Mo’vember “Fifteen men on a lead mans chest” (week 4)

Mo’vember week four and we’re definitely on the downhill slope towards the end now, so this week I thought I’d go for four figures all sporting a little “facial fungus” and where Mo'v 7better to retrieve them from than amongst the pirates I received from “Irregular Miniatures” a few weeks ago, besides I’ve been dying to get a bit of colour on some of these “scurvy dogs” since they arrived.

The figures were first cleaned up of any flash and mould lines and the separate hands (and hook for that matter) were glued on. Then after basing them up on two pence pieces (not exactly gold doubloons but the best I could do at short notice!) they were given their customary coating of matt black spray paint before I dry-brushed all the blades and metal bits with chain-mail. For a change I decided to start by painting on the trousers, (mainly because I was still casting around as to exactly what colours I was going to paint everything), so on two I went for officers dark grey highlighted with light grey, another I did in dark blue highlighted with a mid bright blue and the forth I put in the dreaded striped trousers, these were first painted coffee highlighted with cream (the same as two of the shirts) and then the stripes were added in dark blue. Next came the shirts/ jackets, two I’ve already mentioned and of the others one I did in pink burgundy which was then mo'v 8highlighted with the polish crimson (pink) I bought from “Colour Party Paints” at fiasco the other week, and the other I painted deep bronze green highlighted with stone green and with lemon yellow cuff and facings.

Then it was a case of adding the belts, hats and on one figure a waistcoat in chocolate brown and highlighting this with leather brown or black with dark grey highlights. Faces and hands were added next in two shades of dark tanned flesh, eyes were then painted in before hair of differing colours was applied. Lastly the couple of mo'v 9cummerbunds were painted in pale blue and purple respectively  and the hilts of the swords, buckles (for swashing no doubt!) and bindings on the trunk were picked out in copper and highlighted with shining gold, this was followed by a coat of Quickshade and the painting of the figures was complete. The bases were then painted in my now standard fashion of chocolate brown highlighted firstly in khaki, and then in coffee, this then has patches picked out in scenic green (you can tell I’ve now got a Colour Party list of colours can’t you!) which were then flocked with autumn mix hairy grass.

This should really have been an easy weeks painting, but for some reason just seemed to take so much longer than it should have, I only got the figures matt varnished this morning (about an hour ago in fact as I write). Still I better sign off now as I need to go and sort out the figures for my last Mo’vember posting.

Remember to check in on the other Mo’vember protagonists….

Cheers Roger.

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2 Responses to Mo’vember “Fifteen men on a lead mans chest” (week 4)

  1. That’s a lovely quartet of ‘rum and villainy’ you’ve painted up there me old Jolly Roger 🙂 Great stuff. I think hooky with the treasure chest is probably my fave. I get the impression that you could mix’n’match the swords, cutlasses and hooks from your first picture?

    “This should really have been an easy weeks painting” – still waiting on the flock to dry on my Mo’vember offering 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Cheers Simon, you correct you can mix and match the swords (though you have to check the hands for left and right, nealy feel for that myself!!).

    I’m on my way over to your blog now to see it’s your flocks dry yet.

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