“I Have the Figures!!”

Right well before I start properly posting my progress next Saturday (I hope), I thought I’d give you a little background on my thinking and reasons for “He-month”. As I’m sure most of you are aware “He-man and the Masters of the Universe”, was unleashed on an unsuspecting world of children way back in 1982, and I can still vividly remember first seeing them piled in a stillage in a toy shop in Chester, and badgering my poor mother all afternoon until she agreed to buy me one. But which one to get! You must bear in mind that this was before the twenty minute adverts (sorry cartoon series) had even begun, so I had very little information as to who was who, and this was the cause of my somewhat strange choice of “Zodac” (probably the most useless character in the whole first wave of releases!), but he had a laser gun you see, and as a child of the Star Wars figure revolution that was all I needed to see. Anyway this poor choice was what probably put me off buying into the franchise big time, and my purchases began and ended there (much to my parents relief I’m sure), I was however an avid watcher of the television series, especially “Teela” (well I was thirteen at the time). I also went to the pictures to see the woeful movie version (sadly this is still Dolph Lungrens finest hour), and watched the re-make animated series with my children when it was on. So though I’ve always quite liked the concept, I’ve never been what you’d call a real “fanboy”. So what you ask has prompted all this then? Well though I’ve been having quite a lot of fun lately painting up Zombies, VBCW, Dystopian Ships and the like, I’ve been itching to get out the old sculpting tools and slap some greenstuff about again, and so a suitable subject was required (at this point long term readers will be saying “what about the Sci/Fi cowboys!!”. And yes, I will finish them one day). Recently the series “Toy hunter” has been repeated on “Sky” and this started to get me thinking, but it was Myles pointing me in the direction of the “He-man” skit’ clips from the “Robot Chicken” series on “Youtube” that really got me serious about converting some 28mm figures into the “muscle bound” heroes and villains of my televisual youth.

Much pondering ensued as to where I was going to lay my hands on some suitably muscular figures to form the basis for both He-man and Skeletor, various sources were considered and discarded, including “Copplestones” Cavemen (too much hair) and “Heroklix” (I’ve got lots to choose from but nothing really stood out), then I remembered I’d seen some rather nice muscular chaps posing as “John Carter” types eternia group shot 1on the TMP a while back, and even more incredible I could actually remember the companies name! So it was off to “Bronze Age Miniatures” website for a look. Brilliant just what I was after! They even did unclothed “Dollies” that would save me hours of time filing off unwanted clothing, the down side of this was that there were so many useful poses in the range that rather than just the two for He-man and Skeletor I ended up ordering enough to populate a whole episode of “MotU”, this cheap little diversion was fast growing faster than “Cringer” into “Battlecat!”

Having mentioned this idea in a reply to a weekly “Ranting’s” post Jez over at “Carrion Crows Buffet” blog mentioned that he might have a couple of figures that would fit my bill (there are just so many fine chaps blogging out there!), much appreciated as this was, I had to inform him that I was now sorted figure wise, and to my immense pleasure he decided to jump aboard my little boat to insanity and is going to paint them up as Eternia’s favorite sons himself! Well with two of us participating we just had to give it a name, sadly I didn’t start this last month as Jez came up with the quite brilliant “Masters of the Juniverse”, but as it is now July we finally settled on “He-Month”. He has also posted his first “He-month” post, and you can check it out here….


He-Skel 01 As you can see above the figures have now arrived (it looks like the Eternia nudist society outing up there doesn’t it!), and I’ve picked out the first two pieces of “conversion fodder”. You can probably guess who’s going to be He-man and who’s Skeletor (if not the second picture is a real giveaway!). As you can see I started by hacking away the bits I don’t need, and filing away the the easy bitfeet ready for the boots to be added with greenstuff, the eagle eyed amongst you will no doubt have noticed that He-man will be holding his sword aloft with two hands not one, well in my version that’s how he does it so there! (alright, I should have checked before I ordered the figure, but it’s done now).

So like the series I plan to end each week with a morale, so….

“In today’s story Roger learnt that he should have a proper look at the poses famous characters take when performing important feats, instead of relying on his fading memory”.

Cheers Roger.

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4 Responses to “I Have the Figures!!”

  1. More than one post in a week Roger..? Just as soon as I was notified I immediately made myself and a cuppa and sat back to read your posting. My goodness this looks like an absolutely cracking idea and both you and Jez are certainly off to to some fine starts – though Crow’s first two models look a bit more like their TV counterparts than yours 😛

    I really rate your sculpting so I am genuinely excited about what’s in store for your followers. Sadly I don’t think I’ve anything to contribute but I’ll have a scan of my lead mountain and see whether I can at least show my support to you two guys with something…

    Great idea, great posting and good luck to the pair of you. looking forward to tomorrow’s posting 😉

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Simon, thought I’d better get a posting in as Jez had already posted one,but No, no, no! No more postings till Saturday. I go for quality over quantity (I even made myself laugh with that!). I would have been a bit further ahead but I spent most of yesterday messing about modifying the header and drawing myself (well my logo) as Orko. It would be great if you could join in, but don’t worry if you can’t I know you have a lot on your plate (well painting table) at the moment, though it would be good to see He-man in the Tardis fighting Imperial Storm troopers or something.

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Carrion Crow says:

    I just wanted to drop you a quick message, firstly to say thank you for allowing me to join in this madness, as I’m using all my skill and ingenuity to get the figures “just right” and thoroughly enjoying it. Secondly, em-4 miniatures have a 28mm barbarian mounted on a sabre tooth tiger, which looks remarkably like a certain prince and his pet. And it’s only £4.00! Certainly worth a look.

  4. Roger Webb says:

    Hi Jez, you are more than welcome, it’s always more fun doing something like this when you have someone else along for the ride. I’ve had a quick look at EM4 and yes your right, that is an impressive model for just £4.00, at that price I could get two and do Seletors “Panthor” as well.
    Hmmmm, you’ve got me thinking now……

    Cheers Roger.

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