“I’m not sick, I’m a Carrier!”

Well as ordered, I’ve returned to my “Dystopian Wars” Prussian naval fleet again this week, actually as I bought a support flotilla last weekend at Salute, to add to the naval battle group of Prussians I have already been working my way through over the last few weeks I thought I better try and get these finished (even if I am now pulling elbaahead of Myles in the painting stakes!). So for your delectation and delight this week I give you the “Elba” class fleet carrier and the “Konigsberg” class battle cruiser.

The Elba is a pretty impressive lump of resin (well three lumps to be exact) and measures 150mm long from bow to stern, with a lot of very nice detail modeled into it (some of which is hidden, but I’ll get to that in a bit). First job was to sand the bottom of all the pieces nice and flat and clean away any stray bits of flash from the metal guns of the cruiser, I them attached the guns to the ship with a little greenstuff in the “plug holes” to make sure the joints were good and secure before supergluing them in place. The Elba I left in its three pieces to make it easier to paint. Then it was out to the garden for a coat of matt black, yes the weather is now good enough that I can spray outside (well the black I can, the matt varnish I still spray in the garage with the fan heater blowing across the figures, but don’t tell my wife!!). Once dry they were touched up on any bits the spray hadn’t covered and I also painted the bottoms of the Elba’s flight deck and cross shaped bridging area black as these would be visible on the finished model.

Next I dry-brushed everything with chainmail (this also brings out any detail and makes it easier to see), before I undercoated all the decking areas with chocolate brown, and believe me there are a lot of elba paint 2decks on the carrier! These were then highlighted with leather brown and then I undercoated both of the hulls with dark grey, I also decided to do the sides of the flight deck in the same colours as the hull so this was undercoated too, I carefully painted around the “X” shaped metal bracing down the sides, though I don’t know why, as next I added the light grey lines using my semi dry-brushing technique and tried to match these up with the ones on the flight deck (how successful this was I’ll leave up to you), then repeated this process with the black lines, due to the way I do this it meant I had now covered up a lot of the bracing I had been so careful to paint round with the dark grey (bum!!), after this I added the “dots” in coffee and then carefully repainted in the bracing again in chainmail. Anyway after this debacle I painted in the planes, after a bit of a think I decided on deep bronze green with a cream line along the top and a couple of cream highlights on the wings (well I didn’t want anything to complicated as I’ve got a fair few of these to paint). I even painted the plane coming up from the middle of the lower part of the ship (and the two decks either side of elba paintthis) even though once it was all glued together you couldn’t see them! (But I know they’re there!!). That left the funnel tops and various highlights on both ships to be added in bronze and they were ready for their customary coat of Quickshade. Once this was good and dry they were treated to a final coat of matt varnish and they were all set for a bit of action upon the high seas. I suppose I’ll have to paint up some more planes soon.

Once again I took the opportunity to Quickshade the rest of my 20mm World War Two German infantry, this now completes my WW2 stuff germans ww2 repaint 3(apart from the rest of the Japanese Infantry that are still languishing in their draw waiting for their number to come up, of course!).But after nosing about in the loft the other weekend (I was supposed to be looking for something else, but I’m easily distracted you know!) I came across my old 25mm cowboys, so now these are in the Quickshade queue as well!

Oh well, till next week, Cheers Roger.

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2 Responses to “I’m not sick, I’m a Carrier!”

  1. Now that is what I call a couple of big boats Roger 🙂 I really do like how you paint your vessels and once again you have outdone yourself with your work on that aircraft carrier. Absolutely corking stuff. I’d probably have glued the big beastie together before painting but I think you’ve taken the right route despite half your work being covered by the deck, as from your picture alone you can see the detail underneath you’ve picked out. Mine would just be black (with shadow). Looking at the model’s supports though I wonder whether they’re large enough to have put magnets in? Wonderful work on the Germans my friend. The detail you’ve gone to on the soldiers is excellent (even thought this time all you’ve done is dip them), and I love the dogs and shoulder piping you’ve picked out. You also would seem to have painted all the occupants of the vehicle. Does the roof cover detach? Fantastic posting my friend 🙂

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Simon, yes the carrier is a fair old lump, the dreadnought (that will probably be next to get painted) is about the same length, though in less pieces. You might be able to get small magnets into the leg structures, but as I don’t ever plan to remove the flight deck again I didn’t bother, as I said I know they’re there and that’s enough for me. I don’t believe for a second that you would have just painted them black! I’ve seen the level of detail you add to your figures and I couldn’t see you being happy with that!!.

    Yes the riding Germans are all painted as are the dashboard of the trucks/cars etc.. and no none of the roof’s come off but as I said “I know….”

    Cheers Roger.

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