“Zom’tober…Inappropriate protective clothing”

Oh dear what have I done! A couple of weeks ago I painted up my first submissions for Zomtober 2016, and Simon “Blaxkleric” Moore informed me that the clothing on my survivor “Conchita” (Bikini top and hot pants) was not really appropriate anti zombie protection, so what he’ll make of my survivor this week I shudder to think! But you seezom-16-3-unpaint the thing is when the Zombie apocalypse hits you just have to fight or die, even if you are in your “work clothes”.

And that is precisely what has happened to poor “Chelsea” here, no sooner had she began her shift dancing at the “gentleman’s” club known as the “Glory Hole” than the first of the infected patrons began “chowing down” on all and sundry. Always a resourceful girl she pulled the handgun from the holster of the infected cop who’s lap she was dancing on and blasted her way out of the club, leaving a trail of undead corpses in her wake. Now obviously she didn’t have time to change back into her everyday clothes (and that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!).

zom-16-3a-paintChelsea’s painting began as always with her pistol getting a dry-brushing of chainmail, before I turned to her stockings and undercoated them in light grey, and highlighted them in white. The rest of her underwear was given a coat of coffee and then cream and some details, her garter and her shoes were then painted porcelain blue, highlighted with pale blue. Her flesh was undercoated in European flesh and a mix of this and pale flesh was used as the highlight after her eyes were added. Her lipstick was then added in pink burgundy. That just left her hair to add this was undercoated in a mix of chocolate brown and a touch of black, and chocolate brown was then dry-brushed across this to finish her off.

Zombie one, reminds me of Jeremy Corbin for some reason, (but let’s not get into any zom-16-3b-paintpolitical satire about the Labour party and the undead), I began as always by applying his (and the other Zombies) flesh, this was a mixture of deep bronze green, stone green and pale flesh, that was mixed on the figure. Then his shirt was undercoated in royal blue that was highlighted in porcelain blue. Then turning to his suit I took some dark grey and mixed in a touch of black to create a very dark grey and this was used as the undercoat, then this was highlighted with just dark grey (I also highlighted his shoes at the same time). His hair was done in light grey and while I was adding his eyes I highlighted this with some white. Then it was “gore time”, this meant splashing about some dark red, and then dry-brushing some bright red over these areas, and he was done.

zom-16-3c-paintZombie two, was begun as the above with his flesh, in the same colours, applied in the same way, his jumper was given an undercoat of coffee highlighted with some cream, then I carefully added the horizontal lines across it with royal blue, and highlighted these with the same mixed with a little porcelain blue. His trousers were done in chocolate brown mixed with some black, then just chocolate brown. He appears to be chewing a lump of human flesh that is dangling out of his mouth so this was painted in a mix of European and pale flesh. Then once again it was out with the “gore” and this was added in the same manner as the above, and he too was finished.

All three figures were then given their obligatory coat of “Quickshade” strong tone, this worked really well on the zombies, but I’m not so happy with the results on Chelsea, as she looks more “grubby” than shaded to me, still I suppose white underwear is probably not the best thing to hide the dirt acquired battling the undead. Basing was them carried out in my usual fashion, and a final spray coat of matt varnish took the shine off of them, as I prefer. I promise those of you with higher moral standards that my survivor next week will be more comprehensively attired (if only slightly).

So till next week dear reader, sweet dreams…Cheers Roger.

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24 Responses to “Zom’tober…Inappropriate protective clothing”

  1. Terrific stuff Roger, and a very novel idea for the attire of a Zed-Apocalypse survivor 🙂 Great conversion imho and paint-job. Those two brain-eaters are extremely well done too – you paint hoops so very well indeed, and are probably my fave of the bunch to date. Wonderful Zomtober posting, my friend 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, I think the chap with the stripy jumper is probably my favourite sculpt out of the pack as well (the lady in the pink hat from a couple of weeks back being second). I did think of adding a bobble hat and glasses to him, and calling the post “Where’s zombie” but I didn’t know if I could make the red striped jumper and hat work once I added the “gore”..

      Thanks for noticing the conversion work, I totally forgot to mention it in the text (Do’h), I had planned on not doing any conversion work on the figures for this “Zomtober” after last time, but after looking at the figures again I have come up with plans to carry out a little work on the next two survivors as well now, I just cant seem to leave them alone!

      Cheers Roger.

      • I thought the green-stuff was superb Roger, and must have taken an age as it looks scantily delicate as such naughty attire should. In addition I’m already working on a Top Ten of your stuff, so these days am busy perusing over all your posts 😉

      • Roger Webb says:

        As usual you are ahead of me in this, I was going to start looking in December, you’ll probably have hit 60+ posts this year by then.

        Cheers Roger.

      • “you’ll probably have hit 60+ posts this year by then” – tomorrow’s Zomtober article will be #113 for the year Roger, so I’m possibly going to end around 130(ish) if things continue at this rate. I hope you have a large cup of coffee with you when you start 😉

      • Roger Webb says:

        Wow! perhaps I better start…. two months ago!!!

        Cheers Roger.

  2. vampifan says:

    Another one of my favourite Copplestone Bikini Babes, whom you have cleverly converted into a lovely Lingerie Lady. Very well done, Roger. Maybe she was dressed properly but her dress got ripped off when a zombie made a grab for her and she escaped in just her lingerie. See, there’s plenty of reasons why she’s dressed as she is. 😉

    Your two zombies are cool as well and I did chuckle at the Jeremy Corbin reference. 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Bryan, I do love Marks figures, and the Bikini babes are just ripe conversion fodder. Chelsea makes me think of a bride who had her wedding day ruined (and her dress ripped off as well perhaps?), and is out for revenge. As you say so many variations of how see ended up like that (as Jane in the Daily Mirror or Carrie in the old Mayfair magazines proved).

      Wasn’t sure whether to mention the Corbin connection, politics can be such a contentious subject with people these days (but he does look like him top me).

      Cheers Roger.

      • vampifan says:

        Mmmmm, Carrie! I have many very fond memories of her. She could never keep her clothes on. Poor lass!

        Politics is a subject we should steer clear of but I have no problem with people who mock politicians from any party. They are such obvious targets.

      • Roger Webb says:

        My views on politics are simple “trust none of them!”.

  3. Brilliant, she is certainly not going to be weighed down in that outfit! Lovely job Roger.

  4. Conversion work as always is excellent Roger you are so very good at that!
    Naughty survivor, love it and coincidental as mine tomorrow is prob from the same club!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Ha ha! to be honest Andy I probably spent as much time trawling the net looking for good Strip Club names as I did converting and painting this week, Then I remembered the title of a “Steel Panther” song (who we are going to see this week, by the way), and that just seemed appropriate. All I have to do now is build the club in 28mm.

      I might end the month with one of Chelsea’s co-workers myself…we’ll see.

      Thanks, cheers Roger.

      • Ha love Steel Panther, having grown up to 80’s rock music they are such a throwback it’s awesome, have fun!

      • Roger Webb says:

        Thanks Andy I’m really looking forward to it, my wife has never heard anything by them..so it might come as a bit of a culture shock for her lyrically!

        I’m allowed one concert a year these days due to the spiralling cost of tickets (I’ve already got tickets for Iron Maiden booked for next year).

        “Death to all but metal!!!”.

        Cheers Roger.

  5. Leon says:

    More excellent work Roger. 🙂

    Nice trio there. 🙂

  6. Brummie says:

    Loving what your doing with all the Copplestone characters and making them so unique great job dude!

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  9. Azazel says:

    Excellent work on these three, Roger – particularly the sculpting on Ms.Chelsea!

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