“Only three others know our secret……”

Right first “proper” post of “He-month 2”, and not really a huge amount of progress to show you so far (though in my defense I didn’t really start these figures till Tuesday), but anyway I’ll go through what I’ve been up to over the last few days…

Tuesday began with me adding boots to the two “human” figures, “Man-at-arms” (or Duncan as I shall refer to him from now on as it’s shorter) had short boots up to his ankles as I will be adding his armored shin guards tomorrow, and of course his obligatory “furry pants” were also added to “cover his shame”. The “Sorceress” also had her boots added, a nice touch was that her feet were sculpted as if sheour friends 2 is standing on her toes, so this allowed me to add the high heels to her boots as per the original. Now when it came to Orko I only had a tiny blob of “Greenstuff left so I just stuck in onto the top of the piece of wire as the base of his head (well it’s a start!). The two human figures were also stuck onto two pence pieces mainly so as I have something to hold while I sculpt onto them and hopefully keep my big stupid fingers off of the bits I’ve just finished!

On Wednesday I concentrated on the Sorceress adding her feathery boot tops, and her dress, this is mainly sculpted around her front and sides as the back didn’t need to be added as it will be covered with her cape/wings, I also attempted to add the feathering to the front of her dress bottom, how successful this was only time (and paint) will tell. Turning to Duncan, I added his wide metallic belt and his shin our friends 3armour, basically tjhese were just sausages of putty that were smoothed and shaped around the relative bits. And then digging out Orko I just added a blob where his body would be (does he have a body, or is he just a floating shirt?) and added another layer of putty over his head to make it a little larger before adding his “teardrop” shaped eyes (I could have just painted these in, but decided that a guide as to where they are might prove helpful later on), and that was Wednesday.

Thursday was mainly spent finishing the three Frostgrave figures I also had on the go, but I’ll cover them more at the bottom of the page. As for as the Eternians I concentrated on Orko spreading and shaping some putty around his “body” before “dragging” some folds and ripples into it to give the impression that he’s floating forward. I nipped this in tightly around under his head as I’ll be adding his our friends 4“scarf” around here after I add his arms. I did very little to the other two figures, just adding Duncan’s “muzzy” (yes he had to have a moustache, like the cartoon, even if the toy didn’t), and with the last bit of putty I added one side of the Sorceresses wings. This is just a base really for the inner part of her cape, as the finished item will be bigger and run from her wrist to her boot tops, but this is just a guide for the inner “sweep” of her wings, hopefully this will make more sense once I start adding the details.

And so we come to Friday, and starting again with Orko I first drilled two small holes into his shoulders before inserting small lengths of florists wire into them, and after I measured them and bent them to shape glued them in place. Once the glue had set I ran a thin sausage of greenstuff round his neck three times to form his scarf, and then added blobs to the end of his arms that were then shaped into his three our friends 5fingered hands. Now turning to Duncan, I had to watch a couple of episodes of He-man on youtube to get a shot of the back of his costume before I started work on his body-armour, it turns out it’s just plain! Anyway once I knew this I could start spreading some putty around his torso and smoothing it out, I added lips at the bottom and around the shoulder openings for ease of painting later on. Now there is a raised section under his chin and a small cylinder under this, but I’ll add these later. Finally this week I added the folded other “wing” to the Sorceress ready for me to add the detail to them next week.

Now as I stated above I have also now finished the three “Frostgrave” figures I have been working on, to be honest they were almost there last week but I’ll go through what needed doing to finish them off. My wizard just needed a band running around the joint of his hat and brim and he was done (to coin a phrase “simples!”). Likewise my frostyG 4Barbarian just needed a thin sausage of greenstuff running along his left arm before a round wooden (well it’s actually metal, but you know what I mean) shield was added from my bits box, I think this came from “Irregular Miniatures” but I could be wrong. Lastly on him I added the two straps to the underside of this around his hand and upper wrist. You may notice that he currently has no weapon in his other hand, this is because though I have a weapon that may be suitable (an axe) I frostyG back 4thought I’d wait to see what weapons I’m going to arm the rest of my happy band with, and see if there’s something that might be more suitable in with them. My apprentice needed a little more work doing to her, so I began by adding the detail around her staff so that it matched the wizards, and then adding tapered sausages of putty I gave the back of her cloak some folds and ripples. Lastly I added a hood folded back behind her head. This just left me to base up the figures with some “Tetrion” filler and they were all ready to be painted when Mo’vember comes, I still need to add the other four figures to my warband, but for now I’ll just bask in the feeling of accomplishment that these at least are now done.

Please keep checking back they can only get better (I hope!) and you can find my co-conspirator in this Jez’s efforts over at his blog, https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/

Till next week, cheers Roger.

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6 Responses to “Only three others know our secret……”

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    Lovely job, Roger. I think I should have taken your route with my Orko, but I was not confident about my ability to sculpt fingers. Currently having issues with one of the sleeves and my big fat fingers. All good fun though. 🙂

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Cheers Jez, I know what you mean about fingers! they are one thing that I find really hit ands miss, sometimes they come out really well and other times they look like lumpy bananana’s (Orko is more in the second category I’m afraid. Sleeves are next on my list of too do’s as well, but it’s the Sorceresses wings that are giving me nightmares at the moment!!

    Cheers Roger.

    • Carrion Crow says:

      Managed to get some work done on “new” Orko today. Robe and sleeves done (bar the cuffs), and scarf in place. Having a little bit of an issue with tiny balls of Milliput not sticking where I want them too, so may have to come up with an alternative for his eyes (and Fisto belt). Just his hat and ears to do next, so ‘may’ have him done by the weekend, time permitting. Did you see the link on TMP to the LAF thread regarding the chap who’d done orc versions of the MOTU characters? Very clever and amusing.
      Regards Jez

      • Roger Webb says:

        Glad to hear your having more success with “Orko 2”, I could make a joke about Orko and “tiny balls” but I’m too much of a gentleman! I have now got my Orko almost to the painting stage but he’ll have to wait until at least one of my other fig’s is ready before he gets any colourization.

        Yes say the link and followed it, very interesting, make us seem almost sane by comparison!
        Cheers Roger.

  3. Some absolutely stunning work there Roger, and you’re clearly building up towards an impressive array of miniatures for me to choose from for your “Top Ten of 2015”. Your He-Men (?) greens are fantastic and I can’t wait to see them with a lick or two of paint on them. I’m equally as impressed with your “Copplestone Castings” conversions. marvellous stuff. Sadly I really think Bob Olley’s wizard though isn’t that good at all, despite your excellent additions in order to raise the initial sculpt from mediocre. Indeed, and no offence to Bob, your green stuff work on this posting is exemplary. What an absolutely corking and unique “He-Man” collection you’re developing.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many, many thanks Simon, I’ve been considering whether to do a follow up posting to your Top-ten with my own top ten of the year (just to see the difference, and as you know I have to fill December somehow). Now as for my top ten of yours! well there’s plenty to choose from (especially now your on your finishing trip).

      I believe the PC term is “He-people” or “He/She/Persons of indeterminate gender – man”.

      Glad you like the Copplestone conversions I think the apprentice is my favourite, I was really pleased with how the back of her cape came out. I must agree about the wizard, though I do actually like the original sculpt (I’ve painted one up in the past) he probably wasn’t the best base figure for my conversion, oh well you live and learn.

      My kids tell me that the reason my He-man collection is unique is because no other grown man would waste his time doing them! In fact Matty showed me something on the net the other night and I foolishly said “Some people have far to much time on their hands”, and Myles shouted from the other room “Says the man who make little models of He-man in his spare time!!”.

      KIds! why do we bother.

      Cheers Roger.

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