Mo’vember “A shaggy dog story” (week 5)

For my final Mo’vember blog posting I decided to return to my “Very British Civil War” collection, this seem quite apt as “Black Friday” seems to have caused a bit of a civil warMo'v 12 around the shops yesterday! I decided to paint up a few more character figures (I really must crack on with the rank and file stuff in the new year!) as this also gave me the chance to add “two” more figures to my Mo’vember honour roll, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

So for my first Mo’vember entry this week I give you “Lord Archibald Luvvitt”, member of parliament and local magistrate, this ex-general tries to keep out of the conflict as much as possible but often sides with the forces of law and order (when he’s not busy trying to control his wayward daughter). Another “Black Pyramid” figure I added his moustache with “greenstuff” to give him more of the “stuffy old appearance” I was after, then working up from the black undercoat his smoking jacket and “fez” were first painted royal purple before being highlighted in plum, his trousers (and later his hair) were dark grey highlighted with light grey, a khaki/coffee collar was then added as was a cream shirt. Mo'v 13Then after his flesh, eyes, hair etc.. were applied I added the chain-mail dry-brushing on his revolver and the gold braid on his jacket hat and watch, he was then finished off in my usual manner as detailed below.

My second Mo’venber entry is “Wellesley” his lordships faithful Bearded collie (see I don’t just throw these ideas together you know!). Taking one of the pack of four Boarder collie figures I acquired from “Warbases” at fiasco the other week I added shaggy fur with “greenstuff” turning him into a (probably not so) faithful representation of this breed, I have been assured by my better half (who used to have a bearded collie) that it “looks a bit like one now it’s painted”. That painting was actually pretty simple as I just had to add cream with highlights of white at the front, lower legs and tip of his tail and then do the rest in very dark grey highlighted with a lighter grey, simple really.

“Miss Virginia Luvvitt” is his lordships daughter and a hopeless romantic, when she is not reading “soppy” love stories and poems she is throwing herself into one ridiculous Mo'v 14campaign after another (she even supports votes for women, god forbid!!), So when the latest unrest began she immediately pulled down one of the swords from above the fireplace and began charging around the countryside In her underwear like some romantic heroine in support of “the down trodden working classes”, much to her fathers despair and the local male inhabitants delight! The figure (and inspiration) for Virginia came from the pirates I ordered from “Irregular miniatures” a little while back, I hadn’t actually see this figure until they arrived and was immediately struck with the idea of adding her to my VBCW stuff and the idea and her back story grew from there. Painting wise she was again pretty simple, her dress was just painted coffee, highlighted with cream and after her copious amounts of flesh were applied it was just a case of some blonde tresses and chain-mail and gold on her sword.

Mo'v 15Finally we have “Arthur Brimstage” the local works manager, who sick of the amount of lost orders he has had due to the civil unrest (and the impact on his pocket therein!) has decided to take matters into his own hands and try to assassinate the leaders of this “dammed stupid campaign, of destruction” and get his workers (hopefully without more of these silly union ideas in their heads) back to work and making him money. Another pretty simple paintjob I started by mixing chocolate brown with a little black and heavily dry-brushing the whole figure with the resultant very dark brown, then highlighted this with a similar slightly lighter mix  and finally again with chocolate brown. Flesh, cream for his collar and chain-mail on his revolver completed him.

All of the above were finished off with a coat of “Quickshade”, before their bases were first painted chocolate brown and dry-brushed with khaki and coffee, then patches of the bases were painted with grass green and these areas were flocked with autumn mix hairy grass, lastly a coat of matt varnished was sprayed over them. I’m pretty happy with my little group, and have enjoyed Mo’vember as a whole, thanks too to “Blax the Cleric” for tagging along (I don’t know quite what happened to Jon Lundberg, but his blog is well worth checking out anyway ).

Roll on Mo’vember 2015, I say, Cheers Roger.

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5 Responses to Mo’vember “A shaggy dog story” (week 5)

  1. Well done Roger. Lord Archibald being my particular fave for this week; though the Collie is rather good as well. I;d have liked to have seen him with your green stuff on as the transformation from the lead to the finished article is excellent. A worthy comparison to my Lockjaw 🙂 Really grateful to you for the idea of Mo’vember and hopefully next year we’ll have a few more come on board. Great fun fencing with you over the subjects and delighted to have caught you off-guard with the odd model. My last one is still waiting for its flock to dry, and is another which I hadn’t considered submitting at the start of this ‘challenge’. Poor Doctor Strange, Puck and Wulf Sternhammer… none of them made it in the end. What do you fancy doing for December then? Minion month 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, can’t wait to see what “off the wall” thing you’ve got lined up for your last entry (how do you top Jesus!, which funnily enough is my team leader at works new nickname, as when he wanders off to do a repeair he seems to be gone for forty days and night’s!!), Glad you enjoyed Mo’vember, as for next month I think you have more than enough on your plate at the moment do you. I’m actually hoping to take a couple of weeks off painting and sculpting over December (I still be posting tnough), as I need to start getting stuff done for Christmas (I might have had my present (Irregular Stuff) but I haven’t bought anyone elses yet. I’ve already started the fig’s for next week though so Xmas shopping will have to wait till after next Saturday at least.

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Roger, You’ve clearly earnt a well deserved break imho. Personally you could post about your dining room table cloth and I’d enjoy your banter, so already looking forward to your next blog entry 🙂 It’ll probably be ‘Oldhammer’ for me this week and then the Analogue Painting Challenge begins… lots of “Heroclix” and “Pulp Figures” planned, in order to add some variety to my weekend batreps. Hopefully they’ll be something there to entertain you… and I’ve yet to post the adventures of “The BAT-tastic Four” 🙂

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    Darn, can you read my mind! I’ll have to find something else to write about now, perhaps the kitchen curtains? Really enjoy your “Batreps” as do a lot of people judging by the number of comments your getting, well deserved they are too. good luck with your other challenges I’ll be keeping an eye on them as well as your other blogs (I’m missing the old Dr Who strips but understand if you’re struggling with time to post them).

    Cheers Roger.

  5. Many thanks Roger. I do seem to get a fair few hits whenever I post one up. My ‘Oldhammer’ Challenge has been a bit of a failure this month, but with five months to go I’m pretty certain I can catch up to where I want to be – two sides of about 10-15 minis playing old skool Warhammer. The Analogue Challenge kicks off next Friday, so they’ll be loads of WIP postings as usual, and a submissions posting on the Analogue blog from me on every Saturday for the next four months. Because of the agreed posting embargo I won’t be able to post the finished minis on my blog until the Sunday, so I’ll simply be swapping round when I do my batreps – as I did this week. I’ve loads of minion models ready for the challenge, so should have plenty of National Guard, Ninja’s, HYDRA, Skrulls and SHIELD painted for my own games. Sorry about the Mooretoons Updates but I’m actually struggling to keep any regular postings going on my Comic Review site at the moment. But hopefully things will settle down for more regular postings after Christmas. Phew… plus I;ve just posted my final Mo’vember entry… looking forward to next year’s already 🙂

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