“Black Scorpion Aftershock”

“In the light of day Darcy Walker is a cop, but in the dark of night she becomes Black Scorpion, doing with a mask, what she can’t do with a badge!”

OK first post of “Forgotten Heroes” month, and as stated in the rules I’m going to start by detailing who I’m going to (trying to) produce and what figures I’m going to be using as a base for my efforts. Well the heading above should be a bit of a giveaway as to the movie and TV series franchise I have taken inspiration from, but first a little background information about the film in question.

Roger Corman is the king of modern day bad (see cheap) movie production among his many classics are “Not of this earth (he actually produced three different versions of this movie)”, “Voyage to the prehistoric planet”, and the actually rather good “Battle beyond the stars”. But in 1995 he turned his attention to the superhero genre with what is a bit of a mishmash of Batman and Wonder Woman, the comic book caper that is “Black Scorpion”. This however was not “Rogers” first foray into the superhero genre as he was also the producer of the infamous never released “Fantastic Four” movie the year before (there is a fascinating story behind this debacle, that is well worth looking up on the net if you ever get bored enough). But back to Black Scorpion, Darcy Walker is a cop and as always seems to be the case, even though she is the only person in the force who is not a complete idiot she is looked down upon by her male co-officers. So at night she dresses in plastic bondage wear and dispenses her own brand of justice (which appears to include killing police officers who chase her car!!), talking about her car in the day time she drives a Mk3 Corvette stingray but at the touch of a button this appears to transform into a lightly disguised and weaponized Porshe 911 (though how the engine transfers from the front to the back while she’s sitting in the cabin…), This amazing molecular transformation is the work of Argyle, a retired car thief (and apparently the world’s greatest scientific genius!) played by Garret Morris, better known as the chap behind the cash register in the café that the “Two Broke Girls” work at. Anyway add in a corrupt Mayor, a chauvinistic partner/love interest and some gratuitous and pointless nudity (not one for the kiddies this) and you pretty much get the idea.

Anyway though not a great movie by any standards it was good enough (apparently) to spawn a sequel two years later “Black Scorpion- Aftershock”, and a 22 episode series in 2001

You can watch a terrible copy of Aftershock (not suitable for work) here…

However it’s from this second film, and my personal favorite,gangsta 1black scorpion 2 “Aftershock” that I have decided to draw the three characters I plan to reproduce, The Gangster’ Prankster (a cut price Joker/Two face rip off), Aftershock (Think a female Avalanche from the X-men franchise), and of course the lady herself, Black Scorpion (A sexy female Batman in bondage gear),Aftershock (1) in 28mm and to do this of course I require three lucky (or perhaps not so lucky) volunteers, and here they are…

forgotten base figs

So we have a Heroklix “Riddler” who will (hopefully) become my Gangster’ Prankster. An old “I-core” figure by Kev White, which is covered with lovely detail on her costume and long luscious hair, all of which will sadly have to be filed away (not looking forward to that!!) who is of course going to become Darcy Walker’s dark alter ego herself and a Jean Grey figure by Heroklix again who will be transformed with more of the magic of “greenstuff” into Dr Ursula Undershaft or “Aftershock” as she is better known.

Hopefully by the weekend I’ll have something to show you (even if it’s just the numerous plasters I have acquired on my hands from all that sanding and filing!!).

So till then, the best of luck to all the other participants, and Excelsior!!

Cheers Roger.

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7 Responses to “Black Scorpion Aftershock”

  1. Simon Moore says:

    Blimey Roger, you are straight out of the starting gates with this month’s challenge aren’t you? And yet again I’m looking forward to you using a hand here, or a head there, from an entire “Heroclix” mini 😉 It certainly sounds like you’ve a lot of cutting and filing to do over the next few nights!! I too have started my first conversions. But in the end I thought I’d take some baby steps and simply provide some of my “Heroclix” lackeys with bobble hats (via a tiny pin in the head to hold a dollop of grey-stuff in place) so I could turn them into five of Mister Freeze’s henchmen, courtesy of the Sixties “Batman” TV Series episode “Instant Freeze”.

    • Thanks Simon, yep it’s good to get an early post in just to settle the lads down (what the hell am I talking about!!). I’ve started filing “BS” but there is a long way to go yet. the other two luckily need only minor surgery. I hope to be ready to start applying the greenstuff next week. For some reason I had to approve your comment, widows ten is bugg*ring about again, wordpress this morning would not let me cut and paste in the usual way (nightmare!!) Looking forward to your contributions Adam West was the best Batman “What’s an Affleck?”.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Well I’m loving this already and another wonderful ‘straight to video’ for me to catch up on. Not sure how I’ve coped without Black Scorpion in my life!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Michael, some of my all time favourite films are straight to video movies, have you ever seen “Slave girls from beyond infinity”, “Prisonship starslammer” or “Robot Jox”? all classics of their type. You really don’t want to get me started on this type of film as I could bore the bum off of a donkey with this subject.

      Cheers Roger.

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