“Return of the plastic dead”

This week I decided to finish off the rest of the Mantic Games plastic Zombies that I’d rebased a couple of weeks ago, and as I hope to start my He-Man project next week (if the figures arrive that is) I didn’t want to start anything that was going to take too long and it would also clear a bit of space in the small plastic draw unit that I keep the figuresmyles's zombie hors in that are in the process of being painted at night, so they are hopefully out of the way of inquisitive little paws.

So first order of business was to go round the figures filling in any bits that the matt black spray undercoat had missed with a brush full of thin(ish) matt black. Next it was out with another group of “Zombie” shades, as you might remember from a couple of weeks back I quite like my undead multi-coloured, so this week’s colours of choice were..

Flesh tone seven (a brownish tone like Mexican flesh), Coffee, Stone Green (a Zombie favorite), Leather Brown, Dark Grey and Pale Flesh.

So using the same technique as last time I’ll describe how I did each one individually. Number one, he was first given a coat of flesh tone seven mixed with coffee on all the “fleshy” bits (mixed on the figure deado 1while painting as were all the following chaps), I then painted the head he appears to lunching upon in European flesh (alas poor Yorrik indeed!), before in a change to last time I added the “holes” in his flesh with dark red (this was much easier than trying to paint the flesh colour around them as I did last time). I added his “skirt” in chocolate brown, (I don’t really think you can refer to this ragged mess as trousers) and this was then highlighted with Khaki. Then I re-added the black of the eye sockets (on both heads) along with the mouths before “dotting” in the cream pupil (and whites of the eyes on the non-zombie head), a bit of exposed bone and a few teeth, before bright red was dry-brushed over the dark red areas plus the hands, mouth Deado 2and poor unfortunates head. The painting of number two was very similar except that a little stone green was added in to the flesh colours, a “shirt” was added hanging around his waist in citrus orange that was highlighted with sand, and the small amount of hair he has on his head was added in dark grey that then had highlights (low lights?) of black added to it. I imagine these two have only recently been bitten with the Zombie “bug” as they have a comparatively healthy pallor to their skin!

Deado 3Number three was “fleshed up” using coffee, stone green and flesh tone seven, his trousers were added in royal blue that was then highlighted with light blue grey and his shirt was done in coffee highlighted with cream, he is probably the one I’m least happy with to be honest.

Four was then painted with a mix of just coffee and stone green similarDeado 4 to one from last time, this combination gives them a rather ghoulish appearance that I quite like. Again his “rags” were undercoated in royal blue and this was then given highlights of light blue grey.

deado 5Taking the stone green yet again I mixed it this time with a bit of leather brown on number five. Though I’m not as keen on the end result as the above. His rags were painted the same as the above as well.

Finally number six (I’m not a number I’m a free zombie! sorry) was painted using dark grey and leather brown as the base colour for the flesh, really because I was running out of ideas for colour Deado 6combinations, and when the end result looked a little dark to me I mixed the two colours again on a pallet (well a Pringles lid if I’m honest) and added some pale flesh to get a lighter result, this was then dry-brushed over the flesh areas and I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with the result. One of those happy accidents that happen occasionally, I’ll be using this technique again if I can remember how I did it (Oh yes I can check back here to find out can’t I!). Anyway after this his trousers were added in deep bronze green that was then highlighted with scenic green, I did consider doing a camouflage pattern to this but in the end I thought this would limit him to only more modern settings (though I really don’t know if I’ll ever use him in more medieval type games but hey’ you never know, and I’m rambling again sorry). Lastly his shirt was added in the same way as the above.

After all was dry (about two seconds later in this heat!) they were all given a coat of Quickshade strong tone, and their bases were completed in my usual fashion, before going out for a topcoat of matt varnish courtesy of Humbrol spray paints.

And that’s it I’ve now run out of Zombies to paint, unless I try cobbling together the broken ones floating around in the numerous boxes Myles has under his bed. I will return to “Zoms” at some point (perhaps for “Zomtober”) but I’ll have to buy some first (Thank you Matty!), and there are quite a few other things I have my eye on before the “undead get their hands on my living wage” again.

So till next week, sleep tight and…

Cheers Roger

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2 Responses to “Return of the plastic dead”

  1. Another cracking zed-related post Roger. I can’t believe how quickly you ‘churn’ these walking dead out and how excellent they look. You must have a far few now… enough to populate a game of “Zombicide” at least. I’m really looking forward to your “He-Man” project… “By the power of Quickshade!” 😉

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Simon, the Zom’s are actually pretty easy to paint, just as well as you need quite a few as the die (do Zombies die?) pretty easily too. Just got back from Salford, as I had to go for my passport interview (yes, I’ve never had one before!). While there we had a look around the Imperial War Museum, powerful stuff! really makes you think, especially as a wargamer, as you have an insight into the background, but the horror it inflicts on ordinary peoples lives, I guess is something we tend to not to think about, if only real conflicts could be sorted over a table, some miniatures, dice and a couple of beers.
    Anyway, a pleasant surprise when we got home, my He-man base figures have arrived so I hope to have my first posting on this project ready by next weekend. As Jez (Carrion Crow) is hopefully going to do a couple of He-man Skeletor proxies himself at the same time, he suggested we should have done it last month, then we could have called it “Masters of the Juneverse”, I love that! but I can’t wait till next June to use it sadly.

    Cheers Roger.

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