“A very British roll of the die” (week 24)

As I have three weeks to fill before I return to Eternia with fellow blogger Jez for another round of the madness that is “He-Month”, I’ve decided to fill the rest of February with more of my “Roll of the die” postings. However these will be slightly different to usual, as I only intend to paint items from “Merlins” list, meaning that all of the items chosen will be from my “Very British Civil War” collection, this is mainly due to the fact that one of my New Year resolutions was to get a chunk of this stuff done. So this means that though I won’t be “tossing the coins of fate”, I will still be rolling the old D20 to determine VBCW 3randomly what I have to get some paint on by the next weekend, so without further ado here is what I got for this week from my roll of a three…

Box 3– (3x 28mm Police Cavalry)

First job was to clean up the sculpts with a shape knife and file as there was more “flash” than an Alex Raymond convention on the horses! Next I had to make up some bases for them (as they wouldn’t fit on a two pence piece, surprise, surprise!), so taking to “tuppences” and taping them together I marked out three “lozenge” shapes onto card and after cutting them out and adding another smaller layer of card on top of this to add a little height, I glued the horses to the new bases before covering the bases in “Tetrion” all-purpose filler. After the Policemen were cleaned up they were sat upon the horses (but not glued) before they went out for their coating of matt black. Then the horses were re-under coated with chocolate brown and highlighted with chestnut brown, now I know that all horses aren’t brown, but as I have another six of these to do when their number comes up, for ease of painting I’ll add in some different colours to a later batch. The reins and saddles came next these were painted with a mix of chocolate brown and black. Meanwhile the Policemen themselves were heavily dry-brushed in royal blue over their black undercoat.

Isn’t it amazing the paraphernalia that we as wargamers acquire over the years, I only bring this up as I needed some way of holding the riders and keeping them upright while I painted them and as they dried between coats, the solution came in the form of small pegs (the sort you get with a string to hang Christmas cards up with) that I must mounted copper 1of bought sometime as they’d be “useful for something one day”. One of these was clipped around the lower leg on each policeman and hey-presto they stayed upright (I had to touch up where the pegs chipped away a bit of paint but I did that once they were mounted). So next I added their buttons, badges and dry-brushed their guns in chain-mail, I also did the horses bridles with this as well. Then staying with the horses I added a couple of forehead “blazes” and socks in coffee highlighted with cream and then did the blankets under their saddles in dark grey highlighted with light grey, I also added a dark red stripe to them (I also did the bed rolls behind the officers like this without the stripe, though I’m not sure why they need bed rolls?). Then moving back to the horses (are you keeping up!) I took the black and added in the bags at the front of the saddles, the space in between the reins, the hooves and a couple more socks.

The chocolate brown came back out then and the stocks of the policemen’s rifles were painted in this, then highlighted with butternut. Flesh next an undercoat of European flesh was applied and after the eyes were added a mix of the same and pale flesh was used as a highlight to these areas. Then it was back out with the black again and the boots belts and ammunition belts that two of the figures are wearing were added before these were highlighted with some dark mounted copper 2grey. Then after the some ginger hair was painted on the back of the “coppers” heads in chestnut and orange (my next batch will all be blond or brown), the figs were finally re-united with their “trusty steeds”, this just left me to mix up a little more of the brown and black I’d used on the saddles so I could paint in the straps running down their boots to their stirrups, then those were added in chainmail. I just had time to give them a quick coat of “Quickshade” before I went off to work so that they were ready for me to start painting the bases the next evening. This was done in my usual fashion of Chocolate brown with successive dry-brushed coated of khaki and coffee, before areas that were painted in scenic green were dusted with autumn mix hairy grass. To top this all off they were given a final spray coat of matt varnish.

That’s the first of my cavalry done (amazingly these are only the second 28mm cavalry figures I’ve had on my blog, the first was an Amazon way back in August 2014), there are still six more awaiting their turn in the spotlight, I’ll have to roll the die again and see what comes up for this week, but for now I think it’s time for tea, so till next week, your good health, Roger.

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6 Responses to “A very British roll of the die” (week 24)

  1. Oh I really do like them Roger. They are outstanding imho and very very tempting to be honest. I’m close to getting some of “Irregular Miniatures” spaceships and adding a few of these to the list would be so easy (assuming these are “IM” sculpts) 😉 You really have done a top job with these, and they’re certainly “Top Ten” material in my books 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Hi Simon, yes they are Irreg’s stuff, I don’t know about outstanding, I thought they came out OK but not great IMHO. I can recommend the Spaceships the “not Star Trek” once are very nice some of the older ones are a bit rough but still full of character (I’ve got a load of those from back when we played Full thrust 1st edition). One of the best comments I ever heard at a show was when Niall (a chap from Chester club and the sculptor of the original ships) brought the masters of the “not Lexx” ships with him to the St Helens show one year to pass over to Ian at Irregular, and Ian’s dad Ron looked over his shoulder at them and said “What are those?”, “Spaceships” Ian replied. “Oh I thought the were a waste of milliput!”, Ron returned (brilliant), he’s a top bloke Ron well into his eighties now and still doing the casting at Irregular.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Carrion Crow says:

    Very nice, Roger. It seems everyone’s painting miniatures that I have versions of in my collection, as I have some Westwind Victorian bobbies who need a lick of paint.
    And the bed rolls? Obviously, they’re ‘sleeping policemen’…

    • Roger Webb says:

      And the bed rolls? Obviously, they’re ‘sleeping policemen’…”Booo!!, please leave the auditorium” (lol), Thanks Jez (for everything but the joke of course).

      Cheers Roger.

  3. These are rather splendid Roger, now trying to justify them as a purchase for myself!

  4. Roger Webb says:

    Many thanks Michael, they are pretty good for the old rank and file fig’s (what I use them for), and pretty cheap especially is you buy the 100 piece set like I did (it’s not 100 figs as cavalry and artillery count as multiples but you get the idea), then you can splash out a bit on the character figs. But they are quite nice under all that flash!

    Cheers Roger.

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