“A roll of the die” (week 15)

Once again the toss of the coins of fate came up double tails so “Galahad” came to the fore and the D30 roll brought up…paint 16

Box 5 (6 x 20mm WW2 Japanese soldiers of my choice)

World War Two gaming is not something I’ve done much of for many a year now with my various forces painted and safely tucked away up in the loft, all that is apart from these inscrutable chaps from “Over the wire’s”, “Merrills Marauders” game that I bought quite a few years back. The reason is simple really, they’re just not very good, I managed to paint up the Americans but was so unimpressed with the finished figures that I simply couldn’t face painting up the Japanese opposition. So when their number came up this week I was less than enthusiastic about the weeks painting ahead. Anyway I’d decided back when I started this random painting project that I’d take the rough with the smooth, so six figures were duly picked out to be based on 20mm cardboard squares (how all my WW2 collection is based), the bases blended in using Tetrion filler and then given a coat of matt black, before the painting could really begin in earnest.

ww2 japs 1This began with me painting all of the uniform parts of the figures with khaki and then heavily dry-brushing these again with a mix of khaki and coffee, once done the strapping’s around their lower legs was painted with coffee. Next I added the straps and packs, along with the stocks of their rifles in chocolate brown and then leather items were then highlighted with leather brown and the wooden stocks in butternut, then as all but on of the figures is wearing a shoulder satchel that according to my “Armed forces of World War II” book should be green I added these in deep bronze green highlighted with grass green. Their boots and metallic gun parts came next, done in matt black with chain-mail over the metallic bits. Now when it came to the flesh I ended up getting all my various flesh colours out to make the final decision on the colour to use, I had intended to mix one with a little khaki to get the right tone but I was worried that it would end up blending in to much withww2 japs 2 the colour of the uniforms so in the end I went with an old “horizon paints” colour I have called “flesh tone 7” this is quite a brownish flesh and works well as a base coat, I then highlighted this with European flesh after I’d added the eyes in black (I don’t tend to bother with the whites on anything under 25mm). Lastly one figure had a blanket rolled up at the top of his pack and as I couldn’t find a picture with one of these in colour I decided to paint it blue grey as this seemed appropriate.  I considered not coating them in Quickshade (as none of my other WW2 figs are), but in the end I did, and I’m so impressed with the improvement it’s made to these guys, I may go back and do the same  to the rest of my WW2 collection, even though my Quickshade tin has now completely had it, it was so thick and “gloopy” that I ended up getting a bit out on ww2 japs 3my brush and mixing it with “turps” in a “Pringles” lid before applying it to the figures, needless to say it went in the bin after this as it was beyond saving. I’ll have “Bite the bullet” and to get a new tin before next weekend.

When it came to painting the bases I’m afraid I didn’t do anything particularly exciting with my 20mm WW2 figures in the past and as these are to match, I simply coated the entire bases with earth brown and dry-brushed this with scenic green before adding some green hairy flock (I’m afraid I can’t be more specific as to the exact colour of this as I’ve had the jar of this for years and can’t remember where I even bought it from!). They were finally given a coat of matt varnish, before marching up to the loft and joining the rest of my collection.

That’s all for this week, till next week, Cheers Roger.

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2 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 15)

  1. Oh I like these enormously Roger. They’re very well done imho, and the basing, though simple, really sets them off. I’d be extremely pleased to see these on my wargaming table. Indeed there’s a couple there I’ll be considering for your Top Ten 😉 Does this mean that once you get your new tin of Quickshade you’ll be spoiling me with the US Marines? Great posting and if the minis were as uninspiring as you say then your paint-jobs have really brought them to life. I especially like the one throwing the pineapple and soldier stood with his rifle across his shoulders. Lovely stuff.

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, Sorry for the late posting today, but it was the dreaded last day for doing the tax return for WSD (always a jolly job!!) and I needed to get that done first, thank god that’s over for another year. I have just bought a new tin of Quickshade this very morning, 20 quid! I’m sure the last tin wasn’t that expensive.

    I’m glad you like them I’m still not that impressed myself. As for top ten potencial!! I’m not sure about that, I think I might be having a “Guckle” moment if they ended up in my top ten of the year (ha ha!). I am seriously considering digging out the marines and giving them the “Q’shade” treatment, when I open it to do something else of course. I’ve still got quite a few more of these to do so theres no rush.

    What there is a bit of a rush for is a new computer, as I think this one is entering it’s dead throw’s, the hard drive sounds like a swarm of demented bee’s are stuck in there!

    Cheers Roger.

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