“A very British roll of the die” (week 26)

Right well I’ll begin this week with a bit of an apology as I’d hoped to end these three weeks of “Very British Civil War” figures on a bit of a high, but sadly the old die of fate has conspired against me, and this week’s result on the D20 was an eighteen that equated to the box on “Merlin’s” list that contained….VBCW 18

Box 18– (3x 28mm civilian ladies with rifle & 1x 28mm civilian leader)

Now I have painted virtually these exact Irregular Miniatures figures before (way back in February 2015, “A roll of the die week 16”), and to be honest I wasn’t that impressed with them back then. But that is the trouble with the random painting generator, you never know what it’s going to throw at you.

Now the more eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that one of my rifle armed ladies was missing something, namely a rifle! So the first job was to get her one, easier said than done as my little collection of separate rifles had nothing really suitable in the correct scale, I did however have a plastic 1/32nd scale M14, so by carefully cutting out the middle of the gun and then gluing the two halves back together I was able to make something that was remarkably similar to the ones the other ladies are “hefting”. This was then glued under her right hand. Then to add a bit of variation to this batch I sanded away the beret’s from the tops of the other two ladies heads and replaced them with some slightly more outlandish headgear with greenstuff (just to get my “eye in” for next week, Jez), and then after they were based up in my usual fashion it was out for a coat of matt black.

Panting was begun as always with their guns being dry-brushed with a little chain-mail, before I decided to move onto the ladies dresses, these were done in, dark red highlighted with pink burgundy and then some cream spots were added to this, number two got porcelain blue highlighted with pale blue and then some stripes of coffee highlighted with cream and in a moment of madness that would horrify “Gok Wan” the third one I decided to do in citrus orange with lemon yellow VBCW 18 paint (a)highlights and then added diagonal stripes in black and dark grey. Next I added their “wellies” in deep bronze green then highlighted them in a mix of deep bronze green and shamrock. Rifle stocks next these were simply chocolate brown highlighted with butternut. Then it was on to the hats, my lady in blue I gave a straw boater type affair too this was first undercoated in khaki and then a mix of khaki, coffee and butternut was applied over this as a highlight, and her flowers and her scarf were first painted polish crimson (pink) and then this was mixed with a little cream and used as a highlighter. The other ladies hat was first painted orange then highlighted with orange mixed with cream, and the band was done in black with dark grey, finally I put a dot of chainmail on the head of her hat pin. Flesh was done in European flesh mixed with a little pale flesh and after the eyes were added, the same with a higher ratio of the pale flesh was used to highlight the faces and hands. That just left their hair, two had chocolate brown as an undercoat then one of these had dark grey highlights and the other had a mix of chocolate brown and butternut for hers, the third had sand with lemon yellow highlights.VBCW 18 paint (b)

Turning to the chap, his paintjob was really pretty simple, starting with his trousers, a base of black mixed with chocolate brown was laid down then highlighted with the same but with the ratio of chocolate increased. His shirt was coffee highlighted with cream and his flesh was painted in the same colours and manner as the above. His hair is also chocolate brown with chocolate and butternut mixed for the highlighting, and his shoes were chocolate again with leather highlights. See I said it was simple. All four of the figures were then treated to a coat of Armypainter “Quickshade”, before having their bases painted in my usual fashion and a final coat of matt varnish.

Well that’s the end of this little run of “VBCW” posts and the good news is I am now half way through “Merlin’s” list, with ten of the twenty boxes now crossed off. But the other ten will have to wait for a while now as next week the madness that is “March’sters of the Universe” begins again, with myself and fellow blogger “Jez”, spending the month recreating our favorite He-man characters from our youth in 28mm. So be sure and join us for that then (if only to laugh at my efforts).

So till next week, cheers Roger.

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6 Responses to “A very British roll of the die” (week 26)

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice, Roger. The girl without a hat seems a little brazen for the era and for some reason, the woman in the yellow and brown striped dress reminds me of the headmistress of St. Trinian’s. Would armed schoolgirls make a good faction for VBCW?

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Jez, Yes she does have quite a lot of her “wares” on display as it were, but I like to think she is one of the “Scandals of the village”, You must not of seen “lady Virginia” form 2014 mo’vember, she was running about in her underslip!

      School girls would be a nice addition (Though not in the BBC sense of course!), but I really want to get the rest of the rank and file figures I got from Irregular finished first. In 20mm they do Molotov throwing scouts, but sadly not in 28mm.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Considering what those miniatures looked like in bare metal Roger, I think you have performed a minor miracle with your green-stuff and paintbrush. In fact, and I doubt you’ll thank me for this, I think the first lady (with the added pink carnation hat and blue/white striped dress) is one of my fave figures of the year. I think the hat is terrific, the colour choices inspired and great green wellies!!! Having said that the others are great-looking additions to your “VBCW” collection too, and the yellow black striping is tremendously well done, sir! Personally I think this has ended your run of “VBCW” postings on the same level as the others and I thought the cannon group would be hard to beat 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks Simon, I hope I can turn out ten figures better than the lady in the flowery hat before December! Thank goodness this is all of the armed ladies finished now (as are the rather uninspiring leader figures too, though he keeps reminding me of David Hasselhoff!). As I said I am now half way through these figures and as the crest of the hill has been reached I hope to canter downward now, so there could well be another “very British roll of the die” month before the end of the year.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Nicely done Roger, great little conversion too.

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