Mo’vember “Vile villain’s the lot of them!” (week 2)

Well here we go again Mo’vember week two and this week things have taken a decidedly dark turn as the forces of evil have gathered over “Rantings towers”, OK that might be a Mo'v 2little melodramatic but I have got four miniatures from the less lawful side of the tracks to share with you this week, and all of them were purchased on my recent foray to Fiasco the other weekend.

First off I have my Mo’vember submission and “Very British Civil War” addition “Finious Grimsdyke”, a thoroughly rotten scoundrel very much in the mould of the great “Terry Thomas” who wants nothing more than to get his hands on the local lords country seat (if that means having to get his mo'5hands on his daughters “seat” to achieve it all the better!), and he is quite prepared to use the currant civil unrest to his advantage. Anyhow the figure for Mr Grimsdyke came from “Black Pyramid Games” and was perfect for what I wanted apart from the fact he didn’t have the classic villainous moustache I was after, but a little “greenstuff” soon put this to right. As for painting once black undercoated as usual I only needed to add his maroon/pink burgundy waistcoat, grey trousers, cream shirt and flesh tones, and he was just about done. I did paint some very dark blue highlights on his jacket and hat (a tip I picked up from Blax the Kleric) but I don’t think you can see them in the pictures.

Also while at Fiasco I was pleasantly surprised to see some of “Crossover Miniatures” excellent superhero figures for sale so I picked up a few villains to add to my collection (Whickers, Dr E-Vil and Dr Maniac though I’ll be using my own names from now on).

Each of these figures comes with a choice of three heads, so Vixen could have been completed as either a “Bunny girl” a “Catwoman” or my choice a fox themed'6 Working up from the black base, I painted her completely with chestnut, and then highlighted this with a mix of chestnut/ orange then with black I added the straps on her backpack (the backpack/ jetpack? itself was dry-brushed with chain mail) and her feet and hands, these were blended into her arms and legs, the panel on her chest and the tip of her tail were painted coffee highlighted with cream. Then it was simply a case of adding her lower face in flesh and her eyes and she was complete.

mo'7Doctor Damocles is my take on a “Dr Doom” type villain and so I picked the appropriate head, then again working up from a black base he was heavily dry-brushed in chain mail, after this I picked out the details on his armour in layers of copper, dark gold and shining gold. His cape was then painted in German field blue highlighted with deep turquoise, then his belt was highlighted with dark grey and the bombs on his belt were painted red, and he too was finished.

Finally Professor Maniacus, after choosing the high domed “egg head” he too was workedmo'8 up from a black base coat. Firstly his long coat was painted coffee then highlighted with cream and this in turn was highlighted again with white. His black boots and belt were highlighted with dark grey and then it was just a case of applying his flesh and gold buttons. After this all the above were given my customary coatings of “Quickshade” and matt varnish and there you go a quartet of fiendish foes to strike fear into hearts of heroes on their respective battlefields.

Don’t forget to check out the other Mo’vember protagonists “Blax the Kleric” and “Jon Lundberg” on their respective blog’s below…..

Till next week… Cheers Roger.

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10 Responses to Mo’vember “Vile villain’s the lot of them!” (week 2)

  1. Despite fearing I sound like a broken record, I think this is your best posting yet Roger. Absolutely love your Grimsdyke and his handlebar moustache – simply speechless as to its size :-O Really lovely choice of colours on him too. Massive fan of “Crossover Miniatures” and you’ve worked wonders with them. Dr Damocles being my particular fave, though do I detect a hint of Vincent Price in your ‘Egghead’? When are we getting a batrep 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Thanks Simon, not to worry I’ll take all the praise that can be dished out (ha!), I hadn’t really wanted to start on any of the character figures for VBCW until I’d got more of the rank and file stuff done but it was just to much of an oppotunity to miss, I might squeeze in another one before the end of the month!

    I hadn’t expected to see any of the crossover stuff at fiasco as Minibits weren’t listed as going but Pendraken had them on they’re stall so not to have bought some would have just been rude wouldn’t it.

    Wow! you’ve got some painting challenges under way (or about to start) over on your blog, I don’t think I could keep up with anywhere near that many, so good luck to you sir, your a braver man than me.

    Cheers Roger.

    • Thanks Roger. The beauty of the Oldhammer and Analogue challenges though is that each model can be submitted for both 🙂 The Analogue challenge just looks like a great way of getting through a lot of models with plenty of support from fellow bloggers; especially useful for rank and file. So I’ve lots of minions ready on the table and prepping as many as I can for Dec. SO get ready for frogmen, ghosts, nazis and robots – anything I can quickly paint up as I try and get 100 28mm completed in 4 months.

  3. Dick Garrison says:

    Still rather you than me I think the sheer amount of figures would scare me off screaming! I might try and do a battle report over xmas (though I don’t think I can make it as interesting as your “little stories” are. I’ve been busy all day (messing about with something for the blog for over xmas) so haven’t got any painting done (naughty naughty!). I’ll have to get my head down over the next few days if I’m going to be ready for next Saturday.

    Cheers Roger.

  4. “So I haven’t got any painting done” – Tsk Tsk. Just finished basing my latest model for my mid-week posting, but poor Lockjaw is still sat in front of me half-done. Ideally I need to get both Vila and Jenna finished this week and the first of my “Oldhammer” minis as well. I keep getting distracted though by my Doctor Who models. Plus I’ve got next weekend’s game to set up… Roj Blake joins Judge Dredd in Mega-City One against Judge Death – you know that should be a good ‘un!! 🙂

  5. Dick Garrison says:

    Ha! some of the team up’s you’ve come up with would be worthy of their own comic book series, (I’m waiting for “Robocop and the Care Bears verses Gamera and the Hooded Claw”). Funnily enough I picked up a classic fantastic four pocket book the other weekend (first appearance of the Black Panther and such), and Lockjaw has just appeared in that!

    I know what you mean about distractions, my wife said to me the other day “why don’t you pick out the figures you want to paint for the next month (four weeks blog’s amount) and undercoat them all at once insyead of doing each weeks separately”. This is because if I do that then there might be something in next weeks or the week after that I really fancy painting and that will stop me doing this weeks stuff or rushing it, it’s the not knowing that keeps it fresh, she just shook her head and turned away.


    • I must confess that the only downside to the Analogue Hobbies Challenge is that I’m going to have to put on hold plans to do my own weekly painting challenges again until after its finished (mid-March). As, like you, I genuinely miss the excitement of not knowing what’s coming next. In the meantime though I might borrow your idea and sort my pulp models into little selections and roll for them each week instead. Glad you like the team-ups, plenty more in the pipeline, especially if I can get a load more minions painted 🙂

  6. Dick Garrison says:

    Oh please feel free to borrow away (as I pinched the original idea from you anyway, I can hardly say no can I), I look forward to seeing what team up you come up with next, and you starting your Pulp stuff (a subject close to my own heart, as you know).

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