“Little Timmy, such a polite young boy”

Week two of Zomtober and as there is still no sign of my “Zombie Vixens” (will they arrive before the end of the month I wonder), I decided to get the greenstuff out, “Desperation is the mother of creativity” they say! Now a while ago I bought a load of “Heroklix” figures (180 to be exact) off of Ebay because I wanted one of them (don’t ask), so I began the week by having a root about in their box, and lo’ and behold there was a “Solomon Grundy” figure, “he’s a zombie” I thought “sorted”, so off of his plastic base he came, and he was remounted onto a “tuppence” as is my want. Then out to the garage for an undercoat of matt black prior to painting proper. Now while I was in the box I also pulled out a potential candidate for conversion for next week’s post, but I’ll get to that later.

The thing was as I got the putty out to start next week’s figure I had a brainwave over Solomon too, there were a couple of excellent zombie children posted last week among the myriad beautifully painted “zom’s” and looking at Solomons blazer and short pants a plan began to form, what if I turned him into the biggest meanest public schoolboy zombie on the block! So that’s what I did, I began by cutting away the top half of the branch he was holding and adding a “U” of putty in its place gave him a “slingshot” to be proud of, next I added a breast pocket with badge, then a small tie and finally a school cap. Then once these were painted black I began by undercoating his blazer and cap in deep bronze green, these were then highlighted in the same with a large dollop of shamrock green added. His trousers were then zomtober15 (5)painted dark grey and highlighted in light grey. Flesh next, this was a mixture of stone green, light blue and pale flesh that were applied directly to the figure and blended together “in-situ” as it were. His eyes and mouth were painted black and then the pupils and teeth were added in white, then his shirt was blocked in, coffee was used for this and highlighted in cream. His catapult was painted chocolate brown and some details were added in butternut, and then the details on his tie, cap and badge were added using an undercoat of orange that was then highlighted with the same mixed with some citrus orange. Citrus Orange also zomtober15 (6)formed the undercoat for his blond hair, being highlighted with some lemon yellow. Finally it was out with the bright red and some dry-brushing around his mouth and hands, along with some dribbles down his shirt and pants (messy boy!), before he was coated with “Quickshade” and his base was finished as per the ones last week. Lastly a coat of matt varnished was sprayed on to take the shine off of him and “not so’ Little Timmy” was done.

Right now some of you are probably saying “One zombie in a week, that’s not much”, and gentle reader you would be right, but you see as well as adding a little colour to “Timmy’s” (un)life I have also been converting next weeks “Zom” at the same time. Now the inspiration for this came from an online conversation between two fellow bloggers, “Blaxcleric” and “Carrion Crow”. Now Simon (Blax) mentioned the zomtober15 (7)“Marvel Zombies” franchise in respect to gaming and Jez (Crow) replied that the “Blob” figure in the Heroklix line would make a good base for a Zombie version of himself (Blob that is not Jez’), now I happen to own said figure so as I was already getting out the figure above I thought I’d take a look at “Blob” too. Now rather than just “zombie” him up a bit’ I thought I’d go all out and turn him into a Zombie clown (clowns as we all know are the ultimate evil, well second ultimate evil zomtober15 (8)after Nazi zombies of course!), so I began by cutting his left arm off and cutting a deep gash into his belly. Well to cut a rather long story short after the application of copious amounts of “Greenstuff” and a week’s poking and prodding of it about I have arrived at the stage you see in the photos, just about ready to start painting him, so with a bit of luck he should be finished in time for next week’s deadline.

So till next weekend, sweet dreams dear reader….sweet dreams.

Cheers Roger.

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7 Responses to “Little Timmy, such a polite young boy”

  1. Well this posting was quite simply astonishingly good Roger, absolutely superb stuff and I’m so jealous as to how well that Solomon “Schoolboy” Grundy (maths on a Monday…) turned out. If you recall I painted him up for Zomtober last year and hated the model by the end of my time with it due to my difficulties experienced whilst painting it – and most of mine was black!! Yours is simply gorgeous and you’ve got so much detail on the brute. What a corking conversion.

    And then there is your clown… staggering stuff Roger, just terrific green stuff work. That monster is going to look formidably awesome when you’ve finished painting him and I’m green with envy as to your sculpting skills. Just great stuff all-round my friend. Possibly Posting of the year for your blog imho 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks Simon, well I thought I’d better do something as your stealing all the limelight with you brilliant “Seeds of death” postings (ha ha!). Yes I do remember your painting of Solomon last year, though I don’t remember your woes with him, as I recall he came out rather well, you do do black enviously well.

      The clown ended up being more work than I had originally planned, (best laid plans as they say), I had a ridiculous idea about half way through that I could add a “balloon” type sculpture of a dog into his intestines! but that was a point where ideas definitely ran out of talent on my part. Shame because I think it might of worked well (if a little sick).

      Thanks again for the kind words,

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Carrion Crow says:

    Thank you Wargames Factory, for failing to deliver Roger’s Zombie Vixens, as we wouldn’t have had this wonderful post! Absolutely stunning work, Roger. Can’t wait to see “Blobo the Clown” finished.

  3. Roger Webb says:

    Ha ha!, thanks Jez, though you can’t lay the blame with Wargames Factory, as it’s the UK suppier I ordered from that have let me down, E-mailed them yesterday to find out where they are, and the said they’d get back to me as soon as the find out…. nothing yet though.

    “Blobo” is a much better name than I’d come up with, I was thinking “Mr Chortles”, in future I might just come straight to you for names.

    Oh by the way my three “Foundry” Vikings have arrived safely, so at least I’m sorted for Mo’vember.

    Cheers Roger.

  4. Bob Kinnear says:

    Nice work work dude! Love the evil clown.

  5. Roger Webb says:

    Many thanks Bob, just started painting him, might not of been the best idea working up a yellow and orange costume from a black undercoat (duh!!).

    Cheers Roger.

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