“The Draxxon Five” (oops sorry six)

I bought these smashing little figures as greens last year when they were posted up on the “Miniatures Page”  by their sculptor Will Grundy, he was asking if anyone would be interested in buying and casting up any of his figures, as he had been using his finished draxx 0sculpts for his children to practice their painting on! Needless to say they were far too good for that, so of the miniatures he was advertising I soon purchased the six figures detailed below “The Draxxon”. There are three different sizes of figure, the Biggest two or “Old Bloods” (as I call them) are about 35mm tall, the two middle sized ones “Brood Masters” about 25/30mm, and the little ones (god this is turning into Goldilocks!) or “Broodlings” about 21mm. Now on arrival at Webb towers I noticed the “rookie” mistake I had made, lovely as the greens were they were never designed to go into a mould and so were completely un-castable! For those of you who have never though about this, a figure that is to be cast in a centrifugal casting machine goes into a two part mould that needs to be able to separate, therefore a figure for this must have a two dimensional plane running through it with no deep “undercuts” where the two halves of the mould will join (you can often see where this is on a figure by the mould or “flash” line that draxx 1runs around the figures sides). Now most of these figures didn’t have this “plane” so the first thing I had to do was decide on the best way they would sit in a mould and then carefully remove any parts that would need to be cast separately (such as some of the tails and heads), the “faces” of where these new part would attach then needed filling so that the new joints would fit nicely after casting, also a few places on the figures needed filling with a bit of green stuff where there was too deep a recess or over hang. Anyway after all this was done they sat in the “waiting to be cast tin” (I have an old “Quality street” tin I store un-cast greens in) until these and the some other figures went of to the caster and moulds were made.

Right now that’s the pre-amble over with I can get down to the painting of these little “Space Dragons”,  well after the pieces were glued together and any gaps filled with green draxx 2stuff, they were based up on the ubiquitous two pence pieces and these bases were then built up using “Tetrion” all purpose filler. Then starting with the usual black undercoat they were firstly given a heavy dry-brushing of copper and this was then dry-brushed again with bronze. Next I repainted the weapons and “Vents” in their armour black before dry-brushing these in chain-mail. Now there were some “ribbed” material bits on their armour like space suit pieces (mainly on the tails and mid sections) so these I painted dark grey and highlighted them in light grey. When it came to painting their exposed heads, legs and arms/hands, to begin with I did think of going with red flesh, then blue was considered, but in the end I played it safe and went with green (though the first coat was in fact German field blue!), next I mixed this same colour with some stone green but the result was far to turquoise in colour so added some shamrock green and the result was much better, so this was used to add highlights to all the exposed flesh. After adding the eyes and teeth a further highlight was draxx 4applied to the flesh with just stone green.

This just left the details to add, such as the shaft on the spear one chap is holding, this was chocolate brown highlighted with butternut, the visible tongues on a couple of them were added in pink burgundy highlighted with bright red and the strapping at the top of said spear along with claws on feet and hands were first painted coffee and highlighted with cream. They were then treated to a coat of Quickshade (with all the chunky detail they have, if ever any figures were make to be Quickshaded it’s these guys!). Lastly the bases were completed in my standard “mars like” planet space terrain, of chocolate brown dry-brushed with terracotta and then lightly dry-brushed in coffee (though not perhaps as lightly as I’d hoped!). And that’s it my first post of 2015, Sorry that it was WSD related, but I needed to get these done and up on the Web-site. I’m off to “roll the dice” for next weeks post.

Cheers Roger.

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5 Responses to “The Draxxon Five” (oops sorry six)

  1. What a cracking first post of the New Year, Roger, and late on a Friday night as well… whatever am I to read now with my Saturday morning cuppa 🙂 Terrific stuff, and I especially like the “Old Bloods” who look like terrific opposition for some of my other WSD minis, especially as I can move the odd head and tail about a bit for some variety. Expect an order as soon as I’ve shifted a certain portion of my ‘Black Tree Miniatures’ lead mountain.

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, I posted this on friday night as we wanted to get up and out early this morning to get to Chester for the sales, didn’t happen though as the kids wanted to come.Glad you like the mini’s I hope to get them up on the site tommorow. You might be able to move the heads and tails a bit but it’s going to take a bit of work and greenstuff as at present they only really fit in the one position.

    I actually wanted to go to a model shop in Chester (we haven’t been to Chester for about 12 months), though it appears it too has now closed. Funnily enough we were discussing this last night and without really trying I was able to name twenty model and wargame related shops that I used to visit over the last twenty five years or so that are now “kapput!” but could only think of five (now four it seems!) that are currently open. Am I the kiss of death or is this a trend all over, I wonder.

    Cheers Roger.

    • Thanks for the heads up Ref poses for the “Old Bloods”. Your painting of them has made them so appealing though that I’ll take the risk Ref poses and still pick up a posse. If you could let me know here or on TMP when they’re in stock then that’d be great. As a spooky aside, were you planning on going to Modelzone actually in Chester. I ask as I used to visit that franchise (in the South) for their Forces of Valor 1/72 stuff and was gutted when the chain closed down this time last year. However I do recall the Chester one was bought by an independent chappie because I was hoping he’d still stock the FoV stuff. It goes for stupid prices on Ebay you see. He didn’t but I’m pretty certain I have ordered from him from over the internet as he does do wargaming e.g. plastic toy soldier company and warlord. I thought he was doing rather well… so hopefully it’s the Modelzone you had in mind?

  3. Dick Garrison says:

    Have checked with a friend who often goes to Chester and apparently it is still open but isn’t where I remeber it being (though when it moved I don’t know, might have been years ago) it did used to be modelzone but is now called penkith models. hope this sets your mind at ease.

    Cheers Roger.

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