“From here to Eternia’ty”

Right well first off we’ll begin with the list of excuses as to why this week’s posting is so late, well first off my dog ate it! OK sorry that’s a complete lie, but to tell you truth (can you handle the truth?) last weekend was the complete write off that I thought it would be, and Monday was spent catching up with doing all the things not wargames related (yes sadly there are some of these), that I should have done at the weekend before it was off to bed for a few hours before I started nights. So it was catch up time from the start of the week onwards really.

Tuesday, well what can I say about Tuesday, as far as He-man was concerned it was a bit of a nothing day again as all I managed to do was glue his (somewhat wonky) sword in place and bend his right arm ever so slightly into what I hoped was a better position. When it came to Skeletor however it was time to bite the bullet and start applying his cape. Oh how I love doing capes! First off I didn’t have any of the “sticker” backing paper from work that I use to roll out flat pieces of He man 2 (tuesday)putty between, a lack of forward planning on my part here I’m afraid! So to start with I tried to do this between two pieces of the clear plastic it comes wrapped in (this has worked before) however this fresh Greenstuff seems really “sticky” and welded itself to both pieces (epic fail!!) so the whole lot ended up in the bin. I was all for giving up at this point, but rather than be defeated I decided to mix up another ball of putty and spreading out a little washing up liquid onto my sculpting board and a bit more on the thick marker pen I use as a rolling pin, tried again. This time it worked (up to a fashion) and I was able to cut out a tapering rectangle that was them hung from “Skelly’s” shoulders and teased into a vaguely cape shape, and then I left it before anything else could go wrong.

On Wednesday, with a bit of trepidation I started adding the “ripples” to Skeletors cape, these were done by adding tapering sausages of greenstuff running from the bottom of the cape up to near the top. I He man 2 (wednesday)left a small semi-circular area around the back of his neck clear as this is where the back of his hood will sit. These sausages were then blended into each other to try and form the waves in the cape, it looks alright but it still isn’t the effect that the professionals can get (how do they do that? If someone knows please tell me!). After this I added He man’s right hand and filled in the gaps caused when I cut into his arms and wrist to alter the positions of his arms.

Thursday was “hood” day, and as I’d remembered to bring home some sticker backing paper from work it was a lot easier than the cape had been. I started with a small ball of putty and this was then teased out into a tapered sausage shape (a bit like a croissant) this was then placed between two bits of backing paper and flattened and spread He man 2 (thursday a)out, then I placed a small “filler” blob of putty on the back of the skull and wrapped the now flat “croissant” around it, then shaped and blended it into position, widening it out around the jawline in an exaggerated version of the cartoon version. I then added a couple of ripples to the front inner part of his cape (this was done the same as the above). Then I added a roll of putty around the top of his staff, just below the goat’s skull and cut a couple of rings in this as a mounting for said skull. Finally today I turned to He man and filled his other wrist and added his wrist “bracelets”, and the sculpting was about done.

He man 2 (thursday b)That meant Friday was spent gluing the figures to two pence pieces (nice to see Jez does this too, by the way), before the staff was glued into Skeletors Hand and to the side of his foot for extra security before both bases were covered with “Tetrion all purpose” filler and had a couple of “Cat ltter” rocks set into the bases.

And that was week two, though the sculpting is now finished I’ve still got to paint them, I hope I’ll be able to do that by next weekend, please remember to check out Jez’s progress over at his blog…. https://carrioncrowsbuffet.wordpress.com/ and last but not least this week’s morale, is….

“In today’s story Roger learnt that time is always your enemy, the more time you think you have the less you actually end up with”.    

Cheers Roger.

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6 Responses to “From here to Eternia’ty”

  1. Carrion Crow says:

    By the Power of Garrison! Nicely done, Mr Webb! I managed to get an evening to myself this week, so have progressed with the painting of He-Man, Skeleton and Man-at-Arms (who has got a moustache after all). Not entirely happy with Skeletor’s skull. A black wash on yellow didn’t work entirely how I intended it to, but I realised if I tried to ‘fix’ it any further, it would ruin the figure. Hopefully, I’ll get an opportunity to post my progress this weekend, but I’m not promising anything. And I originally used washers, until I realised that using 2ps is actually cheaper. Mainly for plastic figures to give them some heft or metal ones with substantial integral bases, as it’s less the consuming than filing off/down huge lumps of metal.

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Many thanks Jez, my own progress has been painfully slow as well, as far as painting these chaps goes, this always happens, I get a couple of weeks off of work with plans to get loads done, and when I actually get the time off I get less done than usual yet can never figure out exactly where the time has gone too.

    I too used to use washers, but discovered that 2p’s are cheaper and easier to get hold of.

    Looking forward to seeing how you’ve got on.

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    Hi Roger

    Whilst you’ve seen my output so far, I do have one final surprise before I finish this current batch of figures. I say “current”, because after a fairly exhaustive search, I think I’ve managed to find proxies (with a little conversion) for Fisto, Beastman and Merman. However, I need to sweet talk my wife prior to buying “more” figures, so I can’t predict when I will be “Re-Mastering the Universe”.
    I’m also going to try my hand at a little sculpting, little being the operative word, as I am going to try and sculpt Orko, as he seems relatively simple. We shall see…

    I’m hoping to sling some paint this evening and, if all goes to plan (hah!), you might see the results some time tomorrow.



  4. Roger Webb says:

    Oh no! you’re going to be streaking even further ahead me, I’ve just posted the finished result of He man and Skeletor and though I have a few ideas as to who to do next (too many in fact!) I haven’t even decided who it will actually be yet. I might have a look tonight to make a final decision.

    Yes, Orko will have to be a scratch build I think myself, because as you say he looks pretty simple (these usually turn out to be the worst to actually do!!).

    Glad you’re still enjoying this little diversion, keep up the good work, cheers Roger.

  5. That is a choice Skeletor! I think the bits work well together and the cape looks the part. It should look excellent when painted. I alwasy wondered if Skeletor has a muscle suit on or is just his head devoid of flesh?

  6. Roger Webb says:

    Many thanks “Dagger” most appreciated, I am rather pleased with Skeletor myself, I always though it was just his head that was missing its flesh (I seem to remember something in the newer series explaining what happened to him, but that might just be my memory playing tricks on me).

    Cheers Roger.

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