“Ladies Week On Eternia”

OK so “He-Month” has officially finished as of yesterday, but as Jez over at “Carrion Crows Buffet” blog…. https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/ , had completed so many more figures than me, leaving me feeling just a little bit inadequate, I decided that I couldn’t leave this project without at least completing a couple more denizens of Eternia. So after wasting far too much time deciding who I was going to try to represent in metal telyn 1and putty, I plumped for He-man and Skeletors “main squeeze’s” Teela and Evil-Lyn. Now I had already decided which figures from my dollies were going to be used on these characters (I had picked out who was going to be who from the “Bronze age miniatures” website before I even ordered them). And as there were no major pieces of their anatomy to be removed before I could start on them, it was just a case of cleaning up the castings a little, sanding the bottoms of their bases flat and filing away their toes to a point ready for the boots to be added later.

So Monday evening was when I really started the serious work on these “gals”, and the first job was to get some clothing around the torsos of both figures. Now Teela has a kind of under garment a bit like a one piece swimming costume that she wears under the metal “body-warmer” she sports in the cartoon, now obviously I didn’t need to sculpt the top half of this as it is covered, so basically I just needed to add a big pair of knickers that telyn 2continued up to just below her chest. Now these have “turn-ups” at the top of her thighs but I’ll add these later. Turning to Evil-Lyn, on the toy figure she has basically the same body as Teela (nice and cheap for Mattel to produce of course), and even the cartoon version is pretty similar, but as I’m doing one-off’s I decided I could indulge in a little poetic license with her. So once again starting with “big-knickers” like Teela, I left a little more “cheek” on show at the back (well she is evil!) and added circles of putty over her breasts, that I tried to fashion into three fingered claws, then I ran two thin sausages of putty up from her crotch between her breasts and around her neck, Then I added some diagonal lines as detail to these. And I left it there.

After taking another look at Lyn on Tuesday my first job was to remove the awful blobs covering her breasts, they were too big, uneven and made her look like some sort of lopsided page three girl! Luckily I could just pick them of with my thumb nail. After this I replaced them with a “halter” style top to her costume that was simpler and meant I could run the straps up into a wide collar. But first I had to add the skull cap she wears this was simply done by smoothing some putty out over her head in the appropriate shape. Then I took a tapered sausage of putty and flattening it between some of my sticker backing papertelyn 3jpg into a “half moon” shape, I fitted this around the back of her neck and blended into the straps of her top. On the original she wears a sort of tiara of spikes over her cap, but I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll add this or not, as I rather like her the way she is. I had a rather busy day on Teela too (don’t be so crude!!), as I had to add her armoured body-warmer, this began as three sausages of putty, two running up the front over her chest and a bigger, fatter one on her back, these were then smoothed and shaped before I sculpted in the start of her collar (this will be enlarged later on). Next I added the lips at the bottom edge of her top and around the shoulders of her armour with thin sausages of greenstuff run around the edges and blended in. Then as things were progressing so well I decided to add the decorative swirls that circle her breasts on the front of her armour, now this could have spelt disaster for all the work I’d just done, but amazingly it worked out alright! I decided to leave it there though rather than ride my luck any further.

Wednesday was boot day, so I started by taking Teela and adding her boots, these run up to just below the knee, I’ll add the “fur tops” to these later. Then I popped a blob of putty telyn 4onto her head and shaped this into her hair, you can’t see in the photo but I ran a ridge around the top or her head and then built up the hair behind this as she has a metal “alice” band that I will add later, I then added the hair detail with a knife. As Lyn’s feet are so close together I just added the one boot, again in a change to the original I gave her knee length boots without the fur tops. I also added the bands she wears around her wrist’s and upper arms, these will be used to attach the split cape she wears to her arms.

Thursday, I began by adding Lyn’s other boot, this one was slightly more awkward as her foot was raised so I had to add a high heel. Next taking Teela I added the “alice” band across her hair teasing up the middle of it before adding a tiny blob to the centre as a jewel. Next the tops of her boots were added, these were just sausages wrapped around the top of the boots and then “feathered” with a knife blade, lastly on Teela I stuck a teardrop shaped bit of putty over her abdomen before shaping this into three dangling teardrop shapes and adding a tiny circle of putty to the top of this (the cartoon version has this, though it must be rather annoying swinging about during any fighting!). I still had a small pea sized bit of greenstuff left over so I decided to add one side of Lyn’s split cape. Flattening it out between the sticker backing paper into a rectangle with a curved bottom I attached this at the back if her neck and then ran it along her arm blending it in to the bands on her upper and lower arms. Then I finally teased the folds and drops into the dangling cape piece. (Sadly idiot that I am I appear to have deleted the pictures of this stage from my camera before I saved them!).

Friday, began very much where Thursday left off, with me beginning with the other length of cape, for some reason it took me about six attempts to get the flattened piece of putty into the sort of size and shape I wanted, (as her left arm was held downward it needed to be longer and narrower) but I got there in the end, I decided against trying to add a spiked “alice” band to the top of her head, mainly because I like the look of her now (and a little bit because I thought I might “cock her up” if I tried). I finished off by making her a staff, taking a bit of florists wire I stuck a small ball of putty onto the top. Then taking four really fine strands of putty I attached one to each of the four sides of the ball then teased them down underneath into a spiral, then rolling the length of wire along the edge of the table roughly blended these into the wire (you can probably see this better in the photo than I telyn 6can explain it). Turning then to Teela, she just needed the turn-up around the leg holes of her costume adding, the wide wrist bands, (these were just rolls of putty spread round her wrists and smoothed into shape), and a sausage of putty that was rolled so it was tapered at each end was then wrapped around her neck, shaped high at the back and then blended away into the neckline of her costume as her high collar. Once it was all dry (this morning) I glued Lyn’s staff to her hand and her metal base (I’ll build up the base over this join to strengthen it, and added Teela’s a quarter staff (this was just another of the same Irregular Miniatures spears that I used for Skeletors staff with the “spikes” cut off of each end), it might be a little short but I can live with it.

So that was the sculpting finished, next job was to glue them onto two pence pieces, ready for the bases to be finished and they’re undercoats applied. I’m quite pleased with the pair of them Teela is the more accurate to the original but I think Evil-Lyn is probably my favorite out of the two. I know I’m going to be running over my time limit here but hopefully the finished figures will be worth a little bending of the rules.

“In today’s story Roger learnt that there is not enough time in a month to complete all the figures he’d like to do, and that he should be more realistic in his intentions!”.    

Till next week, Cheers Roger.

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17 Responses to “Ladies Week On Eternia”

  1. Just when I thought you’d sculpted your best model yet Roger (i.e. Skeletor), you go and post this!?! Both ladies look absolutely spot on, my friend, and I can’t wait to see both the finished sculpts and paint-jobs. Sure these are clearly taking an ‘eternity’ to get right but my goodness is the effort worth it (imho). Terrific stuff!!!

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thank Simon, I’m glad you like them. Still nowhere near Jez’s output, but at least I now have something more to show for the month (even if it will be a month and a week by the time they’re painted).
      Oh and your “puns” are getting as bad as mine, I must be a good influence on you!

      Cheers Roger.

  2. Carrion Crow says:

    Once again I stand in awe of your sculpting. Very well done. I’ve been searching for an Evil-lyn proxy for conversion, but with little luck so far. Will she be Caucasian as per the cartoon or yellow as per the figure? Back from holiday now (York), so can return to the workbench. After the ladies of Eternia are done, I believe you’re going Antediluvian? If so, I may have something of use to you…

    • Roger Webb says:

      Many thanks to you too Jez, Evil-Lyn does seem to be one of those figures you think should be easy to find but none of them are quite right. To be honest mine would have been a better proxy if I’d added her spikey tiara, and Teela should have had another pair of bands around her upper arms, but I thought this would make her look to “busy” so left them out.

      At the moment I’m thinking Yellow flesh but that might change by the time I get to painting it.

      Hope you had a good time in York it’s one of my favourite places, and have been many times over the years, (not just to Varpatak).

      Yes I am going all “Dinosaurus” next, I’ll probably just paint up the two big “Dino’s” and save the figures, inc Peter Cushing for Mo’vember. The Pterodactyl I have a special use for at some point in the future.

      I’m intrigued to know what you might have of use to me? please drop me an E-mail through the company web-site mailto:wargamessupplydump@yahoo.com
      with your address as I might have something for you too.

      Cheers Roger.

      • Carrion Crow says:

        First time in York and thoroughly enjoyed it, although the weather was a bit rubbish. As for Mo’vember, I have two potential candidates for this, which may also fit in with Simon’s Frostgrave warband thing. I don’t own the game, but I quite like the idea of putting together a medieval fantasy warband, purely from an assembling and painting angle, and have a bearded wizard and moustached knight that would fit in with both. I will drop you an email later with my address and what I have that I think you will have a use for. 🙂
        Regards Jez

      • Carrion Crow says:

        I will drop you an email shortly, with my address and a full explanation of the goodies I intend to send you. As for Mo’vember, I do have a couple of suitable figures for this, which also fit into the Frostgrave/medieval fantasy thing that Simon’s doing at present. Whilst I don’t own the game, from an assembly and painting point of view, a medieval “warband” does sound fun, so as the nights draw in, that may be a future project. And York was lovely. Being a southerner, this is the furthest north I’ve been so far, but I shall certainly visit again, if I get the chance. Regards Jez

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    Sorry Roger. I thought the first one hadn’t gone through, hence the second similar comment. 😦

    • Roger Webb says:

      No problem Jez, I actually wrote the reply to your first comment twice as the first time instead of opening a new tab so I could copy our E-mail I closed this one instead and had to re-write the whole reply again!

      I must admit though I too haven’t got “Frostgrave” or have ever played it, or even know anyone who is playing it where I can get a game. But I too am twitching on making up a “warband” for it (hopefully I’ll get over this, but you never know!).

      Cheers Roger.

      • Carrion Crow says:

        That’s the problem with having the WordPress app on my phone. I’m looking in the Comments section, can’t see the reply, then realise that it only shows Comments made on your own blog, rather than ones you’ve made on other people’s. Modern technology, eh? I remember when phones had dials, moan, whinge, complain, etc…
        As an aside, the email has been sent. I apologise in advance for the length – I am a little verbose. But we wouldn’t be blogging if we weren’t, right? Regards Jez

  4. “Frostgrave” models painted for Mo’vember… What a splendid idea gents. Though I already have one mini put aside ready to cause some controversy on my blog 😉

    • Roger Webb says:

      Oh Simon you really are a little tease, sometimes! (though how you’ll top “Jesus” I don’t know!). But I must admit I quite fancy converting some fantasy chaps into “winter wear”, basically adding fur and capes (Oh god no, not more capes!!). Shame as I bought some figures from “Foundry” I think, it was definitely “Dave Thomas” anyway, that he was selling off a few years back that would be perfect for this but I’ve painted them all up and I’m not stripping them back again. What would be the average size of a “warband” and what would be it’s general make-up of figure types?

    • Carrion Crow says:

      So, will it be Mo’Gravember then? Moustachioed models and figures suitable for a Frostgrave warband and if they manage to fit into both categories, all the better. Having only the vaguest notion of what Mo’Vember is about, what are the actual “rules”?

      • Jez, You’re meant to paint up a model per week which has a moustache etc. Unless you’re Roger and then he greenstuffs the most extraordinarily wonderful handlebars upon any mini within his grasp 😉

      • Carrion Crow says:

        So four models with moustaches…I have two Frostgrave-ish already, plan on having my Fisto proxy by then too, so just need one more. Hmm…I may have a fourth, as well. Sorted.
        Now you’ve said about Roger adding handlebar moustaches to everything, I have images of dinosaurs with moustaches in my head. 🙂

  5. Roger Webb says:

    So is this a Frostgrave figure with a “muzzy” each week or any figure with a “muzzy” each week and a Frostgrave warband in the month as well! and if any figures crossover into both camps all the better.

    Dino’s with moustaches, don’t tempt me!

    Cheers Roger.

  6. Carrion Crow says:

    I’d you’re going to put a moustache on a T-Rex, he’ll need a top hat as well, in true silent film villain style. Although with the short forelimbs, he’s unlikely to twirl it. This is the real reason the Dinosaurs died out – embarrassment from not being able to doff their hats to the ladies. 😉

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