is a good chance I’ll be painting more of there stuff this time next year.

      Great to have you back by the way, what did you do to resolve the problem?

      Cheers Roger.

      • Carrion Crow says:

        Nowt. Just tried posting a comment and it worked. Did you set the first Zomtober post you did as a bookmark or something, because it kept popping up as the ‘most recent’ post during October and that was when I had issues posting a comment? Seems to have now resolved itself, thankfully.

      • Roger Webb says:

        No, sorry wouldn’t know how if I wanted to, to be honest, just glad it sorted itself out, as the WordPress forum was a bit useless!


  5. Another great conversion Roger, your survivors are really great. Your green stuff skills are so amazing so much so I’m a bit reluctant to post my last Zombtober pics as my own conversions pale….

  6. What a brilliant Zomtober Roger, you have been on top form this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your post, but it has been the subtle conversions that have stolen the show for me.

  7. Brummie says:

    Fab greenstuff work again. I wish I was as good! Beautifully painted as well. A very good month for everyone lots of zombies and survivors being completed. Good luck with Mo’vember I will have to see if there are any fitting mini’s I can do. However the Suicide Squad boxed set is due to land and it is lacking in facial hair!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Brummie, It’s been a blast, thanks for letting me join in.

      As for Mo’vember you would of course be most welcome, funnily enough I went ot our local “Comic con” the other weekend and the was a “Harley Quinn” with a beard in the cosplay competition so if you wanted……..perhaps not.

      Cheers Roger.

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