“Delays possible due to snow”

Right well this week I thought I get stuck in to some of the miniatures I bought from Salute last weekend, but I’m rather ashamed to admit that I can only post a “work in progress” report as I haven’t been able to get them finished. So it is with my head hung (very) low that I shall be writing this week’s post.

Saturday and Sunday were both on shows on the painting front, Saturday as I was out (obviously!) and Sunday as I was still “knackered” from the day before, so it wasn’t until I got home from work that I sat down to look at what poor figures were going to have to endure my stumpy fingered machinations with the paint brush, my gaze soon falling upon the 28mm Yeti’s and 15mm Snow trolls I’d pre-ordered from Copplestone Castings (now available through Northstar frostgrave yetis unpaintMiniatures) for pick up at the show (this was a right kerfuffle in itself, but that’s another story!). Now my cunning plan is to use all of these figures for “Frostgrave”, as Snow trolls as per the rule book (might have to reduce the stat’s slightly for the smaller 15mm chaps). The only things that show the smaller figures 15mm origins are a few little skulls dotted around the thongs about their waists, so first job was to dig out the old “greenstuff” and cover these up by turning them into additional draw string bags. Then it was time to mount everyone op onto two pence pieces. Here I hit snag number two… the two bigger chaps bases hung over the edges of the coins, now I considered mounding them up on bigger washers but the “overhangs” were so small I decided to cut and file away the edges of the bases till the fitted (luckily their feet were sculpted inside the boundaries of the coins). A little “tetrion” filler blended in and covered the rough edges I left on the bases.

So it was Tuesday before I could get them outside (I love a bit of good weather don’t you?) and spray the little blighters matt black. Then I painted them almost totally with butternut (makes you wonder why I bothered with the black doesn’t it? Yes me too!), them the furry portions of them were dry-brushed firstly in coffee and then cream. frostgrave yetis wip(a)Flesh came next I didn’t want them quite as bright blue as the ones in the rules book so, I mixed some blue grey with some leather brown and used the result as an undercoat, I then dotted in the eyes and mouths with a little dark red before I mixed more blue grey this time with pale flesh and highlighted with this. Their eyes and teeth were added next, the eyes dotted in with lemon yellow and the teeth in cream. Bags, belts frostgrave yetis wip(b)and the shafts on their weapons were then all undercoated in chocolate brown, and then the various different materials were either highlighted in butternut or leather brown. I then went around and repainted the stone blades on the smaller trolls weapons along with the shields on two of their backs and the odd bit of amour, then the stone blades were dry-brushed with dark grey and them light grey. And that is where I’m up to as of this moment, not that far to go now so I should baring major disasters (don’t tempt fate, Roger!!) be able to get them finished by next weekend fairly easily, so I might add a couple of other figures into the mix as well, we’ll see.

Till next week, cheers Roger.

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7 Responses to “Delays possible due to snow”

  1. Well done Sir! I did have to chuckle when I read about the black undercoat and then painting over it in a different colour. This is something I do and ask the very same question, but I just can’t give up the black undercoat.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Totally agree with you Michael, every time I read one of Simon’s WIP postings (like yesterdays in fact), I think, yes why don’t I undercoat my figures in the base colour they will eventually be!!, but I still use black each time even though I’m well aware of what a “Bu**er” it is to try and paint yellow over the top of it. I use to use white car primer years ago, and grey before that, but I guess you get stuck in your ways once you find something that seems to work for you.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. I’m a huge fan of WIPs as well you know Roger, and so this posting certainly didn’t disappoint me. I especially like the smaller Snow Trolls as they look good for Morlocks from “The Time Machine” imho, and I do like the way you’ve painted their blue skin. Wonderful stuff and an absolute pleasure to see you again my friend, even if Jez did get out of buying me a cuppa 😉 I did though think “Salute 2016” was the busiest show yet and I was rather worried by the time of the bloggers meet that I wasn’t going to see everything tbh. I’m still not convinced I did because every time someone posts up their piccies I spot stalls and mini ranges I never saw and would have bought!!!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t get these finished this week, but after the weekend I was always playing catch up. I thought I was being really clever when I spotted the smaller 15mm trolls, thinking I’ll use them as well, bet nobody else has thought of that, but when I relooked at the pic in the Frostgrave rule book there’s one of the little blighters in the picture!! (must have subconsciously spotted him and thought I’d thought of it myself!). I thought Morlocks when I say them myself, I do like multi use figures, don’t you?

      Jez never bought my a cuppa either (perhaps there’s a dark side to him we didn’t know about!!):-).

      Someone said that there were slightly less traders and games this year and the aisles were wider this year, but it did seem busy , I don’t think I saw all the stalls as some I just couldn’t get near I the morning and though I said I’d go back later and try again I’m pretty sure a least a few I never got back to.

      It would have been nice to have had longer to chat, and as usual on the way back home I remembered things I was going to ask both you and Jez about and completely forgot at the time. Oh well there’s always next year (though I’m not going next year, said that last year though!!!).

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice, Roger. Whilst I’ve got the bigger ones already painted up for Frostgrave, I think I do need the smaller ones. Not sure what for yet…maybe Moss Man?
    And I do feel bad about not buying the teas -completely slipped my in on the day. However, i always keep my promises – there will be tea, I’m just not sure when…

  4. Carrion Crow says:

    “Slipped my mind” Curse you predictive text! Oh and Forgotten Heroes details are up on my blog -Simon’s already in!

  5. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Jez, they could form “Moss man” proxies very well in the right colour, Don’t worry about forgetting the teas (we never will!).

    Shame you got the “Forgotten Heroes” details up I was hoping to leave Simon and Vampi dangling for a bit longer yet!!:-)

    Cheers Roger.

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