My top 10 fantasy figures (28mm)

Right as the spirit of Christmas has really begun to set in now, and I need to spend much of my time out buying presents for family and friends, I have decided to take the rest of December off, that’s right no painting and no sculpting work for me till the new year. But panic ye’ not I will still be posting on all of the Saturdays this month has to offer. So to start with I thought I’d do something a little bit different and share with you my ten favourite 25/28mm fantasy figures in my collection, so in reverse order I give you….

top fan 4 No 10. “Wizard” (Portage Miniatures). John Lange of Portage Miniatures had some truly beautiful figures in his range and it is one of my major regrets that I didn’t buy more of them while they were available, he had a flying “Swan ship” that was stunning. Of the ones I did buy there were a few that I considered for this list, but in the end I went for this little wizard (John figures were true 25mm’s) because of the almost Sci-fi look to his helmet and staff, he could even pass muster in a chaos army. He really is all things to all men.

top fan 5No 9. “Adventuress with sword and cross” (Producer unknown). Right your probably saying to yourself “Why’s he put this in, the figures not that good and his painting a bit ropey too”, well yes I know all that but it’s my list so there! Seriously though I really don’t know why she’s in here, I just like her I bought her on a whim from a box of second hand mini’s under someone’s stall at a show a few years back, and something just appealed to me (she was actually broken and I’ve found out since that she should be holding a flaming torch not the plastic sword I added).

top fan 1 No 8. “Goblin Wardancer” (Lancashire Games). What can I say about this little gobo? Well all the figures in Lancashire’s goblin range are rather good with great little “Mr Punch” style faces and the “Goblin Shaman” is another cracker, but a goblin in a “tutu” and hob-nail boots, come on what’s not to love! I call him “Louie” as a tribute to Mr Spence.

top fan 9No 7. “Arab Chap” (Mega Miniatures). Tucked away in a pack of “Townsfolk” containing twenty four figures, there is just something out the haughty expression on this “son of the dessert” that really appeals to me.

top fan 8No 6. “Gandalf” (Games Workshop). Well what can I say, if ever there was a figure that needed no introduction this is it. The whole early range of GW “Lord of the rings” figures were excellent (they’ve gone off a bit of late apparently, but let’s not get into that), but I think Gandalf, who I painted up for my “Soldiers of Fortune” column in “Valkyrie” magazine is my favourite, the original picture I took for the mag was one of my best too (but that has long been deleted I’m afraid).

top fan 6 No 5. “Armoured Lizard” (Reaper Miniatures). Reaper do some gorgeous stuff (I’m sorry I ever showed Myles their web-site as he’s often found trawling their pages now!), and I was lucky enough to have this sent to me as a sample for “Valkyrie” again. Writing for the magazine really made my up my painting (yes it really was that bad before!). At a massive 40mm tall he is an imposing sight on the battlefield and makes an imposing centrepiece to my lizard forces.

top fan 3 No 4. “Feral Elf on rock” (Maidenhead Miniatures). We used to sell this young lady (if lady is the right word posed like, that perhaps shameless hussy is nearer the mark!) and her brethren when we first started WSD, but shipping them over from Australia and later competition from other traders soon stopped all that, though they were a really nice range of figures, and this one was my favourite. A great little character piece I was particularly pleased with how her eyes came out, she was also one of the first figures I painted in that blocky highlight style.

cavewoman No 3. “Cave Woman” (Copplestone Castings). Now this figure may be a bit familiar to some of you as she has been on my blog before because she formed the base of one of my superhero conversions way back at the start of the year. As I’ve said before Mark Copplestone is one of my favourite sculptors and turns out some truly lovely female figures.

top fan 7 No 2. “Ogre” (Olley’s Armies). Another figure that was painted up for the stall at show’s, I had great fun painting up all the figures I have by Bob, he’s probably my favourite fantasy sculptor and a really funny guy to boot (I once sent him a picture I’d found on the net of a Batman water pistol from the sixties and he sent me back a brilliant comedy poem he’d written about it!). Anyway I painted him start to finish in just over a day, he was one of those figures where I just couldn’t stop painting him, each new colour going on as soon as the last was touch dry. The final black wash just tied him all together and gave just the grubby result I was after. A great classic “fairy tail” ogre straight out of a “Brothers Grimm” story. (He’s also the painted figure that when on our show stall, the most people have asked if theycould buy him, needless to say he wasn’t for sale).

top fan 2 No 1. “Jin Chow” (Newbold Enterprises). Ian Newbold is a rebel, where as the vast majority of manufacturers are happy to add the ever growing pile if Orcs, Elves, Dwarves etc… He decided to create his own world from scratch “Newbold world” (why not?). And it is from one of his original races the “Grak” that the mounted chap comes. Now I love painting standards and very rarely use printed ones, but this is one of my favourites of the ones I’ve done, based on a design I saw in the “How to paint Citadel Miniatures” book the Chinese writing in the corner says dragon (or so it said on the internet, though it could be something rude and I’d never know). A smashing figure that I really enjoyed painting and I was pleased with the end result, if only that happened more often.

So that’s it my top 10 favourite fantasy figures, next time its time for the Sci-fi guys to shine, so till then….

Cheers Roger.

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5 Responses to My top 10 fantasy figures (28mm)

  1. Terrific posting, Roger – especially as I haven’t heard of half the minis you’ve covered. I do believe I remember asking you about the Bob Olley Ogre figure myself though at a show. But for me the best one is also the Newbold figure, and its range. I spent many a show chatting to Ian and picking up his cavalry minis – including the one you’ve posted. I thought his idea of a complete world was great however as memory serves his range suffered when his main sculptor injured his hand and couldn’t work anymore? Are they still going? I actually thought their Knights with the ‘Ned Kelly’ helmets were their best minis. But sadly have never managed to paint a single one of the handful of riders I own. Nice to see “Cave Woman” again too… from one of your first postings. Has it really been that long since you originally started this blog!?! Fingers crossed if you do a superhero Top Ten that Ben Grimm will be at the top!!!

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thnaks Simon, glad you enjoyed the posting I wasn’t sure if it would be considered a bit of a cop’out as I haven’t actually produced anything for it.

    Yes Ian is a smashing chap and always willing to “Shoot the breeze” at shows. Newbolds site is still active but I was unable to find the old fantasy ranges anywhere on it (thought to be honest I did find it rather difficult to navigate round so they might still be there).

    I think this is either my forty second or third posting (I did miss three weeks mid year with my Dad) so though it’s not quite a year yet it is getting that way.

    I’m afraid I wasn’t planning on doing a Superhero top ten as I’ve lumped them in with the sci-fi stuff I’m doing next week, I wasn’t sure whether they counted as fantasy or sci-fi, likewise the Bloodbowl stuff, but in the end I’ve gone with sci-fi (also do “cave people” count as fantasy or historical, oh well I guess my lists, my rules).

    You’ll have to wait and see if Benny” makes the top ten (but you do seem to know how my mind works). Cheers Roger.

    • A sci-fi top ten sounds splendid, Roger. Really looking forward to that. Its a great idea and in no-way a cop-out I assure you and spookily close to something I was thinking about. I was wondering whether as the last post of the year you fancied doing a top ten of each others minis painted during the year. We could email one another with our posts and pics and get them up on the blog for our final year’s post? Just a thought?

  3. Dick Garrison says:

    That sounds like a very interesting idea Simon, in what format would you do it? (the same as my top ten above, or something different?). How about posting it on new years eve (probably in the morning as we may both be out come the evening (or hopefully have better things to do, well perhaps not better). When do you think you’d need it done for?

    Anyway we can thrash out the details over the next few days (weeks), are you going to have time with all your painting?

    cheers Roger.

    • Roger, I’d suggest we do it just as you’ve done here. With just a few lines of text for each entry explaining why you like it. I was just going to email it to you as text, so you can use the wording to do a normal blog entry and you’ve also got the appropriate photo to embed into it. Should be pretty simple and I was just going to draft a couple of entries over the next week and them send them to you next weekend. Obviously if something is posted the other likes in the meantime then we can just swap them around. If you send me yours New year’s Eve that’ll be fine. I don’t do much Ref celebrations tbh.

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