“Two Zom’s and a Tealeaf”

So first proper post of Zomtober and I’m pleased to report that I have completed my first two “Zom’s” of the month, these chaps come from the “Mantic games”, “Kings of war” box set and had to be drafted in at the last minute due to my planned figures (the Zombie Vixens box set from Wargames Factory) not arriving in time (in fact it they still aren’t here).

Anyway, as I’ve painted a few of these miniatures before I decided I’d quickly add a little “greenstuff” to them to break up the monotony once they go in amongst the rest of their brethren, as time was running short (I didn’t start these till Wednesday) I only really had time to add a little hair to the one chap and a suitably ragged waistcoat and some zomtober15 (4)dangling intestines to the other before they were based up on my customary two pence pieces, had a little “Tetrion” filler slapped around their bases and it was out to the garage for a spray coat of matt black. Next I pulled out some of my favorite “Zombie” colours and set about painting the zomtober15 (1)flesh on these rotten little fellows. Number one was first coated in flesh tone seven (a dark Hispanic tone) before it was mixed while still wet on the figure with stone green and finally a little pale flesh was mixed again on the figure into the concoction, this allows me to vary the shade across the figure while still making the process quick and easy to do. The same process was used on number two but this time using dark grey as a base and leather brown and again pale flesh as the two added colours. Once this was dry both figures had their “gory” bits painted dark red and Zombie two had a zomtober15 (3)little purple added to his intestines. Next I painted in the hanging rags that cover their shame, one in German field blue (which is actually green?), that was them highlighted with the same, mixed with some shamrock green, and number two’s was undercoated with a mix of royal blue mixed with some blue grey and highlighted with just blue grey. After this I undercoated the heads they are both snacking upon in European flesh, then added the eyes and mouths along with ones on the Zombies themselves). Taking zomtober15 (2)black next I painted in the mouths and eye “whites” (though it’s black, the pupils are white in a reverse to the norm), before adding pupils and teeth in white. There is the odd bit of exposed bone on show here and there so I added these next in cream. Zombie two them had his waistcoat added in chocolate brown highlighted with leather brown, and while the chocolate brown was out I added in the hair on number one, highlighting it with chestnut brown. Next came the fun part, so out came the bright red and this was dry-brushed over the hands, mouths, gashes and severed heads along with anywhere else I felt in might have got too.

Now as regular readers will be aware once I get to this stage everything is then treated to a coat of “Quickshade” strong tone and that’s just what happened here before the bases were finished off in my usual manner, this consisting of covering the whole base in chocolate brown, and then dry-brushing in khaki and then again in coffee, then once dry patches are painted in scenic green and these are then “flocked” with “Javis” hairy grass in the “Autumn mix” shade. This may seem a little odd for Zombies as most are given a tarmac or urban theme to their basing, but as this is the way I base up all my 28mm figures, I feel it gives me the most flexibility as to the other figures I can use them with.

As I stated in my last post alongside “Zomtober” I am also working on some conversions ready for my next “Challenge” month Mo’vember and to this end have been busy beavering away to get my “thief” ready to join my “Frostgrave” warband. The base for this figure is actually frostgrave thief 1one of the Valkyrie space pirates from my own “Dick Garrison” range (yes I was too tight to buy another figure!). So first job was to get out the big knife and hack away her gun, and chainsaw. Next I took one of the swords from one of our weapons packs (WP-03) and had to remove the hand that is moulded into it, as it is a left hand and it was going on her right. I then removed her right arm and attached the sword. A coil of rope was added to her belt next (for climbing into towers with) and a handkerchief was sculpted across her face to hide her identity, her arm was then re-attached pointing down instead of up, the join would be covered with her cloak later. Her frostgrave thief 2boots had a somewhat Sci/Fi look to them so they were filed down and then “roll top” versions were added. Her left arm was pushed back slightly, as I intended to add a “bag of swag” later (all good thieves should have a bag of swag!). I added the under support version of her cloak next, this would have the folds and ripples added later, and then I frostgrave thief 3sculpted in the sack running down to the floor from the back of her left hand and the neck of the same sticking out at the front. Then after I’d added the folds in the back of her cape I just had to add the hood to the same, and a couple of strands of hair sticking out round her face and she was ready to be added to the rest of my “happy band”. Hopefully I’m now also sorted as to my last three “band” members, and these shouldn’t need any converting (famous last words!).

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Well that’s one week down and till next Sunday, sweet dreams, Roger.

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12 Responses to “Two Zom’s and a Tealeaf”

  1. What a great start you’ve made there Roger, and those zeds look suitably gory and blood-soaked. I thought your last batch of “Mantic games” undead were extremely well done, and these should fit in alongside them very nicely indeed. Sorry to hear your preparations were somewhat cast adrift by a Vixens no-show. Hopefully they’ll arrive in time for next week’s submission. great work on the “Frostgrave” stuff too – what a corking end of year it looks like you’ll be having on this blog 🙂

    • Roger Webb says:

      Thanks Simon, I still have no idea what I’m going to paint this week, Matty has relented slightly and says I can paint some of his “Zombicide” fig’s or I could pull out “Solomon Grundy” from my “Klixer’s”. I am very disappointed that the Vixens haven’t come as I thought I’d given then plenty of time (we get stuff to the USA quicker than this, and they haven’t even sent the E-mail to say it’s in the post!). The figures I’ve ordered (day before yesterday), are in transit as we speak so by the end of the week I should be sorted for Mo’vember, shame I can’t say the same for this month.

  2. Carrion Crow says:

    Annoying when companies don’t provide the service you expect. Nice work on your zombies and a lovely bit of conversion work on your Frostgrave thief! Funnily enough I was looking at you Dick Garrison range yesterday, which led me to Bob Olley’s site, which has now added his not-Robot Monster to my planned retro-Sci-fi project.
    Lacked motivation for supernatural supers, so a different project for October…Scooby Doo!

  3. Roger Webb says:

    Cheers Jez, you said it brother! glad you like the Thief, I’m quite happy with her. Bob’s a good man and he’ll sort you out toot’sweet when you order from him. His figures are exemplary too.

    No supernatural supers? oh well you would probably have gotten away with them if it wasn’t for thought stupid kids and their dumb dog!

    Cheers Roger

  4. Carrion Crow says:

    2 boys, 2 girls & a dog investigating mysteries…Scooby Doo or the Famous Five? Hmm, a possible future project, methinks…

  5. Roger Webb says:

    “2 boys, 2 girls & a dog”, or a film of a completely different genre!! but lets not go there.

    Cheers Roger.

  6. Roger Webb says:

    Thank you’ I try.

  7. Chris Bowler says:

    Wonderfully grotesque!

  8. Roger Webb says:

    Many thanks Chris, really enjoying my first foray into Zomtober.

    Cheers Roger.

  9. Bob Kinnear says:

    Very cool and gory zombies dude!

  10. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Bob, I still haven’t received my Zombie Vixens so I’ve had to get creative for this weeks post.

    Cheers Roger.

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