Mo’vember “The band’s all here” (week 4)

The final week of Mo’vember and I was a little late out of the starting blocks, this was due in part to the fact that my lovely wife and I were at the local theatre on Friday night to see an “Am Dram” production of “Brassed off”, and then out again on Saturday night at a gig of one of my “all time” favorite rockers “Doro Pesch” suffice to say a great night was had by all, but late to bed (early morning) meant that we didn’t even see Sunday morning (getting old you see!). So even though the Mo'vember week4first two figures for this week were sitting ready and waiting for paint, the third (and one with the beard!) was not even based up. To add to this as he is in a wheelchair I had to compromise a bit and alter my usual base style, (wheelchairs and rough ground don’t really mix). But I’ll go into details on this later on, let’s just say that all this conspired toward me not getting an undercoat of matt black on him till Monday morning. Oh well we live and learn (actually we don’t, we went to see “Judas Priest” last night!), anyway this is a wargames blog not my social calendar so on with the figures.

First up I have my final Mo’vember entry, “Silas Doomchild”, leader, financier and mentor of my superhero team “The Doomwatch”, now the Doomwatch were the first figures I ever posted on my blog way back in February last year and I’ve been meaning to complete the team ever since, but I didn’t have the figure I wanted to represent him until earlier this year when I got hold of a Heroklix “Professor X” figure from Ebay (along with another 179 figures, but that’s another story!). Anyway the character of Silas as I envisioned him had a beard and moustache so that made him a prime entry for this month so after slapping a little greenstuff around his “chops” and adding a joystick to Silas Doomchild paintthe arm of his chair, effectively turning it into and electric wheelchair he was eventually ready for the off (I should however have done this months ago in readiness, lazy me I afraid), Next as I said above I decided to do a variation on my usual bases for him, so a couple of bits of card were cut to shape slightly smaller than a “tuppence” and glued in place then these were filled around the back with tetrion and at the front I added some edging stones in greenstuff as a sort of patio edge, he was then glued into place and went for his coat of matt black. However once I had started painting him (I was just applying a dry-bushing of chainmail) he slipped out of my fingers and went crashing to the ground on inspection I discovered that not only had he come away from his base but one of the handles at the rear of his wheelchair had broken off and I couldn’t find it anywhere (great start!!). Now fortunately I had a second professor X figure and rather than start all over again (not enough time even if I’d wanted too, and I didn’t!) I was able to cut out the handle on this figure and glue it in place of the missing one. Anyway after this disaster I then painted all the leather bits on his chair in chocolate brown and leather, I then painted his blanket in deep bronze green and after highlighting this in a mix of the same mixed with a little white, I added the “cheques” in black and cream. His jacket was painted in a mix of dark grey and black and highlighted in just dark grey. Flesh next a European flesh undercoat was then highlighted with a mix of the same with a bit of pale flesh added. His hair was chocolate brown with chestnut and light grey highlights and his tie was royal blue with porcelain blue stripes.

“Xandar the Assessor”, is my take on (what seemed like) the constant flow of alien super beings that arrived on Earth to judge its “worthiness” during the silver age of Marvel comics. I spotted the figure on “Bronze age miniatures” website while I was looking for my “He-man” conversion fodder and the 50mm “dolly” instantly struck me as perfect for this type of character. Now when it came to actually painting him I agonized over what colour would be best, in the end xandarpaintsettling on the purple hues you see here. So working from a black base coat I painted the front and back of his torso in royal purple and working outwards blended plum, fuchsia, lavender and lupin out towards his extremities. After this was dry I went back and highlighted each section in the next lighter shade up. Then it was just a case of adding his eyes in black with a chainmail pupil, and he was finished.

Finally I have this week’s entry for my “Frostgrave” warband, “Villas” is my (20 gold coin) thief, and was built up as a conversion on one of my Bob Olley sculpted “Dick Garrison” figures. So as usual I began by dry-brushing all the metallic areas of the figures paint work in chainmail then her trousers were added in dark grey highlighted with Villas paintlight grey. Next it was the turn of the leather bits about her person these were chocolate brown and leather as usual. Her cape was done in black highlighted with dark grey, darkened with a little black. The rope at her belt was done in butternut with coffee used to highlight this, and her flesh was done the same as “Silas” above. Then her face mask was added in dark red with pink burgundy highlights, her hair was chocolate brown darkened with a bit of black and then highlighted with chestnut. Finally the hilt of her sword and buckles were painted copper and highlighted with shinning gold. After this all three were given the customary coat of “quickshade” strong tone and once this was dry their bases were done in my usual manner, with the exception of Silas who also had the “patio” part of his base painted dark grey and then dry-brushed in light grey. Then it was just a “blow over” with matt varnish and they were complete. So I’ll finish this week with the obligatory group shot of my “Frostgrave warband” surrounded by the snow covered trees I made for my “Santa Claus” Christmas games.

Bugbear group shot

Talking of Christmas as you’ll all know next week is December, what you might not know however is that I usually take the rest of the year off from painting etc.. as I rush about failing to get ready for the “big day”, now I do still hope to post each weekend (two are already planned), the other two I have no idea what they will be about or even is they’ll appear! But we’ll see.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the other Mo’vember contributors for making this such a fun and interesting challenge and please check out their final postings of Mo’vember and their excellent warbands at their blogs….



And Punkrabbit,

Cheers Roger.

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5 Responses to Mo’vember “The band’s all here” (week 4)

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    Brilliant work, Roger. I especially like Silas Doomchild – an inspired conversion, reminiscent of all those 70’s sci-fi wheelchair bound scientists (and Niles Calder, of course). Xandar reminds me of Dr Manhattan from Watchmen, but I think your colour scheme is much better. And it’s good to see your warband in full – very nice. A good finish to Frostgrave Mo’vember.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks Jez, it’s been a fun four weeks though a bit hectic towards the end, and now the internet has started playing up too!!

      Glad you like the figures, it’s good to finally get the whole “band” together.

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Silas Doomchild is brilliant! I love the work that you’ve done on the blanket and the basing has turned out a treat.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks Michael, I wasn’t sure about the base at the time but knew I’d have to do something different to my norm, yet wanted it to still tie in with the other figures, I think I just about got away with it (I hope).

      Cheers Roger.

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