28mm Superheroes (part 9)

superthreeIt’s December and in honour of the spirit if Christmas I’ve changed my header for the month (see above), so for my first “Rant around” I’m pleased to say I can finally finish a project I started months ago, as the figures are now back from our caster and I’m now able to paint up the conversions I did of some of our Dick Garrison figures into “Superheroes” a few months back, I’ve been dying to paint up these chaps since I finished the sculpting on them back in July, you can check out the sculpting work I did on them here..




So starting with “Captain Garrison”, I decided to go with an Orange bodysuit with blue Captain Garrison 3accessories (I seem to remember a comic book hero wearing these colours but can’t for the life of me remember who it was!), now painting orange over a black undercoat is not recommended and it took about three coats to get rid of the patchy coverage. Then I mixed a lighter shade by adding some white to the orange and highlighted his muscles and such. Next I painted his cape, pants and boots in royal blue and highlighted these in bright blue, his belt I left black but a couple of dark grey “dots” were added as highlights to this, then his flesh was added along with his eyes and hair (this was done in a chocolate brown/ black mix, highlighted with just chocolate brown). Lastly I painted his belt buckle and vambrace’s in chain-mail and silver, before adding the lightning bolt to his buckle in black and lemon yellow.

The “Ultra Retrovian” was next, I wanted to go for classic golden age colours so after messing around with various colour combinations I decided on a pale green body suit super retro 2highlighted with stone green over his muscles and his cape, boot inserts, and banded loincloth I did in plum highlighted with lilac. His flesh I decided to do in a different colour than the usual human shades and so went for aquamarine dry-brushed with light turquoise (I have used these colours on Retrovians before as I painted my “earth invasion” ones in this colour as well, you can see them on our web-site, in the Dick Garrison range). His belt buckle, boot highlights, wrist bands and head cover were painted bronze then shining gold and finally I added a dot of metallic blue on the “gem” on his forehead.

Lastly we have “Ballistic Man”, who I knew what colours I was going to paint before I started so working up from my standard black basecoat I began by dry-brushing his arms,bul 8 helmet, belt buckle and the rocket pods on his boots, heavily in chain-mail and then lighter with silver. Next his costume (I don’t know quite what else to call this, long johns perhaps?) and boots were painted pink burgundy before I heavily highlighted them in bright red, then his flesh was applied in dark then light flesh colour and his belt was painted black highlighted with dark grey. That just left the insignia on his chest to add, I out lined the basic design in black before adding the bullet in silver and the yellow “flash” in lemon yellow, and he was then also ready for quick shading.

Now the reason this weeks posting is a little late is because as I only tend to do a few figures each week my tin of Quickshade is opened and closed on a regular basis and has gone thick over time, so after dropping an E-mail to the “Armypainter” website I discovered that the recommended thinner to use is “mineral turpentine”, so when I got chance (not till Thursday unfortunately) I had a trip out to the local trade paint centre to buy a bottle of said stuff before thinning down my “shade” and coating my super trio. This meant I couldn’t start basing them up till Friday evening and coating them with matt varnish till Saturday morning. So as I said sorry for being a little late. As I mentioned in a reply last week I plan to take a couple of weeks off of painting and such, so next week though I will be posting, it’ll be a little different to normal.

So till then cheers Roger.

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3 Responses to 28mm Superheroes (part 9)

  1. Astounding good posting Roger, and those minis look absolutely fantastic. My immediate thoughts on the orange and blue superhero was your fave, Benjamin Grimm. But obviously he doesn’t wear a cape 🙂 I think you therefore might thinking of The Sentry (also Marvel), who depending on the colorist has a yellow to deep orange coloured body suit with a large blue belt (not pants) and boots? The colours on your Ultra are spot on for the Golden Age, though I must confess Ballistic Man is undoubtedly my favourite of the bunch. They’re all good though and I look forward to seeing them in the WGS store soon, hopefully with a restock of your Dragon Grub 😛

    Stunning change to this blog’s title header btw, looks awesome. Clear as good with HTML as you are with the greenstuff.

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks as usual Simon, glad you like the mini’s must admit “BM” is my fave too, Iv’e been having a think about where I’ve seen an orange and blue “cozzy” and I think it was on a comedy hero from the comic “Krazy” (I think) from my childhood back in the seventies called “Captain Klep”, (though that might be completely wrong, age you know!).

    They should be up on the website soon(ish).

    I be brutally honest, I don’t even know what HTML is, So don’t know if I’m good at it or not.

    Cheers Roger.

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