“Eye, eye, eye!”

This week hasn’t been all I’d hoped it would be as far as the figures go, I don’t know if it was “Jez’s” computer woes that stopped him posting his results last week that put me on a bit of a go slow, or the longer hours I’ve been putting in at work (plus nightshifts), or the fact that nothing seems to be going right with Ram-man, but something has certainly slowed down progress on my Eternians this week, anyway enough moaning, this is what I have achieved with them this week.

Sunday, was not as productive as I’d originally hoped (this set the tone for the week really) though I guess I did pretty much do what I was able to achieve without doing damage to the bits I just completed. I began by sanding away some more of Ram-man’s helmet (might still need a bit more). Then turning to Tri-klops I added the straps running from his belt up to his chest plate on the front and the back, I also added a wrist band in his left wrist, but when I came to do the right hand one could I get the blooming greenstuff to stick? Well the absence of it should answer that question! After this debacle I decided to leave tri-klops and go on to Trap-jaw, so ran sausages of putty He-month 3 (f)around the “vents” I added last week, and then blended these out into the tops of his leg armor, I’ll add the lower portions of these tomorrow (hopefully). The vents are not quite the same size I’ve noticed but if I keep going back and re-doing stuff I’ll never get them finished, I don’t think it looks too bad, I’ll live with it. Finally today I took the greenstuff I had left over and added a bit of girth and the start of his armored “skirt” to Ram-man.

Monday, was a nonstarter figure wise as I was stuck in all morning waiting for a couple of parcels to be delivered and so didn’t want to start any “greenstuffing” and then be interrupted, and the afternoon was spent in bed as I was on nights .

Tuesday, it was back to the Eterians and starting with Tri-klops I added his other (right) wristband. Then running a tapered piece of putty cross the top of his head I shaped this into a sort of skull cap with straps that ran under his chin, this would form the underneath part for his “eye band”, next at the rear of the cap I added a small semi-circle of hair (yes he has hair sticking out from under his hat on the original figure, who knew?). A sausage of putty was then run around his head at eye level as the basis of his “eye-band” and using a cocktail stick I made three holes in this at even distances around his head, before popping three tiny balls of putty in these holes (the fun bit is going to be building up the “eye holes” and the rest of the band He-month 3 (g)around these tomorrow!). Trap-jaw had the lower portions of this leg armor added and I ran three small sausages of putty across the fronts of these and shaped them into louvers as the original has something similar to these. I then turned to Ram-man and taking a knife trimmed the lower bits of the “springs” from his legs, his base needs building up to the level of the bases on the completed figures before I can add his boots. I have also decided after watching one of the old cartoon series that he is too tall, he should be slightly shorter than He-man, so I think I’m going to have to cut him in half at the waist and sand away some of his middle before I glue him back together! These things are sent to try us as they say.

Wednesday, started with a bit of a disaster, I began by cracking the two metal figures off of their bases and adding another layer of card under them to add a little more height. Then I decide it was time to add Trap-jaws robot arm, so taking the one I’d made earlier I carefully measured out the length of the arm against the other one and carved away the greenstuff from the shoulder and elbow areas then cutting it to length began to bend it to shape, but oh no! my perfect little hook snapped off, to be honest I had always thought this might be a little fragile so I ended up making another, this time actually bending the wire and filing it into a hook at the end first (there ain’t no way this is going to break!) before repeating the process used to make the first arm, I also added a ridge a bit below the hook by rolling it across a He-month 3 (h)cocktail stick, to look like where the hook “plugs” into his arm. Then taking a ball of greenstuff I built up the robotic cover over his right shoulder that forms the structure his robot arm is attached too. I also cut Ram-man in half and sanded away some of his middle, till it looked about right and glued him back together, (I fear Ram-man, is fast becoming the “Sorceress” of this little group). Finally I added the outer cover to Tri-klop’es “eye-band” this was done using three small blobs of putty that were attached between his eyes and then smoothed around his eyes. Each eye is not only a different colour, but also a slightly different shape (one happy/open, one slightly annoyed/ brow slightly lowered and one really annoyed brow right down) so I have tried to replicate this on my figure too. Anyway he just needs his sword gluing on now and he’s finished, I’ll probably leave doing this until I’m ready to base all three of them.

Thursday, and time to bite the bullet and start on Ram-man, I began by carving away the greenstuff I’d put around his belly before (well that was a waste of time then!), and a bit of the front of his skirt, as this now needs to be lower, then put a new ring of putty around his middle and shaped this with some slight folds and creases as this will be his jerkin, then I added another ring of putty to the bottom of his skirt, this is where it will now end (subject to more change of course!!). Trap-jaw had his new arm cut and bent to shape (as yesterday with the other one) and this was then glued into place, once dry I added the He-month 3 (i)twin disks at his elbow to form the joint, and then taking a small amount of putty added the new inner, upper jaw, this was followed by his helmet, basically a ball of putty pushed into shape on the top of his head, finally taking a tiny sausage of putty I attached one end just to the left of the top of his helmet and then curling it around stuck down the right end carefully pushing it into shape, this is the loop atop his helmet that the original figure has, tomorrow I’ll add the thick line that runs across his helmet and this should hopefully strengthen this.

Friday, was a sadly another non-figure day, and so that brings me to the end of another week, I have a suspicion that next week is going to be another bad week figure wise as work will be putting the “kybosh” of a lot of my sculpting time yet again, but I’ll see how I get on, so till next week.

Cheers Roger.

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8 Responses to “Eye, eye, eye!”

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice, Roger. Certainly captured the look of the originals, although Ram-Man appears to be causing a few issues. Unfortunately, my computer is dead, which has slightly dented my enthusiasm. However, as I have successfully posted before using my phone (for my Scooby Doo batrep), I know it’s possible, if not as ‘tidy’ as usual. So, by the end of the weekend I intend to post my progress so far. Come rain or sleet or snow, the post will get through!

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Jez, yes Ram-man certainly is causing issues and headaches!! sorry to hear about your PC, I know what a pain they can be, at least you can post on your phone (I wouldn’t have a clue).

    Best of luck and looking forward to seeing your results.

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Slow but definitely steady progress Roger, and although Ram-Man may not be where you want him to be, the others are looking very good. Personally I’m delighted this is another green-stuff posting as it means less minis for me to consider for your ‘Top ten’ 😉 Of course you probably say the same for my BatReps!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks Simon yes though Ram-man has had a good few setbacks I’m quite pleased with how the others have turned out so far. If my Greenstuff posts are half as entertaining as your Batreps I’m happy, but yes they are a nice interlude from “top ten” potential (and you had a fair bit of that so far this year).

      Cheers Roger.

  4. Progress is progress as they say and it all looks good from where I’m looking Roger.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks Michael, now Jes has posted up his results so far, I’ve been a bit reinvigorated, and have now started into a bit of a push with Ram-man (no pun intended), so hopefully he might be a bit further along by the weekend, I really should be getting some paint on them next week to be on schedule.

      Cheers Roger.

  5. That is some very creative gren stuff work you showcase here. I think they all turned out nicely and ram-man surely will be excellent in the end.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks “D&B”, they should hopefully look better once I get some paint on them (though they could of course look worse!).

      I don’t know that ram-man will be excellent, at the moment I’d just like to see him finished.

      Cheers Roger.

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