28mm Sci-Fi Wild West “or the good the bad and the greenstuff” (part 4)

Sorry for the late posting this week, this is mainly due to lethargy at the start of the week on my part, I should really have known that as I wanted to do a bit of “greenstuffing” (is this a word?) to these figures I would be stuck waiting for it to dry later in the week putting back my starting to paint them, but anyway for the second faction in my Sci-fi wild west project I thought I could do with some “native Indian” style figures so my thoughts immediately turned to Games Workshops “Kroot” figures as these birdlike aliens have the right style of weaponry and attire I was looking for. Even better Myles has quite the cow 16collection of “Tau” figures but is not keen on their “Kroot” allies. So a bit of begging later and I had five dismembered bodies on my work desk, after cleaning up the various pieces (not as well as I should have it turns out), I glued the legs onto two thin layers of card (to make there bases the same thickness as my other figures) and then stuck these down onto two pence pieces. Next the bases were covered with Tetrion filler and left to dry. Next day the rest of the bodies were added, now I think I might have mentioned before that I hate gluing multi part plastic figures together as I have what “Bender” in “Futurama” would refer to as “Stupid fingers”. Heads and arms would much rather attach themselves to my thumbs than go anywhere near where they are supposed to be attached. Much swearing ensued but eventually the little chaps (not my first choice of word!!) were together.

Now as I needed to add tiny bits of “Greenstuff” to the gaps in their shoulder joints, I’dcow 17 decided to also add loin cloths around their waists, this was done using small rectangles of greenstuff front and back and a thin sausage wrapped around the top as a belt. Next I wanted to make one of the figures a leader of sorts, so after a bit of brain storming (next door came round and complained about the noise of rusty gears turning!) I came up with the idea of adding much longer lengths of “spike” coming out of the back of the head on the leader figure, simple and I think it works (sort of). Next day they were given a coat of matt black and the painting could begin.

Now I’ve painted up some “Kroot” before in a sort of brick orange colour, but I decided cow 18that this time I’d go for a pale green flesh colour so after I’d dry-brushed the weapons in gunmetal I gave the bodies a coat of grass green over which I highlighted them in stone green, the large cow 19“scale” portions on their chests, claws and their beaks were done in khaki, highlighted in coffee and just the beaks and claws edged in cream. All of the clothing (such as it is) was done in chocolate brown highlighted in leather. Their eyes and head spikes were first painted black, and a while dot was added to the eyes and a dry-brush of dark grey was applied to the spikes, a few gold accessories, a coat of Quickshade and “Bobs your uncle” another lot done.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get on with next weeks figures I don’t want to be late again do I).

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8 Responses to 28mm Sci-Fi Wild West “or the good the bad and the greenstuff” (part 4)

  1. Superb posting Roger, absolutely superb. Massive fan of the Kroot and your painting of them is top notch. I especially like your greenstuffin’ of the leader – very Predator-esque 🙂 You should have some great games with them against your tuff hombres. What are next weeks figures going to be? A roll of the die? More Kroot or are we about to embark upon a VBCW? Whatever I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Many thanks Simon, as always. I do like the Kroot myself, they are a bit different from the usual “Techno” aliens you get and this just seems to make them more flexable in my opinion. Just the cowboys themselves to do now, but as I need to get the base models for these from EM-4, it might be a while before I can get an order together (as I’d like some of their old grenadier suit wearing “Future Warriors” for JAVELIN agents as well), Are we still on for Mo’vember? by the way as if so I’ll send an E-mail to the SFSFW mailing list to see if anyone else is interested. As for next weeks figures all I can say is that someone at work has been the catalyst to make me paint one of them up.

    Cheers Roger.

  3. Roger, Definitely on for Mo’vember, and I’ve already prepped up five “Heroclix” ready for the month (I think you said there were five weekends anyway). A couple will hopefully make you smile. In fact I was planning on doing a Mo’vember Five posting at some point this week as I’ve a few finished models to post and always like something for a second paragraph. Not keen on single paragraph postings myself, like to give vfm 🙂 Looking forward to next Saturday now even more than normal to see what you come up with

    As an aside there’s a six-month Oldhammer project starting which I’m in for (I’m doing Lizardmen from 1996). Just 5-6 minis a month. Not sure if that’s your particular cup of tea or not. If it is then I’ll post you the link?

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    Hi Simon, jolly good stuff, I need to sort out my own figures for Mo’vember myself, and see if I need to buy any more for Fiasco this weekend. I wouldn’t worry about giving value for money I’d say you always deliver that! Oldhammer isn’t really what I’m into at the moment but I’d be interested in taking a look if it’s OK with you, Myles has a stack of old Warhammer codexes (or whatever the fantasy versions are called), we’ve picked up from charity shops, so it might be a future project possibility.

    Cheers Roger.

  5. Your reply seems to be missing something… but if you want to follow the chap running the event and setting the rules is here: http://talesfromfarpoint.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/a-tale-of-several-gamers.html
    and the main blog (which starts in Nov) is here: http://ataleofseveralgamers.blogspot.co.uk
    I own a box full of pre-slotta minis but I wanted to use the challenge as a means of collecting a couple of small (opposing) forces from the start, so I’ll be spending the £25 on 1996 Lizardmen and Undead 🙂 But the main theme is not to spend money and whittle down your lead mountain.
    Obviously I’ll be double-posting my updates on the main challenge site as well as my own.

  6. Um… I did post a response with some links to it a couple of days ago but that seems to have disappeared into the ether!?! Anyway if you are interested old bean then the website of Space Cow Smith is here: http://talesfromfarpoint.blogspot.co.uk and the main website we’ll be posting about it on is here: http://ataleofseveralgamers.blogspot.co.uk ; albeit I’ll be posting on my blog too. It all starts Nov and one of the main points is to whittle down your lead mountain rather than purchase more. I’ll be using it as an opportunity to buy some early(ish) stuff I’ve always fancied however so I’ll be doing the £25 per month limit. looking forward to next week’s posting 🙂

  7. Dick Garrison says:

    Hi Simon sorry to leave you hanging like that but we haven’t been able to get onto the internet for most of the week (thank you SKY! “Believe in better”, Believe it could be better! more like. I have been keeping up with your blogs on my phone but can’t post comments there, will have a look at the links (if the net keeps working that long) wont no if they can resolve it properly till tuesday.

    This weeks posting is nearly ready, so fingers crossed I can get it up tommorow morning.

    Cheers Roger.

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