“Forgotten Heroes, blog now up”

forgotten Heroes header

Sorry no figures this week as I been struck down with the dreaded “lurgy” all week (and I still haven’t picked up a paintbrush yet this week!). But I haven’t been completely idle (Nearly but not completely!!), as you probably already know fellow blogger “Jez” and I are going to be running our “Forgotten Heroes” project next month (The rules are just below, amongst other places, but I’m getting to that). Now we have had quite a few bloggers volunteering to join our happy band of “super fanatics”, which is great, but we’ve also had a couple who would like to join in but don’t currently have blogs suitable for the posting of wargames related stuff (I know, I couldn’t believe it either!!), so in the interest of allowing anyone to join in (even the bloggingly challenged) I have set up a separate blog just for the compiling of all the entries* of people involved in this project (you can post on both this and your own blog of course, if you have one). You can post as often or as little as you want, but please only send postings referring to the “Forgotten Heroes” project to me for inclusion of the blog. Though you can of course post anything else you want on your own blogs.

Anyway, here is the link to the new blog, there’s not much there at the moment (just the rules), but you lot will hopefully put that right once we get started.


So as “Wordpress” makes me approve the first comment made by a someone on a blog, I thought perhaps the best thing to do would be for any participants to make a comment stating their intension to enter and a link to their blog (if they have one of course), and I can approve them with wordpress and we’ll be ready for the off on the first of June.

I’m really looking forward to this now, what a great idea Jez has had, now all I need to do is start sorting out the figures for my submissions. I should really have been doing that instead of dragging out some of my old comics spreading them across the lounge floor (while my wife was out, of course) and standing on a dining room chair to take the photo to form a backdrop to the header.

Cheers Roger.

  • If you would prefer you can of course just post your submissions on your own blog and just send me a link to your site instead.
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2 Responses to “Forgotten Heroes, blog now up”

  1. vampifan says:

    Hi Roger, I wish to take part in your “Forgotten Heroes” challenge and wish to register. My blog address is https://vampifansworldoftheundead.blogspot.co.uk/ and I’m Bryan Scott aka Vampifan. I have a number of ideas in mind and will post them on my blog as soon as I complete them.

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