“Blax the Kleric’s top ten of 2014”

For those expecting another of Dick Garrison’s superb weekly postings I fear you are in for something of a disappointment, as for today only, Roger will be writing an entry on my blog “Fantorical” and I’ll be at the helm of the good ship “Rantings From under The Wargames Table”. As a result I thought it would be a fun way to end the year by us both listing our top ten favourite models which the other has painted over the past twelve months. To be honest when the idea was first muted I thought my task would be a relatively simple one as, although Roger posts every seven days or so, in my mind at least ‘Rantings’ is predominantly full of detailed postings about his excellent sculpting and conversions. The guy only puts a brush to them after the green stuff is dry, so posts once every few weeks with a painted miniature or two, right?

mo'6(10) Vixen: Like me, Roger has an avid love of superheroes and comic book characters and this ‘Vixen’ model from “Crossover Miniatures” is a great example of both this ‘addiction’ and his blending brushwork. The transformation from black to brown, especially around the ears is excellent and I really like the choice of coffeefor the chest and tail tip. I also think he’s absolutely nailed the lower face and eyes on this model. A good looking miniature and a great paint-job.


moore 2(9) Poncho: One of the miraculous “Necromunda” Orlock conversions Roger did as part of his “The Good, The Bad and The Greenstuff” series of postings this Mexican bandit was by far and away my favourite thanks to his evil eyes peering out from above the red bandanna. The brown poncho with cream tassels is also very well painted. Just an amazingly characterful sculpt and cracking paint-job on top.


moore 3(8) Japanese Fantasy – Baddie leader: To be honest I was much impressed with all three models from Roger’s Japanese Fantasy Rogue’s Gallery. Indeed I have a particular soft spot for the Hunchback. However the painting of the leader is simply ‘stand-out’ stuff from the maroon red cloak to the bright red demonic mask. I also like the way he painted the moustached face and swollen hands and feet. This, in my mind at least, gives the impression of some sort of ancient undead swordsman, bloated by the centuries, stalking the lands of the Far East.


godzilla deform 2(7) Godzilla: I know I’m infatuated with a well-painted model when upon first seeing it I immediately start searching the internet in order to purchase my own one. That is exactly what I did when I saw Roger’s excellent brushwork on this model of Godzilla by “Amaquest”. In addition I simply loved his backstory as to how he bought the little kit in Manchester a few years ago. A terrific model and some great layered dry-brushing really brought Ishiro Honda’s movie creation to life.


moore 1(6) Kroot Leader: Another of Roger’s superb conversions as part of his “The Good, The Bad and The Greenstuff” series, this model still retains most of its trademark “Games Workshop” details. But the addition of a loincloth and long ‘spiked dreadlocks’ gave this particular model a real ‘Predator’ feel which I like enormously. The paint work is also spot on with its pale green flesh, Khaki beak and gunmetal weapon. Inspirational stuff which Roger makes look so easy.


mo'v 4(5) Ranger: One of the genuine highlights of 2014 has been Roger’s Mo’vember Challenge, which I thought really brought out some of his best painting and creativeness. This Ranger by Bob Olley was one such miniature, which due to its ‘large’ 28mm size probably isn’t going to see that much ‘table time’. But that didn’t stop Roger from giving the model a stonkingly grand paint-job. The base coats and highlights are extremely well done and come together wonderfully following an application of Quickshade. There’s just so much detail on this figure which Roger has picked out. Whether it be the metal plates on the ranger’s wristbands, his cloak pin or blowing horn. Simply great painting.


gamma 4(4) The Gamma Boys: Arguably Roger’s best conversions of old “Games Workshop” Necromunda miniatures, these gamma-irradiated super-soldiers originated from plastic Goliath gang members. Although on this occasion he limited himself to just the odd hairpiece and shoulder-pad I thought Roger’s choice of paint scheme was utterly inspired and proved wonderfully colourful. I still return to this posting every now and then to ‘marvel’ at these these hulks and their green and purple attire.


mo'5(3) Mister Grimsdyke: My favourite of Roger’s Mo’vember Challenge submissions, this “Black Pyramid Games” model utterly smacks of Terry Thomas as a result of the green stuff villainous moustache. I also thought the choice of colours, from the dastardly dark top hat and jacket to the burgundy waistcoat through to the gold buttons and watch-chain were extremely well done. Just a cracking model.


top scifi 3(2) Granite: To be fair there really is not much at all between my favourite two of Roger’s miniatures for 2014. In many ways this one is my firm favourite as its conversion from an old “Heroclix” The Thing model was what first attracted my attention to the “Rantings From under The Wargames Table” blog. It also features an incredibly good paint job and I am in awe of how Roger managed to make the behemoth’s grey skin look so very good. An absolutely great figure and so very much improved on the original “Wizkids” sculpt and paint-job.


bul 8(1) Ballistic Man: By the tiniest of margins this fantastic looking figure of Rick O’Shay was almost entirely sculpted by Roger from green stuff and really captures the feel of the comic book super-heroes I grew up reading about. The paint-job and colour scheme is absolutely ‘spot-on’ as well and I simply love this Living Missile. Indeed I was desperate for “Wargames Supply Dump” to get some in stock as soon as Roger announced he was going to have it made into a proper casting. So you can imagine my surprise and utter delight when one arrived in the post along with a Christmas card from Roger himself. A stunningly generous gift which clinches the deal, in my books at least, as the best figure of 2014.


There are of course many other great miniatures which Roger has converted and painted over the past twelve months, and some honourable mentions for the likes of his “Black Tree Design” Emperor Dalek, “Irregular Miniatures” Pirates and “Hydra Miniatures” Vardu Plant Creatures are in order. However these figures are just the tip of the iceberg for Roger’s incredible output during 2014. Many thanks for reading, and to Dick Garrison for letting me take over this wonderful blog for a moment at least. Normal service will be resumed shortly…


P.S. (please check my top ten of Simon’s output for the year over on his excellent blog “Fantorical” at…. http://fantorical.blogspot.co.uk/  and a happy new year to you all from both of us.  Cheers Roger.)

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2 Responses to “Blax the Kleric’s top ten of 2014”

  1. Dick Garrison says:

    An excellent post, only let down by the quality of the painting on some of the figures in my opinion (I can say that as I did em’!). Many, many thanks to Simon for doing this and for letting me desecrate his excellent site for the day as well. I’ve really enjoyed this first year of “Blogging” and this has been a great way to end the year. I’m looking forward to 2015 now, hopefully getting some of the projects I’ve started this year finished, clearing more of the mountain of unpainted lead I’ve acquired and of course seeing what Simon gets up to next.
    A very happy New Year to you all!
    Cheers Roger.

    • Terrific stuff Roger and many thanks for letting me post this on your superb blog. Much appreciated and I’m already looking forward to next year’s summation as it means I’ll have 50 or so more posts containing your excellent painting to continually seek inspiration from. All you need to get cracking on with is some Batreps 😛

      Have a top New Year and fingers crossed you find the time to show us what you’re up to this Saturday – as I always have a bad weekend when it isn’t started by having a hot cuppa and a read of the latest new ‘Rantings’ posting 🙂

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