“A roll of the die” (week 11)

Okay well before I start I promised  “Blax The Kleric” a picture of all four of my “Fantastical Foursome” together as a team, so here it is…ff 1

Right now onto the serious business (yea right!), this has been a busy week “Wargames” wise as not only have I been painting up the items turned up by my random painting generator (that sounds so much more impressive than two sheets of paper a penny and a D30 die!), but I’ve also been putting together an order to Irregular Miniatures (yes the cats managed to stay healthy this time!) and I’ve also sent away the items that I want to have cast up by our caster, so the excitement is really starting to build as I wait for all my new toys to arrive in the post (look I don’t get out much OK!). But that aside for now, Saturdays roll was on Galahad’s (Tails) sheet and unpaint 11consisted of numbers….

Box 7 (3x 25mm fantasy townsfolk (of my choice))

Box 28 (4 plastic space fighters of my choice)

So out came the draw of townsfolk again and this time I picked the town crier, a night watchman and the town hunchback. As usual they were based up on 20mm square cardboard bases and “tetrion” blended away their metal bases before they were treated to a coat of black undercoat.

Then on the town crier I decided to do a dark red tunic with hat to match over a cream baggy sleeved shirt and yellow “hose”. Brown leather bits and bobs, golden trumpet and cream scroll (with black “squiggles” on the inside to represent writing, I’m not good enough to do real writing!) finished him off. The night watchman I gave a dark blue tunic (well he is a sort of policeman after all) and grey trousers, more brown leather on his boots, belt, paint 11 ashoulder covering and hat and dark gold on his lantern with the small leaded glass panels first done in citrus orange and then dots of lemon yellow, once “Quickshaded” this worked well as a glowing, lit lantern. As he was supposed to be an old retired soldier dark grey, light grey and white were used on his whiskers. Finally my generic hunchback (a sort of “quasi” Quasimodo (sorry)), was pretty simple to paint, a khaki, dry-brushed with a khaki/cream mix jumper over grey trousers and brown boots and belt and some light and dark flesh and he too was complete. The only point of interest on him is that he has a loop of keys hanging from his belt (done in gold, I should say), the key’s to the bell tower perhaps? All the above were then given the usual coat of Quickshade and their bases were painted earth brown dry-brushed grass green and dark meadow green flocked. Three more down not that many left now.

As for the space fighters I bought these rather nice little models from Doug at EM-4 spacefighters 2miniatures at the same time as I bought the plastic ”Troopers” and “Gangers” figures so I guess it’s about time I threw a bit of paint at some of them (though I did of course have to wait till there number came up!). I had bought four boxes as every one of the twelve ships in each box is different and as I wanted to make up small “squadrons” of four, well you do the math. I had a look at all the ships deciding on which would be the lucky four, in the end I went for a set of the more “Alien” looking craft so an alien paint scheme was the order of the day. But before I could go any further I needed to make a temporary base on which to paint them, I decided to keep the flying stands clear so needed something on which to undercoat them black and matt varnish them on later. A strip of wood was utilised for this with four flying stand “shafts” mounted into it, this gave me a base to hold while painting up the little blighters. Now as for painting I decided to go for the old classic alien ship colour of purple this was lightly dry-brushed with lilac, then I added lime green highlights which in turnpaint 11 b were themselves highlighted with a “day-glow” green, I then added more highlights in gold as I thought silver would be to “human” looking, finally I added the cockpit cover in turquoise with a lighter highlight of reflected light and then they were ready to be “quickshaded”, I wasn’t sure whether to do this or give them a “black wash” like I do with my smaller scale spacecraft instead but in the end I thought I’d go with the “Army Painter” option and I’m pretty happy with the result.

All of the above were then given their customary covering of matt varnish and the fighters were then glued to their clear flying stands. I feel that the matt varnish has “clouded” a little to much on the fighters for some reason, but not to badly, oh well only forty four more to go!!

Till next time, Cheers Roger.

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9 Responses to “A roll of the die” (week 11)

  1. Roger, many thanks for the “Fantastical Foursome” picture. Splendid looking super-hero team. I’d make the blog picture bigger if I were you as its well worth it, and once enlarged you can really see the detail of the models, your painting and the wash 🙂 You’ve done some really nice work on those townsfolk too. I especially like the night watchman with all the gold, blue and lantern effect. He certainly wouldn’t look out of place with an old WH Empire army I started many moons ago. Alien spaceships are very nice too (but need a bigger picture imho) and looking forward to seeing them in combat sometime soon. Any news on the Irregular orders arrival yet? Plus I’ve put aside some pennies for those casts of yours 🙂

  2. Dick Garrison says:

    Hi Simon, thanks as always for the positive feedback, most of the pictures are thumbnails (the FF, painted townsfolf and ships). I’ll need to get some more ships painted up before I can do any gaming with them, and who know when they’re number will come up again?

    The Irregular stuff has arrived and believe it or not when the postie handed them over to my wife the following converstion ensued….

    “This is heavy, whats in it?”.
    “Oh, little soldiers… little figures made of metal”.
    “Oh wargames figures, what does he do with them once he’s painted them?, does he play games with them?, I usually just put mine in the attic”.
    “No he just paints them, puts them in a box file and sticks them in the loft too”.

    Yes it turns out our postman is a wargamer! and I never knew. Don’t know when to start the new stuff (I’m not having it for Xmas you can probably guess). The stuff from the will probably take a bit longer to come,

  3. Its amazing how many people are out there sharing our hobby 🙂 You’ve not said yet what minis you’ve bought from Irregular!?! Keeping your faithful audience waiting eh? Sorry you couldn’t join in Zomtober but I found out about it rather late myself. Looking forward to next week’s posting already 🙂

  4. Dick Garrison says:

    Oh I’m sorry it wasn’t any great secret, I’ve got about eighty “Very British Civil War” fig’s armed civilians and Policemen, and twelve of the Pirates I’ve been promising myself for months, I’ve been working out a painting regieme to get them done and what I might do is add a third sheet to my random painting system just for VBCW then roll two dice and do (2xheads Lancelot),(2xtails Galahad) and (1 of both VBCW) the pirates I’ll add to my original lists. As this seem to work for getting me to get stuff done.

    Yes I’d probably of had a go at “Zomtober” if I’d known perhaps we could do “Mo’vember” and only paint figures with moustaches? I’ve got quite a few of them now!), but I’ve been struggling of late to find time for a good old internet trawl, I can just about keep up with your three blogs but even then don’t always have time to post comment. I might start the next set of Sci/fi wild west figs this week (should really have already started them yesterday!).

    Cheers Roger.

  5. Dick Garrison says:

    Sorry just re-read and of course I mean flip two coins, not roll two dice (Doh!!)

  6. You’re definitely on for Movember of you want 🙂 I’ve got Doctor Strange and Dracula on my painting table as I type, both of whom have moustaches (as the Dracula model is based upon Marvel’s “The Tomb of Dracula” Comic). Easily find a couple more if you wanted to do one a week? The VBCW sounds awesome, really looking forward to seeing those. Are they 28mm?

  7. Dick Garrison says:

    Ha Ha! go on then your on one a week for the four weeks of Mo’vemeber (just looked at the calender and there are actually five Saturdays in November, but souldn’t be a problem). Yes the VBCW figs are 25/28mm, I did look at the 20mm version but as I fancy possibly doing a couple of conversions I thought the slightly bigger figs might be a bit easier.

  8. Splendid 🙂 Really looking forward to the VBCW stuff. not done that particular period myself – always flitted to Weird War instead. No wonder you had to save though – eighty of ’em!?! I’ll do a Mo’vember posting closer to the end of this month and link in to this blog (if you don’t mind?). Maybe some others will join in to gee us along 🙂

  9. Dick Garrison says:

    I know, it’s a bit daunting when I look at them all laid out on my table, still they will all get done eventually (I hope!). Feel free to mention Mo’vember, I’ll do the same on the SFSFW mailing list as well nearer the time and perhaps put somthing up on the TMP as well? the more the merrier.

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