“Return’ia to Eternia”

Well the madness that is He-Month has begun again and though I hadn’t thought I’d be returning to Eternia this year, “Jez” over at “Carrion Crows Buffet” has talked me into another round of figure conversions to create (sometimes successfully and sometimes not so) proxies of some of the more well know characters from the seventies cartoon and toy franchise better known as “He-man and the masters of the universe”. For those of you not up to speed with this project, I give you the four characters I produced last time (Jez turned out quite a few more, but we’ll not dwell on that shall we!).

TeelaLyn group

Anyway it still very early days as far as this month goes (day one to be exact), so all I really have to show you as far as my output goes is the base figures or “dollies” that will form the basis of my conversions, so look well as they may never look this good again! The two figures in the photo are from “Bronze age miniatures” and are from their 32mm dolly range, I plan to “cloth” these in “greenstuff” modelling putty and eventually end up with reasonable proximally’s of “Man-at-arms” andour friends 1 “The Sorceress”. The third figure, now represented by a piece of wire sticking out of a Robinsons juice drink lid will eventually be “Orko” the cheeky (I mean annoying really of course) floating wizard creature, This little chap I will be trying to produce from scratch (shouldn’t be too hard, famous last words if ever I heard them!).

Alongside these figures I will also be working on finishing the first three figures for my “Frostgrave” warband, that I hope to be painting up as part of the “Mo’vember” challenge that myself and a couple of other bloggers will be running in November (it’s all go on here, you know!). Though still not quite finished yet I have had a couple of quite productive days since Saturdays post, add the capes to both my apprentice and barbarian (his being furred on the back). My frostyG 3apprentice has also had her skirt added and her staff is also attached and I’ve begun adding the details. My Wizard has had his hat added and I decided in the end to cut the skull off of the top of his staff and after adding a ball to the top of it U covered the shaft with greenstuff and textured it as wood at the bottom and added what are supposed to be carved faces at the top, I now need to do the apprentices to match. Not far off now and I hope to have these finished by new weeks post.

Finally this time I have been asked to post a picture of my Prussian fleet in it’s entirety, so here you go..

prussian fleet (a)

Please check back to see what progress I’ve made (if any!) and also check out Jez’s efforts over at his blog, https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/

So till Saturday, cheers Roger.

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10 Responses to “Return’ia to Eternia”

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    Nice work, Roger. Apologies for persuading you to indulge in some more of this madness – although it didn’t take much persuasion…;-)
    I’m also enjoying your updates on your Frostgrave figures. Major improvement on your wizard – I much prefer your take on him. Once the putty’s out, I will be basing the last few of my intended warband in readiness for Frostgrave Mo’vember, as well as making a start on my Orko and giving Fisto his hairy pants.
    Of course, as Fisto has moved to September, I still need to find another moustachioed figure to ensure I meet the requirements of Mo’vember. Time for a rummage, methinks.
    Regards Jez

  2. Carrion Crow says:

    Oops! Forgot to thank you for the fleet shot! Impressive looking fleet. I’m sure Simon will appreciate this too, as I know how much he enjoys seeing your individual posts on this…

  3. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Jez, no I didn’t need much persuasion to be honest, I really enjoyed the last month we did. the Frostgrave fig’s are nearly there now, next job will be talking my wife into letting me buy the remaining ones I need to fill out the “band”. I haven’t checked I’ve enough “beardies” to fill out the four postings in Mo’vember, but I think I’ll be alright.

    Yes there are quite a few boats now in my fleet (though I could still do with some more medium sized ships).

    “I’m sure Simon will appreciate this too, as I know how much he enjoys seeing your individual posts on this…”


    Cheers Roger.

  4. Carrion Crow says:

    Gently poking fun, following on from his comment regarding seeing multiple posts with a variety of different ships painted the same colour. Should of used one of them new-fangled emoticons to denote this. Apologies if it came across harsher than intended. 😦

  5. Roger Webb says:

    No apology needed, I got the reference, I was being sarcastic myself. Sorry as they say at work “You can tell when Rogers being sarcastic… his mouth is moving”, My most common one at shows is when someone points to our figures and says..”Oh look Flash Gordon” to which I reply “What is this Flash Gordon, people keep talking about, I’ve never heard of him?” It’s amazing the number of people who then go on to explain to me what Flash Gordon is and how are figures resemble characters from the series!

    Perhaps we should have a sign, like “The big bang theory”.

    Cheers Roger.

  6. Carrion Crow says:

    Excellent. It would appear that we’re even more alike than I thought. Same interests, same age, same sense of humour…and we’ve never been seen in the same room together….
    hmm…which means that one of us must be…

    • Roger Webb says:

      Ha ha!, that reminded me of a T shirt I saw recently, that read…

      “I’m not saying I am Batman, I’m just saying you never see us together!”

      • Carrion Crow says:

        Joker – “if Batman doesn’t reveal himself, I’ll kill this hostage.”
        “I’m Batman”
        “No, I’m Batman”
        “No, I am Batman”
        “Actually, I think you’ll find I’m Batman”
        “No, I’m Brian…”
        “Dude, keep up…”
        “Sorry, I meant to say Batman…”
        Surrounded by people claiming to be Batman, the Joker shoots himself in disgust…

  7. Your green stuff skills are impressive. That Skeletor really turned out beautifully and your Frostgrave creations are also top notch. I look forward to see them all painted up.

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks “dagger”, I was rather pleased with how Skeletor turned out.

      I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till Mo’vember, sorry November to see how the painted Frostgrave figures turn out.

      Cheers Roger.

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