“Two mummies and some bones of contention”

Right to start with “Happy Halloween!”. Right that’s enough frivolity now on with the (semi) serious stuff, well it’s been a funny old week, as this is a bit of a fill in week between Zomtober and Mo’vember it was just a case of finishing off the rest of the “Champions of Death”, “Bloodbowl” team I started last week. Now this has not really proven to be a problem time wise but it has however caused me a littlezomtober BB 1 concern as to what exactly to write in my blog posting this week as though they are a little different to last week’s figures they are basically the same colours (well they are a team after all!), so apologies is a sense of deja’vu occurs I can assure you that nothing has changed in the “matrix” it’s just me rehashing last week’s post.

As I’d based and undercoated these chaps at the same time as last week’s painting fodder I could simply pull them out of the drew they had been resting safely in and just touch up any missed bits on the matt black, then they were liberally dry-brushed with chainmail. Next it was out with the bronze and copper again and these were applied as an undercoat and highlight to a variety of pads, gauntlets and helmet zomtober BB 5bits before these were dry-brushed with rust to age them a bit. They’re uniforms came next these were undercoated in royal purple and highlighted in lupin as per last time, and then the flames atop the skull motif’s on their shoulders and such were added in bright red and lemon yellow. As four of the six are skeletons their faces and the odd bit of bone was next on the agenda, coffee and cream taking care of this and while I was at it I added the disks for their numbers at the same time in the same colours. The zomtober BB 6faces on the two mummies were painted in blue grey and highlighted with a little light blue, talking of the mummies their bandages were then undercoated with chocolate brown (as were the leather belts, boots and gloves), before the bandages were highlighted with coffee and then again with GW bleached bone (leather brown finished the boots etc..). White and black took care of the eyes and teeth and dark grey highlighted with light grey covered the hair some of the zomtober BB 7figures had. Then it was “gore” time so out came the bright red again and a little was dry-brushed over their hands (I didn’t do any around the mouths this time as I don’t recall mummies actually eating human flesh).After a coat of strong tone “Quickshade” basing was carried out as per last week, with a base coat of earth brown being heavily dry-brushed with scenic green and a covering of pasture green flock completing the bases.

Well that’s it October is over the nights are drawing in and it’s time to put away the razor, as next week Mo’vember begins….

Sleep tight dear reader and sweet dreams. Cheers Roger.

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12 Responses to “Two mummies and some bones of contention”

  1. yellowpen104 says:

    First time checking out the blog. Do you play war games as well or just paint models? If you do play, what makes Bloodbowl stick out over games like Warhammer/40k etc.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Hi Yellowpen, and welcome aboard! Yes I do play wargames (though not as many as I should these days!!).

      As for Bloodbowl I sadly haven’t played a game for many a year, though it was always a good fun game and many a fun time was spent playing it at my local club back in the nineties. We also used to play Warhammer and 40K (back in the “spacewomble” days).

      Over the years I’ve played many different games in just about all scales, but for painting I must admit that 28mm is now my preferred size, though others do pop up on the blog occasionally.

      What do you play/paint?

      Cheers Roger.

      • yellowpen104 says:

        Actually nothing these days. I’ve always LOVED the concept of tabletop wargaming but my budget/schedule has always made it an inaccessible hobby.

        I like to check out what’s “going on” in the genre from time to time though!

  2. Cracking posting Roger, and I for one could happily read about you using the same colours over and over again quite merrily, especially when accompanied by such corking painted minis. Great stuff.

    Looking forward to your first Mo’vember posting too… Hopefully I’ll have my first one up for tomorrow (which is a Zomtober crossover) and then it’ll be “Frostgrave” for the next few weeks. Really looking forward to seeing what you (and Jez) come up with 🙂

  3. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Simon, I was a little concerned that this weeks post would end up being a bit of a rehash of last weeks. I too am looking forward to Mo’vember ass this will be the “last push” before I relax over Chrstmas, I do like your “Mo’vember” frostgrave picture over on your blog, can I be really cheeky and pinch it to put in my header?

    Cheers Roger.

    • “I was a little concerned that this weeks post would end up being a bit of a rehash of last weeks.” Well I’ve done nothing but paint the same green-coloured figures for the past four weeks Roger, and it didn’t stop me posting about them all the time 😉 Feel free to borrow the header… I’ve only just started to use them. But think I’ll do many more for all my projects in the months to come. Just trying to decide on an appropriate one with Doug McClure 😉

  4. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Simon,
    “Just trying to decide on an appropriate one with Doug McClure”. How about one of him with a bottle of scotch and Oliver Reed? well perhaps not.

    Cheers Roger.

  5. Carrion Crow says:

    Nice work, Roger. Whilst I appreciate that they are a Blood Bowl team, a post-apocalyptic Mad Max style zombie game would also suit these figures.
    And Frostgrave Mo’vember is almost upon us! I’ve been preparing for this for a while now – can’t wait to see what you and Simon have planned.

  6. Roger Webb says:

    Cheers Jez, I can see what you mean, but actually I was looking through the rest of my teams today and I was struck with a very similar thought but about the Dark Elf team.

    Sadly I don’t think I have many surprises for you and Simon in my Mo’vember submissions, as I think you’ve already seen most of them while I was slapping lumps of “Greenstuff” on em’.

    Good luck to both you and Simon over the next four weeks and I look forward to seeing what you both have planned.

    Cheers Roger.

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