“A roll of the die” (week 23)

Week four of “box clearing” month must begin with an apology on my part as the more astute of you will no doubt of noticed there was no week three! This I’m afraid was caused by the fact that I was struck down with a stinking cold last week (the remnants of which continue to hang about!), so that I couldn’t face picking up a paintbrush and slapping about some paint on to some figures. So it wasn’t until last Saturday that the old “coins of fate” were dragged out, once again unpaint23coming up with two tails so it was out with “Galahads” list again, and on rolling the D30 to determine what I would be painting this week. Up popped twenty one equating to…

Box 21– (6x 15mm Space Pirates)

Another little group that have been hanging about for far longer than I care to remember, these diminutive rogues are by “Irregular Miniatures”, and as with a lot of Irreg’s 15mm stuff are really nearer 20mm, great characterful little sculpts though, I seem to remember that at the time I bought these I also bought a load of the “Star Marines” from the same range and “Dennis” my then opponent of choice bought a load of these (but never painted them!), I only bought one of each sculpt (just because I liked them I guess), and though the Marines were finished in short shift, these have been languishing in a draw ever since. Still that’s the point of the “Random paint generator”, so it was time to add a little colour to their lives.

All six were first based up upon pennies with their bases being space pirate 1“textured in” to the edges of the coins with a little “Tetrion all purpose filler”. Then it was a coat of matt black before they were dry-brushed with chainmail to redefine the detail. Next any leather or wood bits were undercoated with chocolate brown, before they were highlighted in leather or butternut respectively. Next five of the six have either jackets, capes or some form of material garment, so I painted these in, in what I hoped were suitable “pirate’y” shades of red, purple green and blue, highlighted with lighter shades of the same. To add a little contrast to the space pirate 2predominantly silver of their armor I added some details in copper highlighted with some shining gold. Then turning to the standard bearer’s flag I first highlighted the cloth with some dark grey before adding the “Skull and Crossbones” motif in cream before detailing it with white, coffee and more black. The rather large missiles on the missile pack the one chap is sporting were painted coffee then highlighted with white, then the tips of these and all the various bits of pipework around the figures was added in dark red with bright red highlights.

There were some tiny bits of exposed flesh (faces and hands) around space pirate 3and about on some of the figures so these were added next first with a little European flesh then highlights were touched in using the same with a bit of pale flesh added for good measure. That really just left a couple of bits adding like the pants and sashes, and of course the beards on aspace pirate 4 couple of figures and they were just about done, so it was then out with the “Quickshade” and the next day once it was good and dry I set to on the bases. These were first undercoated in chocolate brown before being dry-brushed in successive coats of terracotta and coffee. I then added a couple of patches of red “florists” sand before they were given a final spraying over with matt varnish.

space pirate 5Now that they are finished I really don’t know what I’m going to do with them, I notice that Irregular don’t have any pictures of them up on their web-site so I might E-mail a set over to space pirate 6Ian to see if they are of any use to him. Still they are great little figs and it’s been a joy getting some paint finally onto them. Well that brings “box clearing” month officially to a close, even though I did only get three weeks in rather than the four I’d planned. Not sure what to do next week, I’ve got a couple of ideas but nothing definite, I’ll have a think and get back to you on what I’ve decided next Saturday, anyway hopefully I’m now back on track, so till next week, Cheers Roger.

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4 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 23)

  1. Delighted you are back to health Roger, and a fine little assortment of minis you’ve been painting too. I think the skull’n’bones standard bearer is my fave. But they all look good to me and very characterful indeed 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, still a bit “snotty” but definitely better than I was. they are nice little figures, I had rather disturbing ideas running through my head while I was painting them, like if I got one more figure (probably the mercenary in spacesuit or Recon alien) I’d have seven, then with the right 28mm figure to represent a Sci/fi “snow white” I could use these as dwarves and…..so on and so on.

      At the moment though I’m managing to resist this urge.

      Glad I got them finished though, still waiting on Dennis to finish his.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Carrion Crow says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, Roger. We have missed you. Nice job on your pirates. I try to avoid anything smaller than 28mm, as I get enough stick from the missus when I’m wearing my ‘painting’ glasses as it is. A higher magnification and I’d end up looking like a slightly disgruntled bush baby…

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Jez, as said I’m a bit better now, I too rarely stray into the small divisions being a 28mm at heart, though I do have a real soft spot for 20mm as that’s where I did a lot of my early gaming (WW2), I have however done armies in most scales over the years from 6mm to 28mm over the years (not to mention my boats and spaceships).

      These were quite easy to paint though to be honest, did I mention that they were made of chocolate by the way? (sorry this is going to haunt you now you know).

      I know what means about glasses, I currently wear an old pair old my late fathers, that I tried before I was to take them to the charity shop (for recycling) and discovered that I could actually see they figures I was painting through them (not just the blurry shapes I had been painting for lord alone knows how long before that!). I have no idea what strength they are but at the moment they work and that does me.

      But just tell your wife, I said “everyone loves a bush baby, they are so cute and huggable”,

      I hasten to add that I in no way wish to hug you though!! cute as you might be.

      Cheers Roger.

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