“A roll of the die” (week 13)

Before I start this week I just wanted to add my condolences to all that have already been written up on the net about the untimely passing of Stewart Griffin, though he died of a heart attack in December I actually only learnt of it this week from Bob Olleys web-site, Stewart was the artisan who created the moulds and cast the figures we sell through WSD, not only was he able to “cast the uncastable” but was also a extremely nice person to deal with. The hobby is a poorer place for his passing.

Turning to the figures I had to paint up this week I tossed the coins and got a head and a tail and this had me turning to “Merlins” list and a roll of the D20 gave me….paint 14

Box 9 (civilian HMG on tripod with spotter)

As this would hopefully not take to long I tossed again and got two heads (Lancelot’s list) and the D30 this time gave me…

Box 13 (28mm prehistoric woman on sabre tooth tiger)

So starting with the “Irregular miniatures VBCW” figures first I decided that I didn’t like the “military” cap on the spotters head so after sanding away the hat but leaving the brim I added a flat cap instead, and as I had some “greenstuff” left over I gave him a beard as well. After considering the best way to paint these two chaps, I decided to base them up separately and then glue then to the large washer I intended to have them on eventually towards the end. So a small cardboard base was cut for the standing chap and a longer “triangular” for the gunner and Vickers 303 machine gun, I then “Tetrioned” the bases as this would be easier than trying to  fiddle around the figures bases once they were glued together. After a spray coat of matt black the 303 was dry-brushed with chain-mail and the barrel was painted chocolate brown highlighted with leather brown, then the “gunners” suit was painted dark royal blue before highlighting with royal blue. His cap and the vbcw gun1ammunition boxes were again painted chocolate brown and were dry-brushed with butternut, his shirt is coffee and cream, his waistcoat dark grey/light grey then it was just continental flesh highlighted with a lighter version of the same, a couple of copper details on the gun and “Bob’s your uncle” he was done.

Next the “spotters” trousers were painted a mix of chocolate brown and black before being highlighted with chocolate brown alone, then his long coat was painted a dark grey highlighted with light grey, his shirt is coffee/cream again and his gloves, binoculars and hat were chocolate brown (the first two being highlighted with leather brown and the latter having black cheques added).  Flesh went on as above before I gave his hair a coat of citus yellow and a sand highlight. Lastly I added the metallic details to his binoculars in black and chain-mail. The two figures were then added to the large “penny” washer that would be their final resting place before they got a coat of Quickshade and once dry I filled in the gaps around their bases and the edge of the washer with more “Tetrion” filler. This was then painted chocolate brown before being dry-brushed heavily with Khaki and lightly with coffee. Areas of this were them picked out in scenic green and hairy flock was glued to these. Finally they were given the customary coat of matt varnish and the bit of heavy support for my civilian rebels was complete.

Now when it came to my prehistoric lady or “The girl that clothes forgot!” (She comes from “Maidenhead Miniatures” for those of you who are interested) I decided (rightly or wrongly I’m still not sure!) to glue her all together before I started to paint her, so firstly I needed to base her up but as she wouldn’t fit on a two pence coin (surprise surprise!!) and a large washer stuck out to far to the sides I did what I did with the “scrunt dog handler” from my top ten Sci-fi figures and made her a base by marking out two 2p’s on card and joining the edges with straight lines, this “oval” was just about the perfect size and the solid cast base on the figure meant it was still quite heavy and solid. Anyway once glued on, Itigerchick “Tetrioned” around the edges and as there was room I added a couple of “cat litter” boulders for good measure. Where her hand met the cats reins I added a tiny sausage of “greenstuff” curling from the top of her hand and down her wrist to show where the end of the straps went, rather than have them end in her hand. More greenstuff was added to the joints at her waist and wrist to strengthen and blend these in.

After she too was given a coat of matt black, the painting on her tiger could begin in earnest, this began with a coat of chocolate brown (I do seem to use this a lot, don’t I), this was then dry-brushed with a mix of chocolate, chestnut brown and orange. Next I blended in it’s face, mane, pads and tail with black before dry-brushing his fore legs and face sides with a leather brown / sand mix. It’s teeth and claws were next and are coffee highlighted with cream. Then turning now to our shameless jockey I began with chocolate brown again and lined in the thong around her waist, the shaft of her spear and her wristbands, a base coat of dark flesh was next, then after her eyes and mouth (well teeth) were added in white (with black dots in her eyes obviously) a lighter skin tone was added, this was still a little dark for me so a final pale skin tone was highlighted on too. Her “foliage” at neck and waist was next German field blue highlighted with deep bronze green and again with light grass green covered this (even if it doesn’t quite cover her!). Leather brown highlights were put on all the leather straps and reins next and the shaft of her spear was dry-brushed with butternut, this mixed with a little sand also formed the base colour for the fur “rug” she is using as a saddle, it was then highlighted with a little coffee (this was also used on the thongs holding the flint to the end of her spear) talking of the flint this was then painted dark grey and dry-brushed with light grey, like the spotter above her hair was citrus yellow highlighted with sand. Lastly he lips and “exposed lady bits” were added in pink burgundy, and she and “pussykins” were both ready for a coat of Quickshade. Once dry they were finished as the above.

Probably not my most productive week, but I have been having a bit of a saga with a new computer (no I haven’t got one, long story), so I lost a couple of evenings painting with that, so it was touch and go whether I‘d get them finished in time, but enough excuses, time to roll again.

Cheers Roger.

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4 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 13)

  1. I’m not sure I can keep up with the massively different genres you keep painting up Roger. The HMG team look grand, and I like the beard. But that Savage Shanna The She-Devil looks great. What a cracking model and a terrific paint-job as well. I may have to track one of those down myself as the range is rather nice imho. Top stuff once again 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, she is a nice model though I’m not really that happy with the paint job, all was going well till the quickshade went on but for some reason it’s made her look more “dirty” than shaded her, i think I’ll have to invest in a new tin soon, shame they dont do smaller tins,or I might try decanting some off into a smaller tin myself next time as I think the constant opening and closing is whats doing it in. Also think the face on the gunner figure was a bit “lumpy” and not the best sculpt in the world.

    But hey thats the point of a random generator, it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get!

    By the way I love you cyber king model (even though it is from the modern “not” Dr Who), I have been keeping up but with my computer woes have been doing so on my phone so havent posted comments. Only wrote this weeks posting this morning!

    Cheers Roger.

    • Thanks Roger. I wasn’t very impressed with the CyberKing on TV but as a model its okay – especially when one has pinned it back together again 🙂 I’ll be doing a new old “Mooretoons” next week, which is some time-travelling nonsense I hope you’ll enjoy, and another Dr Who Musing tomorrow.

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