“A spring in his step”.

Week four of He-month, and as this is the final week of this round it was of course painting week, but before I could even start to think about painting these chaps I had the little job of finishing off the sculpting on Ram-man. Now there wasn’t a great deal left to do but I began by adding the covers at the bottom ends of his shoulder chains, these were just blobs of putty pushed into shape. I also added his belt buckle complete with another small skull, and then I added a small (rather pathetic) axe from my bits box, but why add it if you think it’s pathetic I hear you ask? Well this is because the original has one almost identical to this and I’m all for authenticity as you know, though why he has this I really don’t know as he just leaps headfirst into his enemies anyway. Still after this I covered all the bases with “Tetrion” all purpose filler and added a few “kitty litter” rocks as well, then it was out for a spraying with matt black and the painting proper could begin in earnest.

Ram-man, was first given a heavy dry-brushing of chainmail and then ramster 1I painted in all the areas of his tunic and skirt that were visible with dark red, this was then highlighted with bright red. His trousers (or springs, depending on your viewpoint) came next these were undercoated in deep bronze green before they were highlighted in a mix of rifleman green, shamrock and stone green, then his belt ramster 2and boots were touched up again with black before they were highlighted with dark grey and the studs on his boots and his skirt were added in chainmail. Flesh next and a base of European flesh was put down and after his eyes were added this was highlighted with continental flesh. The small “x” of his tunic laces was finally added in coffee, and he was just about done.

Trap-Jaw, was begun with a light dry-brushing of chainmail over the Trapster 1shoulder and leg armored pieces, these are actually just black on the original but I decided I prefer it this way. Then dark red was used as an undercoat on his helmet and “undies” and a highlight of pink burgundy was then applied over these areas. Next the flesh or “onesie” of his body was painted in trapster 2royal blue before it was highlighted with a another slightly lighter royal blue, this time by colour party paints (the other by miniature paints). The flesh on his face was then undercoated with deep bronze green mixed with a little light green. His belt and the “vents” on his leg armor were undercoated in shamrock next before they were highlighted in lime green and he too was done.

That just leaves Tri-Klops, after his sword was heavily dry-brushed with chainmail I mixed some chocolate brown with a splash of black and used the resultant dark brown to undercoat the fur on his boots tops and his pants, then chocolate brown mixed with butternut was eyeeye1dry-brushed over the raised bits of fur. While it was out I also used chocolate brown on the rest of his boots and these areas were then highlighted with leather brown. His belt, chest plate and “eye band”, were then undercoated in deep bronze green before these area were highlighted in the same mix of rifleman green, shamrock and stone green that I used on Ram-man legs. His wrist band, sword hilt belt details and armor “strap” were then undercoated in bronze then highlighted in copper (these are orange on the original but I wanted something a little more metallic eyeeye2looking). His flesh was then added using continental flesh as a base and after his open mouth was added this was highlighted in the same with a little pale flesh added. Then his eyes were added, these were first painted white before the irises were added in blue orange and red (one in each), then the pupils and eye brows (yes his “eyeband” has eyebrows!) were painted in using black, and hey presto all three were ready to be coated in “Quickshade”, this was followed the next day by having the bases painted and flocked in my usual fashion before their final coat of matt varnish.

And that dear reader brings us to the end of another month on Eternia, this one seems to have sped by, but at least I now have threeHemonth3 group more characters in the bag. I’ll leave you with the obligatory group shot.  Jez stated over on his own blog last week that the two of us now “Have Masters of the Universe figures” that we can game with, and this got me to thinking, just how many people can say that? Exactly how many people would want to say that is another question entirely, but I for one think it’s actually pretty cool!

Please be sure and check out Jez’s great versions over on his excellent blog….


Till next week, cheers Roger (Defender of the secrets of Castle Greyskull).

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13 Responses to “A spring in his step”.

  1. Terrific stuff Roger, and the finished results were clearly well-worth the effort – especially Ram-Man!! What a corking month’s worth of postings (from both you and Jez) – if only you could do all your sculpting in just a day 😉 Lovely final photo and hopefully a full-on group shot will be just around the corner?

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Simon, Ram-man came out OK in the end but I think I like the other two more myself (I think the poses are better), Jez and I were discussing how many figs we hope to do all together and we both said we had plans for about twenty (I done ten so far, Jez a few more), so I might wait till I’ve got all twenty done now before I do the big group shot, perhaps in front of Castle Grayskull? 😉

    But don’t hold your breath on this!!

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice work on all three, Roger. Not only do they resemble the ‘originals’, the colours are spot on too. I especially like Ram-Man and think that whilst he may have caused you a few headaches, the finished article was well worth it. I’ve literally just finished up my three and will be posting shortly – although I’ve been having a little bit of a nightmare with a couple of them…

  4. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Jez, they came out pretty well in the end, in general I happy with them (I’m never fully satisfied as there always seems to be bits I feel could have come out better).

    Cant wait to see yours, what has been the problem? they all looked to be going great in your last post.

    Cheers Roger.

  5. Well done Roger, it has been another great He-month and wonderful to see the progress made. Looking forward to next year already.

  6. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Michael, it has ben fun (frustrating at times, for both of us it seems), but always fun. You probably wont have to wait till next year, “Masters of the June’iverse”, is already being talked about!

    Cheers Roger.

  7. Overall excellent stuff. What might eb an idea on Ram-Man, is to use some brown wash to darken some areas of his armour, to accentuate the shapes and to produce some more distinct highlights. I think that always adds interest to an armour.

  8. Roger Webb says:

    Many thanks D&B, might give that a try at some point, I’m already away onto another load of miniatures at the moment, I had hoped the “Quickshade” would do this, might have to give the armour another coat next time I get it out.

    Cheers Roger.

  9. djbii says:

    Thought I’d check your page out and I’m loving these guys. A mate of mine is crazy about He-Man so I’ll pass on your site to him 🙂

  10. Roger Webb says:

    Many thanks Djbii, who doesn’t love He-man.
    Cheers Roger.

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  12. Love Ram-Man. Great work my friend

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