“Snowy White and his seven dwarves”

As you may recall from last week (and if not, a) why!, and b) scroll down the page for a refresher), I was in the midst of painting up some of my “Scrunts” by Olley’s Armies as these were thrown before me onto my painting table by my “Random painting Generator”. In other words… a roll of heads on two coins meant it was time to pull out “Lancelot’s” list and my trusty D30, a roll of fifteen on gave me…

Box 15– (3x 28mm Scrunts by Bob Olley of my choice)

This has now turned into eight figures due to my tardiness (long story…see below again). This meant first off, getting the four new figures (yes I know 3+4=7 not eight (again read last week’s posting!). Well I won’t bore you with the details of how I got them up to the same point in their painting as they were of course the same as the figures I did (you guessed it) last week. The only major changes were that I painted theroll of the die scrunts 4` faces and hands in flesh tone seven and highlighted them in European flesh as opposed to European flesh and a mix of this and pale flesh, and I did a couple of the new figures blonde with a sand undercoat and my “other” sand colour as a highlight. I decided (as it would make a “snappy” title) to make the leader of my little group “Captain Snowy White” so mixed some white with my dark grey and painted in his hair and “face fungus” with this and then highlighted it in white.

roll of the die scrunts 5` Now I mentioned last week that I was considering painting up their boiler suits in camouflage, well as you can no doubt see, I did! This was just a case of adding “squiggles” of white and then dark grey randomly over all the exposed areas of the blue grey “onesies”. I thought “Snowy” would look rather fetching in a long brown leather coat and gloves so both were painted chocolate brown and them highlighted with leather brown (of course). Then it was just a case of adding roll of the die scrunts 6`some highlights with a bit of bronze and copper to their guns, belts, buttons etc.. and they were ready to be washed over with a black wash, WHAT! I hear you shout no Quickshade!, well no, as the rest of my “Scrunts” were painted waaay back in the days before I started using Quickshade they were painted over with a 50/50 mix of water and black paint to get that “down and dirty” look, so that’s what I did with these little chaps (I think Quickshade looks better but my OCD just wouldn’t let me mix them with the old style figs). The bases were also slightly different in the way they were painted, as I used to lay down a base of scenic roll of the die scrunts 7`brown as opposed to the chocolate brown base coat I use now, but from there on up it was my usual colours that were used.

A final coat of matt varnish they were finally finished after literally years of hanging about on the fringes of my painting table. I’ll leave you with a group shot of all the Scrunts in my little force to date (though I have got some more stashed away somewhere…).

roll of the die scrunts 8`

Till next week, cheers Roger.

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7 Responses to “Snowy White and his seven dwarves”

  1. vampifan says:

    They’ve turned out very well, Roger. Job’s a good ‘un!

  2. Always great to get a long standing job squared away, especially when they look this good.

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    They’ve turned out really nice, Roger. And I agree that the camo works much better than the one-colour jumpsuits.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Jez, I think the camo looks better, however now I’ve found the rest of my Scrunts I’ve discovered that 14 of them have the same style of jumpsuit, so perhaps I should have left them plain after all!

      Cheers Roger.

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