“Nails To Be Struck By The Hammers Of Justice”

heroklix 180Really this is all “Blax Klerics” fault (as you know I am terribly easily lead!), I was commenting on another of his excellent blog postings a couple of weeks ago after he had re-painted some more of his collection of “Heroclix” figures, and I mentioned that I would like to do a leader for my “Doomwatch” superhero team, and that I would require a chap in a wheelchair (something like Professor X of the X men), well to cut a long story short this got me thinking and from there I got to looking on EBay to find the exact figure I wanted to convert from. After being both surprised and a little disappointed that the figure in question was going for £10.00 a go (I’m sorry but I don’t want to spend ten quid on a plastic figure I intend to convert, I’m a bit tight like that) I had all but given up when I stumbled across a collection of “Heroclix” figures someone was selling off that included two of the Professor X figure I was after, much better value than the single figures, I thought I could buy that, cherry pick anything that was of use to me and hopefully sell on the rest and recoup some (if not all) of the original outlay (this has all the hallmarks of one of those plans that sound great in your head but never seen to work out in the real world!). Anyway too cut a long story short I am now the proud owner of one hundred and eighty more “Heroclix” figures than I was two weeks ago, (not bad considering I only wanted one!). Actually there are some really nice figures in there gang superthat I never knew they did and my original one figure has grown by quite a bit (and is growing by the minute). Still my leader figure is going to have to wait for a while but I have picked out six “less super” types to be civilians, gang members, petty criminals etc… in our superhero games, so I’ll begin with them..

(Thug): I first saw this figure on Simon’s (Blax) blog a while back as he had painted up quite a few of them as “henchmen” for his superhero bad assgames I decided I needed one of these too. After re-basing him and the rest in my usual manner they were given a coat of matt black. I decided to leave his vest black and simply highlighted it and his boots with dark grey before adding the legend “Bad Ass” to his chest. Then his Jeans were painted with a mix of royal blue and blue grey before they were highlighted with just blue grey. His flesh was undercoated with chocolate brown before it was highlighted with a mix of this and dark flesh tone. All in all a pretty simple figure to re-paint.

(Con Artist): What exactly makes her a con artist I really don’t know, but I do know she had one of the worst painted faces I’ve ever laid eyes on! With blue in her eye sockets her actual eyes were painted down on her cheeks in line with the base of her nose. Anyway I was glad to get the black undercoat on her and cover this up, then I decided on a conny“camo” style dress so bronze green was applied and over this I added “splodges” of stone green and chocolate brown. Her boots and waistcoat I left black and highlighted these in dark grey again. A tiny bit of chainmail over her wristbands and it was time to do her flesh, dark flesh tone formed the base of this and after adding her eyes (in the sockets this time!) I highlighted this with European flesh. Her lips were done in dark red and her hair was chocolate brown with a little chestnut to highlight. To my eyes at least a big improvement over the original paintjob.

(Lackey): My two “Lackeys” looked more like burglars to me so I decided to paint one of them up with the classic villain’s stripy jumper, this was worked up from the black base coat by highlighting it dark grey and then adding the stripes in cream and highlighting these in white, his hat, gloves, boots and trousers were all just highlighted withlackey twins a mix of dark grey and black, and his “jemmy” was dry-brushed with chainmail. The other was even easier with his jumper highlighted with royal blue and his trousers done in dark grey highlighted with light grey mixed with dark grey (so as not to be too light), his boots, and hat simply highlighted with dark grey and his gloves chocolate brown highlighted with leather. Both faces were done in European flesh highlighted with the same mixed with a little pale flesh.

(Criminal): Probably my least favorite of the bunch, this gun “toting” ruffian started out with having his guns dry-brushed with chainmail before I added his jeans as before, then his ripped vest was undercoated in dark red and then highlighted with bright red. I added2 guns his flesh in dark skin tone highlighted with the same but with a bit of pale flesh added, his boots are chocolate brown and leather brown, and his bandana is royal blue highlighted with bright blue, then I added some white dots and lines to it as it looked a little plain. Finally his hair and goatee are chocolate brown highlighted with a little chestnut brown. I’m still not over fond of him, but that just might be that I’m not overly keen on guns in superhero games anyway!

(Vampire Lackey): What is a “Vampire Lackey”? Do Vampires need lackeys? I don’t know the answer to either of these questions, but I thought she might make a good gang member so she went off to be sprayed black along with the others. Now her pose is a little awkward in my opinion, and what is she doing with that stick? In the end I decided to cut off the part sticking out from the back of her hand and turn it into a short length of pipe, then after I’d dry-brushed this chainmail I undercoated her top in pink and highlighted this in the same with a little white added, her jeans were done at the same time vampthugand in the same way as the above, and her skin was done the same as “bad ass” above, she actually has a pretty well sculpted face, and her vampire teeth appear to be just painted on as after the black undercoat had gone on I could find no trace of them, I ended up giving her green boots simply because I didn’t want to do another pair black and brown would have been too close to her skin tone. I added the white “skunk” line to her hair just to give it a bit of interest. For some reason I can imagine her fighting “zombies” I don’t know why, but I just can.

Sorry that there are no actual “costumes” in amongst this little group, but my heroes need someone to practice beating up when they’re not fighting the big boys. I promise to make sure the next batch have their underwear firmly on the outside of their pants.

Till next week, Excelsior! Roger.

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5 Responses to “Nails To Be Struck By The Hammers Of Justice”

  1. What an absolutely cracking posting Roger… you’ve really pulled out a surprise with this one I assure you. A fantastic bargain buy 😉 Great painting, which puts my Lackeys to shame… I wouldn’t dream of attempting the black and white stripes, and yours look superb. Its actually one of my favourite figures of the entire range, and I love what you’ve done with him. I wasn’t aware of the criminal mini… so when I wanted some shooters I actually bought a few of another gun-totting mini (which were awful-looking), chopped their pistol hands off and used them to replace the crowbar hands on some more of my Lackey models. I much prefer the look of your Criminal one. Great collection, and your camo is as good as ever. I’ll sit down with your group shot and list over a cuppa and get back to you asap. Have a top day my friend… and good to see you enjoying your “Heroclix” 🙂

  2. Roger Webb says:

    Thanks Simon, I don’t know about putting any of your figures to shame, I’m just happy if I can get anywhere near you standard. I’ll let you into a secret, originally both Lackeys were going to get striped jumpers, but the first one was such a pain to do I “wimped out” on the second and just did it in blue instead. It has surprised me (as it often has on your blog) that lurking under some of the awful paint jobs some of these chaps come with are actually some really nice figures, I think the two “girls” above are great examples of this as both had terrible faces originally, but now I think are both genuinely good looking “gals”. I am enjoying my “Heroklix” if I’m honest, I have three more “costumed classics” in the queue for a couple of weeks time (providing I don’t buy anything that demands my immediate attention from Salute!).

    Cheers Roger.

    • You’re very kind with your compliments Roger. But I think most of the “Heroclix” sculpts (the early ones certainly) are far better than their original paintjobs promise. I’m looking forward to Salute immensely, as we’ll be getting into the Batman Miniatures Game in a big way there, so expect loads of subsequent postings on that 35mm skirmish ruleset. Although with the except of the Caped Crusader and one or two others, I’ve promised myself I won’t be buying minis I already own and paint in 28mm. In addition I hope to meet up with your excellent self 🙂

  3. Roger Webb says:

    Batman eh, there are some wonderful sculpts in that range, but the prices are scarier than being locked in a room with the Joker and penguin combined! I think I’ll be sticking with the 28mm stuff for the time being. Look forward to see what you do with the figures and game yourself though sir.

    Who’s this “we” you talk of, are you going with your local club or family members?

    Oh we shall be meeting up at some point, you’ve promised me a cup of tea after all!!

    Myles is on about getting more!!!! boats. I might have to sink that idea. (sorry)

    Cheers Roger.

  4. Roger, You’re not joking about the prices for “Batman” but I don’t plan to get that many as you only four for a team, and I’m hoping for a Salute deal somewhere 🙂 I’ll be at Salute with a friend who has already bought into “Batman” and plans to get some more. take care 🙂

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