“A roll of the die” (week 21)

OK new year and new year resolutions, first off try and clear some of the unpainted lead mountain (who amongst us hasn’t got this as one of their resolutions eh!), secondly to (if not) finish my VBCW fig’s then at least get a fair chunk of them done, thirdly not to buy any more figures until at least April (not sure I’ll keep to this but it’s the thought that counts).

Anyway in the spirit of the above, I’ve decided to make January a “Roll of the Die” month, now as it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these I thought I’d better go back through the rules. Well basically there are three lists of figures “Lancelot, Galahad and Merlin” (humor me OK!), and these relate to the results of the tossing of two coins (2x heads= Lancelot, 2x tails= Galahad and head/tail = Merlin), after this I then roll either a D30 or D20 (Merlin only has twenty boxes whereas the other two have thirty), and then I paint up whatever figures are written in that box, some boxes only have one figure in so in this case I roll again and add the contents of this second box to that week’s painting, boxes that have already been done and crossed off are re-rolled (though some boxes contain more than one weeks painting and so stay un-crossed off till all the figures in that box are completed. Got it? (Yes), overly complicated (Probably).unpaint21

Right so off we go, first toss of the coins gave me a head and a tail so out came Merlin’s list (this list is all VBCW) and then I rolled the old D20 and got eleven, so this equated to….

Box 11 – (3x Civilian Lewis Machine Gunners, and 1x Civilian Standard Bearer)

Well, as you can no doubt see three of the figures in question are exactly the same and the standard bearer chappie I’ve done before, so to add a little variation I sanded away the top of two of the bowler hats and the top of the “standards” head and digging out the greenstuff added two caps and a top hat to the figures, I also added the cross piece to the top of the “flag” pole with a cut down bit of cocktail stick. Then after basing and black undercoating, I began the painting by dry-brushing the guns with some chainmail, and then undercoated the flagpole, gun butts, bowler Lewis (a)and caps in chocolate brown. Then I mixed a little black into my royal blue, and painted the suit and trousers on a couple of the figures in this before highlighting them in just royal blue, then did basically the same on the other two using dark grey and light grey. Then the chap in the top hat, had his hat and jacket highlighted with some dark grey (I can see him as an undertaker, for some reason), and then I Lewis (b)painted in all the shirts in coffee highlighted with cream. Flesh next, European was used as the base here and after the eyes were added, I highlighted them in the same mixed with a little pale flesh. I then realized that I hadn’t added the highlights to their boots, so out came the leather brown and dark grey to put this too rights. Hair came next Lewis (c)two of the figures hairlines were undercoated in sand and highlighted in citrus orange and the other two were chestnut highlighted in orange. That just left the bowler hat to be highlighted in butternut and the cheques on the caps to be done in butternut and black (for some reason I kept singing “And he painted matchstick men”, in my head as I did this.

Now those of you who have been with me for a while may remember that I painted the banner on the last of my “standard bearers”, with a fist with the word “Unite” written across it, and indeed I had intended to paint the one this week from scratch as well, but while trawling the net for some inspiration I came upon this banner for the “waterside reverse_250wworkers federation”, and was immediately struck by the sheer beauty and work that had gone into it, and realized that there was no way on earth I could recreate it myself, so I have to admit I’ve cheated and printed it out to size and them re-painted over the top of it (a bit like painting by numbers) I’m rather pleased with the result, Then I painted the boarder and back, in butternut, and highlighted this in coffee, before cutting a diagonal line across the back piece so I could hook it around the pole, once glued in place with PVA Bannerman2I added the ripples to the flag,(these will stay in place once the glue sets), and used a little superglue to fix in to the back of his hand for extra security. I then touched up where the two edges of the slice met at the back of the flag before all four of the figures were given a coat of Quickshade strong tone, and based in my usual fashion. Lastly they had a final “blow over” with the matt varnish. So there you go that’s the first figures of the year painted and though they are probably not the most exciting subjects I hope to do this year, it’s good to be back in the saddle as it were, and off and running.

Cheers Roger.

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10 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 21)

  1. A great first post to the New Year, Roger, and one which was well-worth making a cuppa for, so I could enjoy your “rantings” with a hot sugary tea; especially as I too have made a couple of similar Resolutions – albeit I plan to devise how many points worth of minis I paint this year (using Curt’s scoring criteria for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge) and then allow myself to spend just a third of it (thus reducing my lead pile some what). I too am therefore trying to paint like a madman in order to acquire enough points for April and Salute 🙂

    I continue to be tempted by your VBCW stuff, and perhaps a group shot will soon be in order, if not a skirmish BatRep? 😉 Great work on the flag btw. I had to look twice as its so good I thought your close-up of the banner was one of your mini!!!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, it’s nice to have the first one of the year in the bag, especially as your one up on me already! (more posts to sort through at he end of the year, moan, moan!!). That’s a good idea you have there about scoring your mini’s to see what you can buy, but (and I could be wrong here), don’t some figures have higher points values than others? So couldn’t you just paint up high points value fig’s then buy more stuff? Or is this your master plan?

      As it stands I wont be going to Salute this year, that may change, but as of now, no.
      Glad you like the flag, I was rather pleased with how it came out myself, I nearly just printed it out and stuck it on to the figure, but my OCD kicked in and thought that was cheating too much, so I had to paint over the picture to make it look like I’d made a bit of an effort. A group shot? (notice I ignored the Batrep comment here) maybe when I’ve got a few more done (depressingly I’m not even half way through “Merlins” list yet). Oh well time to roll again….

      Cheers Roger.

      • Roger, the larger minis do come with higher point values, but once painted would also clear a larger space in my backlog drawers. However as you know I currently do tend to stick with 28mm. Its actually a five-year plan by which point I hope to have significantly reduced my backlog, uncovered many long-forgotten mini gems and genres and played loads of games too. We’ll simply have to see how long it lasts though 🙂 But having finished basing a Stormtrooper last night, and having added it to a number of finished minis I’ve yet to post (I’m already three postings ahead) I currently can already buy 5 x 28mm models… and we’re a long way from April 😉

  2. Roger Webb says:

    You’d best get painting then, as I cant see you being happy with just 5 new mini’s!

    A five year plan! I didn’t know what I was painting this week till this morning! and that’s me being organised.

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    Nice work, Roger. I too have resolved not to buy any figures until at least April, as I can’t really go to my first Salute and come away empty handed, can I? So once the Ghostbusters Project is complete and our brief return to Eternal, the rest of the year will probably be superheroes. Unless I get distracted, of course… 😉

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Jez, as stated above as it stands I don’t think I’ll be going to Salute this year, which is a shame as I’d love to meet up with you and Simon for a chinwag.

      Looking forward to March’sters of the Universe immensely, and with Ghostbusters till then and the rest of the year on Super’s, looks like there’ll be plenty on you blog to keep me entertained too.

      Cheers Roger.

      • Carrion Crow says:

        Understandable, given that’s it’s a fair old trek for you. And I’ve been planning our next visit to Eternal for a while, but other than sourcing the figures, have not touched them. I may announce it in my next post, as it should give others a chance to join in if they wish. The more the merrier (or should that be Moore?).

  4. Roger Webb says:

    Ha ha, I think Simon is a bit busy at the moment with the “Analogue”.

    • Too right Roger. I’m painting like a lunatic at present and still trying to squeeze in minis which aren’t eligible for the Painting Challenge (i.e. I started painting them before it started, such as Wildcat). I’ve enough draft posts to take me past next weekend already and that doesn’t include all the “Star Wars” goodies I’ve got coming. Plus “Seeds of Doom” 😉

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