“A roll of the die” (Week 28, part 2)

OK as you may (or may not) remember from last week (if not scroll down a bit to find out what I’m on about), I was in the process of painting up some more figures from my “Very British Civil War” collection by Irregular Miniatures as provided me by my random painting generator system.unpaint VBC20

Box 20– (4x 28mm police riflemen & 1x police captain)

Well there wasn’t an awful lot left on these to do, but I still managed to take all week to do it (somebody needs to come round to mine and give me a good kick up the arse at the moment, any takers?).

Right well it was basically just a tidy up of any of the blue areas that needed it and then I mixed up some of the continental flesh that I’d used as a base coat for the fleshy bits with a little pale flesh and all these areas were highlighted. To save time (and my sanity) I decided that all of this batch would have brown hair so all hair, beards and moustaches were given a coat of chocolate brown that was then highlighted with chestnut brown. Finally I painted the chinstraps on the helmets back in before they were liberally coated with the Quickshade (mid tone) and left to dry overnight. The two chaps just below remind me of Messer’s Corbett and Barker from the classic “Phantom Raspberry Blower of old London Town”, though I think Ronnie “B” looks to have been on a diet!VBCW 20 finis (a)

Basing was carried out in the usual fashion, a good coat of chocolate brown was first painted all over the bases and once dry a heavy dry-brush of khaki was applied over this. Another lighter dry-brush of coffee went over this in turn and then I picked out some areas in scenic green (these have increased in size the last couple of weeks now that I have replenished my stock of Javis hairy flock at Salute. I have discovered VBCW 20 finis (b)that all these years I have been calling it Autumn mix, but the pack which I bought that matched the colour of mine the closest was in fact Summer mix, either Javis have changed the colours of their flocks or more likely (much more if I’m honest) I’ve been calling it the wrong name for the last couple of years. Anyway after the newly painted areas of scenic green were covered in PVA glue some of said flock was sprinkled over them. Lastly it was out to the garage for a final coat of (NOT) matt varnish (I can see this is going to turn into a real bugbear, with me), and they were finished (at least until I get some proper matt varnish).

I’m posting a day early as I’ve got to work tomorrow, so I won’t be able to reply to comments till tomorrow evening, sorry.

Till next week, cheers Roger.

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7 Responses to “A roll of the die” (Week 28, part 2)

  1. Nice to see these bearded bobbies finished Roger, and that must be quite the VBCW Police Force you’ve compiled over the past year or so. Due a group shot I’d say 😉

  2. Carrion Crow says:

    Whilst you may not feel you’ve achieved very much, they are finished. The number of half painted figures I have is less than those I haven’t started, but they still look at me accusingly, saying “Why haven’t you finished us, Daddy? Do you not love us anymore?” At which I remember to take my medication…
    Echoing Simon, I too would like to see a group shot.

  3. Nicely done Roger and when whoever has finished kicking your backside, they need to pop round and administer something similar over here as progress is painfully slow at the moment.

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